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For those still upset we didn’t trade up for Jordan Addison…


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33 minutes ago, DJB said:

I’m not critiquing his play, I think he’s a wonderful prospect, but this is concerning 

its not concerning. not only have i never heard character concerns, but every thing ive ever heard about him is being a great kid.

hell, if Minnesota suddenly has buyers regret, im more than happy to take him!!!

seriously, dont do it again kid, but this is a giant nothing

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27 minutes ago, hondo in seattle said:


Some rookies but their moms new houses.  Some spend $200k+ on a new car.  

he proli will. theyre very close to the point that when he was deciding to xfer from Pitt or not, Aaron Donald flew out to meet with her as she had a big say in what he was going to do

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18 minutes ago, Donuts and Doritos said:


What? Lambo brakes will stop you quicker than a northbound car stops a southbound bug. 😉


Minnesota is renowned for its high quality pavement and fabulous weather conditions too. 


Re: the brakes, that thing has the biggest brakes ever put on a production car.  60mph to 0 in 110.5 feet.  I'm gonna guess it takes a bit longer from 155mph...115-120 feet tops. 😝

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Sounds like he was on the interstate at 3 am by the report… if that’s the case, and he wasn’t intoxicated, it’s not smart, but it’s not like he was weaving his way through a school zone in the middle of the day. I may or may not have driven similarly recklessly on the interstate in vehicles that were not nearly as well equipped for speeds like that when I was but a wee lad… :ph34r:

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42 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:

If he was there the Bills would have picked him. So if he turns out to be a moron we got away with one.

I'm not certain on this.  Lots of "rumors" tied us to him, of course, but there was some contentious moments with Jordan leaving Pitt in the portal to USC. 


Coach has a good relationship with Narduzzi, not saying Pat has a final say in our roster decisions, but Pat/Sean are wired very similar.


All this could have meant nothing in our pre-draft evaluations, but there was some odd comments coming from local media (from Steeler camp not being interested, despite the local and Pickett connection).  


Shall see, hopefully we got the better player with Kincaid

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Kids will be kids.


Make no mistake, these young men are closer to being kids than mature men. 


No judgement here. I remember all the stupid things I did when I had a little money as a twenty- something, and it wasn't millions. 


Luckily he didn't hurt anyone and will learn from it,.....or not.

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1 hour ago, Doc Brown said:

I wonder if the Minnesota cop bothered to give him a breathalyzer

Yeah they generally go pretty easy on young black men in expensive cars breaking the law, bet they gave him a pass. Recall the Ed Oliver situation 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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