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  1. Great write-up. I didn't realize Milano's projected price was so high -- I like the guy, but I agree that he's a hard pass at nearly $14M.
  2. I'm really not worried at all about the offense. We need a RB, but those are easy to come by. Davis can replace Brown if it comes to that, we have Hodgins sitting on the bench which is kind of like an extra draft pick at this point, and presumably we'll add another WR or two in the off-season because they're like DBs that way. We should also continue to add competition to the OL, but we would do that anyway. If we return the exact same offense next year with the addition of a 2nd-round RB, that would be fine with me. The defense was hugely disappointing this season. They seeme
  3. I'm fine with Singletary as a change-of-pace back. He didn't perform well this year at all, but he showed enough flashes last year that I'm fine with him having a role on this team. But that role can't be RB1 or RB1-B. This position needs an upgrade. The silver lining here is that it's blindingly obvious that our coaching staff is dissatisfied with the RB room, and it's not terribly difficult to find RBs in the draft and FA.
  4. I'm very unhappy with Brown right now, but I'll admit I'm just salty about his playoff production. He's a good player and I appreciate the contributions he made to the team the past couple of years. We wouldn't have made the playoffs last year without him. That said, my sense is that he's expendable. Davis has probably already passed him on the depth chart -- actually I don't think there's any "probably" about it. We can draft somebody or bring in a free agent to maintain quality depth behind Diggs-Beasley-Davis. We're going to be in an unfamiliar situation of being forced to
  5. I am so grateful for this team. I'm 48 years old, so I lived through the super bowl years and the ensuing drought. I could handle that because hey you always had the super bowl years to point back to. But my kids had ***** nothing for their entire lives until recently. This season meant the world to them and I'm so happy to share this year with them. And there's more to come of course.
  6. I lived through four lost super bowls, like many others here. They all sucked, but I was young and didn't fully appreciate what we were doing at the time. I do now. This loss hurts, no question. But KC was favored for a reason -- they're the best team in the NFL. There's no shame in losing here, just like KC should not have felt ashamed if this game had gone the other way. We earned our way into the playoffs and beat two good teams to get here. This is a young team with a great staff and FO. We're primed for continued success. Off-season priorities for me: figur
  7. I just want to get to the super bowl and I don't care who we play. I guess I'd prefer Tampa since they're a weaker team than GB, but a super bowl win that caps off wins over Baltimore, Kansas City, and Green Bay would be mighty impressive -- that's arguably the best three teams in the league besides us.
  8. It's too early for "Who is better: Allen or Kelly?" We can start having that conversation in another five or so years. For now, let's just be happy that we have a QB who's performing at an MVP level in his third year. Canton will still be there later.
  9. I will always remember that game as Thurman's signature game. Not his best performance statistically, but he absolutely dominated that game.
  10. I know people will groan at this, but if we're looking for "that single play that all by itself changed the trajectory of the franchise" then Dalton-to-Boyd has to be right up there with Johnson's pick six. Snapping a 17-year playoff drought was more significant that any play that occurred in the previous 17 years.
  11. Yep. If you had told me before the game that Allen would barely crack 200 total yards and be held to a single TD, I would have assumed that we lost and probably lost pretty badly. Instead we won by two touchdowns. Our defense won us that game, and that's fine with me.
  12. I know what you're trying to say, but the fact is that Allen is going to bring his A+ game this weekend. This game has all the trappings of a classic track meet.
  13. I think this is a little harsh. I'm extremely happy that Daboll is (probably) coming back next year. Is that "celebrating his misfortune?" I don't see it that way. He's a key member of a coaching staff that is doing a lot of things well at the moment, and it makes sense that fans would want to see this staff stay together for a little longer. When he eventually lands a head coaching gig, I'll wish him well. Nothing wrong with wanting to see your team's staff remain intact.
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