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  1. I wonder if Ravens fans are thinking that we have their number on critical goal-to-go situations. In the playoff game a couple of years ago, it looked like they were about to tie the game just as the third quarter came to an end. Instead, they got the single worst possible result imaginable -- a pick-6 that more or less ended the game. Yesterday was pretty much the same. On 4th down, a pick-6 actually wasn't the worst result imaginable -- in that case, at least Baltimore would have gotten the ball back with a solid chance to tie it up and force OT. The worst imaginable result was a turnover that gave us a touchback instead of starting at the 4 yard line, followed by a clock-killing drive that ends the game without them ever getting the ball back, and that's exactly what happened. I have a feeling we'd be talking about that if the shoe was on the other foot.
  2. Not concerned at all. We're not going to score 35+ every week, and we have other ways to win. Namely, by leaning on our defense on days when our offense isn't quite in synch for whatever reason. I mean, sure there are little things that I'm worried about. Davis doesn't seem to be right, and we need that guy to get healthy for the playoffs. Crowder was massively disappointing and now he's injured for God knows how long. Moss is not very good, I expected more from Cook, and Shakir is an unknown commodity if we need to start giving him snaps. But those are all the sort of things that every team in the league has to deal with. We're in good shape on offense as long as #17 is healthy.
  3. Trubisky is familiar with our defense in the same way that a man on death row is familiar with how electricity works. Not gonna change the end result.
  4. Allen can win track meets on days that defense isn't performing well. The defense can pitch shutouts on days that the offense isn't performing well. It's not like this team is built to win just one way or anything.
  5. Pittsburgh has been hot garbage all season, with the exception of TJ Watt who won't be playing. They're going to finish last in their division. Trubisky has been brutal, and their best alternative is a rookie who would be making his first career start on the road against a SB contender. They just lost to the New York Jets. 14 is a lot of points, but this game is absolutely a mismatch.
  6. I don't get why everybody's ripping on Harbaugh. We would have scored a TD if we had needed one -- he was absolutely right that a FG did him no good.
  7. The roughing call was soft, but you see similar calls in other games all the time. Not going to apologize when one goes in our favor.
  8. I gave the Dolphins the benefit of the doubt when they put Tua back into the game against us. I thought he had obviously been concussed -- just like everybody else who saw him stumble around -- but I thought it was pretty unlikely that any NFL team would send a concussed player back into a game in 2022, so I figured hey maybe this "back" story is really true. If I gave the Dolphins coaching staff and medical people the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure I would have given the Bills the benefit of the doubt if the same thing had happened with Allen.
  9. The officiating was fine on Sunday. We had a few borderline calls go against us, but so did Miami. I'm thinking specifically of a defensive holding call that we got in the first quarter that was basically a phantom. The refs also didn't give Miami a TD on a rushing play where the RB obviously broke the plane of the goal line, but the view was too obstructed to overturn. Also, I forget when this happened, but we got away with a false start on a play down near their goal line -- we either scored on that play or it set up a score.
  10. Sorry, but every time I see Andy Reid dressed like that I think back to those "Hey Koo-Aid!" commercials from my youth and lose track of what I was supposed to be angry about.
  11. Seeing as how our backup center can't even snap the ball competently on a consistent basis, yeah I'd say Morse is pretty important.
  12. Easy. The Bills are just a better team than Baltimore. Our offense is better than their offense. Our defense is better than their defense. Admittedly, I don't know how the STs stack up. I swear, it's like people on this board think that every other team in the league has a stacked roster from top to bottom with no discernable weaknesses. Yes, we're banged up right now and our secondary in particular is looking pretty sketchy. Take a look at what the Ravens are putting out there on defense these days. It's not the Ray Lewis / Ed Reed era. (That's not to say that we're a mortal lock to win this week. If we played the Ravens over and over again, I'd expect to win maybe 65% or so of the time. So we should be favored but not by a massive amount.)
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