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  1. Bills win. Patriots getting embarrassed. Life is so, so good.
  2. We would have won week 1 with any random signal-caller under center. Aside from that, we are literally a 1-6 team without Josh Allen. It's amazing to me that anybody who follows this team doesn't see how he's carrying this squad this year.
  3. This is atrociously bad. If you're being sincere, it tells me that you don't watch a lot of football outside of Bills games. If it's trolling, you need to work on your subtlety. Either way, it's a bad outing.
  4. I thought you were trying to be funny with good meta-level irony. My bad.
  5. Counterpoint: The Bills played legitimately well in the second half. Fantastic defense (with the disclaimer that it was against the Jets), and the offense controlled the ball. Take away some red zone snafus and we're talking about how we put the game to bed in the third quarter.
  6. Yep, that's was a clean play that really shouldn't have been penalized. But "scary hit" = flag in today's NFL.
  7. Happy with the win and very happy to see the defense return. That said, we have 7 days to snap out of whatever funk we're in.
  8. Hughes Beasley Jackson Moss Roberts Bass
  9. Bills 35 Jets 6 At least for one week everybody calms the #### down.
  10. I went with Allen and Herbert. I would have taken Mahomes over Allen if that had been an option, so I'm not just a total homer. Lamar Jackson is part of this conversation too, but I'm uncomfortable with his game long term.
  11. Two passes that were off-target but not terrible (i.e. not being thrown to defenders) and a perfect pass for a first down that was dropped. That's now "awful" by any objective measure. Three and outs sucks, but there's no need to exaggerate to make it anything more than a routine failed drive that all teams experience, usually multiple times per game.
  12. I think it would take Frank Gore more like 50 carries to approach 100 yards, and the game would be over by the time he got there.
  13. "We've had to prepare for both QBs" isn't exactly a heavy lift here. It's not like we're unsure whether we're going to see Montana or Young.
  14. I thought Allen played fine last week but was too timid to say so. Glad somebody else noticed that.
  15. How else am I supposed to tell whether I'm in the northern or southern hemisphere?
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