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Merry Xmas: Dolphin fans melting down in their forums and turning on Tua


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Funny, all the Tua is better than Allen talk is now the same people declaring Tua a fraud, choke artist, etc and demanding they move on.


I mean all the talk was how the Dolphins had a moral victory playing Bills close this past week in the cold…now it’s time to draft a QB all of a sudden.  Love it, nice Xmas present to see fins fans and the team melting down 😂


Some fun Xmas reading here ladies and gents…Merry Xmas



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10 hours ago, BuffaloRebound said:

He’s Jared Goff.  Neither are good athletes and when they’re forced to move at all off their drop-back they’re terrible.  


It is a good comp. Both can be serviceable starting NFL QBs when you protect them but once they are off their spot they can't play off script. 

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The thought of watching Tua FOR AN ENTIRE SEASON next year makes me sick. He's an amazing backup and a hell of a guy and I wish him the best but he has no confidence in himself and he just melted down. He can't win when it matters. He's a poor-man's Kirk Cousins and I'd take Cousins 100 times before I'd take Tua.

What are our options next year? Please walk me off the ledge

Derek Carr? - Is he really an upgrade?
Aaron Rodgers? - I'd give my left nut for a beyond-his-prime Rodgers
Tom Brady? - See above
Jimmy G? - Say what you want, but I'd take him over Tua
Lamar Jackson? - Not a chance Ravens let him walk and we dont have the $$ but it'd be nice to dream


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19 minutes ago, John from Riverside said:

It’s the fall of Rome

keep in mind just how much they have given up to put the team together

Rome was a great empire. Don’t compare that to the fish franchise. They’re more like an up and coming never been like Argentina (no disrespect to that country)

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24 minutes ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

4 straight losses and we’d turn on Allen as well. Luckily Allen probably won’t lose 4 straight for a long time.


Sad but true. Many “fans” would turn. Not just on Allen but on McBean as well. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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