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  1. LOL. Truer words have never been spoken. I feel like this game write-up, with just a few changes, could be swapped in for like a dozen other drought games.
  2. I'm under no illusions about Trubisky's ability to play QB in the NFL -- he's a quality backup and below-average starter. If I were a Bears fan, I would probably be as irritated at Trubisky as we all were at Rob Johnson, JP Losman, and EJ Manuel. Those guys cost all cost us first round draft picks, admittedly not quite as high a pick as Trubisky, and they were all medicore at best. It sucks to invest draft capital in a QB only to see him fail even to reach replacement level. That said, I've never wished any of those guys anything but the best once their time in Buffalo came to a
  3. The Music City Miracle occurred in a playoff game, ending the season for a team that had legitimate super bowl aspirations. Hail Murray was a fluke play -- Hopkins was triple covered by the exact three players you would choose to defend him -- and had no effect whatsoever on the rest of the season, which was a resounding success by any reasonable standard. These two things aren't in the same universe.
  4. I don't think we're going to be able to sign him for the veteran minimum. Gonna need to up our offer a bit.
  5. My son (who is 22) and I decided last night that we're going. I've never been to NO but it's a place that I've always wanted to visit. We'll stay an extra couple of days to do some touristy stuff after we beat the Saints.
  6. Two stand out for me: 1) Rob Johnson. I still think it was probably the right choice to start him against Tennessee, but I was way too confident in his ability to be a top-flight QB going forward. 2) I don't remember exactly when I thought this, but I felt really good about Trent Edwards at one point. Then he got concussed and sucked from then on. Not sure if it was the concussion or he always sucked and the concussion was just a coincidence, but either way I was way off here.
  7. Yeah, but the decision to let Shaq walk was contentious at the time. Obviously it turned out to be the right call, but it would be nice to give ourselves a longer window to make a call one way or the other on Edmunds.
  8. Three pro-bowlers at key positions = A. Excellent draft.
  9. Allen, sure of course. Total no-brainer. Edmunds, I'm not so sure. I would like to see how year four goes before extending him. (Picking up his option is a nice move since we don't have to worry about another Shaq Lawson situation if he takes a couple steps forward next year).
  10. I was just thinking about this exact scenario myself. Everybody knows we're picking up Allen's option, so why the delay? Well, the delay makes sense if they've already decided to pass on Edmunds's fifth year. Not the decision I would make, but it would be understandable.
  11. At least we know he'll keep a lookout for the boogieman.
  12. I'll be happy with ETN if that's who we take at 30. I'd prefer a corner or edge rusher, but if he's the highest-rated guy on our board when our pick rolls around, no problem. It's fun having an offense like this -- that said, we can only score so many points per game and our defense obviously needs some attention elsewhere in the draft.
  13. I would definitely remove Tampa and the Rams from that list.
  14. Before I looked, I figured our O/U would be 10. But I forgot about the 17th game. 10.5 seems about right to me -- at first it looked slightly high, and now that I remembered the extra game it looks slightly low.
  15. I love the 1990s Bills as much as the next guy, but most of the household-names guys from those teams were kind of hard to like at the time, or at least they were complicated. This team features a bunch of guys who are just awesome. Josh is one of those awesome guys. So glad for this team.
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