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  1. Here's hoping it's one of those "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but rather the fight in the dog" situations.
  2. I’m gonna roll the dice and assume the market hasn’t caught up yet to the obvious value!
  3. Just looked it up. $5.50 for the likely quality it would be graded.
  4. I think I have an Ed Marinaro football card from 1974. I wonder if the value just went up or down after his performance.
  5. I also think the increased emphasis on stripping the ball to get turnovers sometimes interferes with the primary goal of getting the man to the ground.
  6. Trubisky for continuity Honorable mention: Fitzy for obvious nostalgic and culture reasons.
  7. Says the guy who's been here since last July.... 🙄
  8. "Man, that door hitting me in the ass on the way out, DID kinda hurt..."
  9. And more tornadoes and the sun sets REALLY late because it’s on the very western edge of the Eastern time zone!
  10. Doesn't it come down to the QB's willingness to restructure to free up $ for the rest of the roster, a la what Brady did multiple times (I think)? https://www.businessinsider.com/tom-brady-contract-discounts-patriots-bargain-2018-7
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