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  1. Kind of amazing that three guys from that five-man QB class turned out to be total busts. (I'm putting Mayfield in the "bust" category, and I'm ignoring Mason Rudolph because I don't recall him as being in the same tier as the other guys).
  2. Yeah, this is the first one that comes to mind. The Cody Ford pick was bad, obviously, but lots of scouts had him going in the first round. It looked like a great pick at the time, and I chalk that one up to just showing that the draft is always a bit of a crapshoot. But we could have easily kept Teller, and our coaches saw him in the building every day, so there's really no excuse for letting an all-pro just walk out the door for next to nothing. That was the equivalent of Indianapolis giving us Jerry Hughes for some guy whose name I always have to Google.
  3. Who cares? If this particular SI writer had a vote on which team gets to go to the SB, I would put some weight on his opinions. But he doesn't. He's just some scrub sports journalist who earns a third of my income and doesn't know 10% as much about this team as I do.
  4. I would not mind if they took KOs out of the game entirely. Punts make sense, but there's a certain logic to starting every new field position battle after a score at the same starting point. I don't like the fact that this rule change is going to turn a lot of returns into "surprises." That's unaesthetic but it seems to me that it also makes returns more dangerous than they were before.
  5. Best to delete this account and start over from scratch. You'll never live this down.
  6. I'll pirate this if the Bills are on and just skip it otherwise. Happy to give YouTube my money for the Ticket, but I'm not interested in getting nickel and dimed for random one-offs here and there.
  7. So what? My first girlfriend and I both had sex with minors too. It was fun.
  8. Okay fair point. But they did choke down the stretch.
  9. Think about it from a practical standpoint. The anti-Araiza people have staked out that position because they got snookered into this "believe women" business. If we want to persuade those folks over to our side -- and I do -- we need to show them that you can support women while also supporting due process rights, including and especially the presumption of innocence. People from all across the political spectrum, ranging from Ted Kennedy to Ronald Reagan, would have agreed that those two values belong together and should not be placed in conflict. The problem with posts like yours is that woke anti-Araiza types desperately want to believe that they're the good guys in this story. They just learned that they railroaded an innocent person, so they're feeling some cognitive dissonance and looking for a way to regain their lost sense of moral superiority. Your post is the equivalent of tossing them a lifeline. It helps them believe that people like you and me are just misogynists. It makes it more difficult to win them over. We're clearly winning this argument -- don't fumble at the goal line.
  10. Sadly, I worry that the Bills are destined to be Arsenal. Fun to watch and right there in contention, but too much of a tendency to under-deliver in big moments. I'm an Arsenal fan too. What was your favorite moment in the past month or so? The part where they blew a two goal lead against Liverpool? Or the one where they blew a two goal lead against West Ham? Or was it getting stomped by City? Why do I root for underperforming football clubs?
  11. The "statutory rape" thing was always just a fallback for some of the prudish church-ladies among us. Oh no, a 21 year-old had sex with a 17 year-old. Where is my fainting couch?
  12. Josh Allen could spend the offseason filming recruitment videos for ISIS and it would be a-okay with me if he puts up 13+ regular season wins.
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