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  1. With Hodges, the Steelers have beaten the Bengals, Browns, and Cardinals. All three of those games had a final margin that was within one score. That's hardly "on a roll." Hodges hasn't faced a defense even in the same general universe as ours.
  2. The problem is that any in-game fix will simply be ignored by the officials themselves, like the rule change to allow reviews of PI. The ultimate solution needs to be full-time, professional officials who are accountable to the league.
  3. How many players from that game are still on our roster? How many are still on Pittsburgh's roster? How many coaches are still on their respective staffs?
  4. It's worth noting that when Allen misses on deep passes, he misses them in a very consistent way -- they're all overthrown. There's nothing erratic about these passes. It's not as if some are overthrown, some are overthrown, some are too far off to one side, etc. I'm pretty confident that he's deliberately erring on the side of overthrowing deep balls to eliminate any chance of an interception. I'm also pretty sure I read him saying that somewhere a few weeks ago. If that's the case, then this is definitely fixable.
  5. Cleveland can theoretically still catch us if they win out and we lose out. They play @ARI, BAL, and CIN. They could easily lose to the Cardinals and will probably lose to Baltimore. You're absolutely right that we should all be Houston and New Orleans fans for the next few weeks. If the Saints beat the Colts and Titans and Houston splits with Tennessee, we become strong favorites to back into the playoffs even if we don't win another game. But backing into the playoffs blows so let's just win out.
  6. This was a very poorly officiated game, and the calls went both ways. I personally thought the PI on Beasley was extremely soft -- there are professional soccer players who would be embarrassed to flop so blatantly. Then again, Foster was clearly interfered with and that one went uncalled, so I'll happily take it and not feel the least bit guilty.
  7. No it isn't. We need one win over the next three games, and we're slight favorites to get in even if we go 0-3. Stop making it sound like the sky is falling. It isn't. The Bills are fine. We're fine. The season is fine.
  8. We're going into the Jets game on a two game winning streak.
  9. I agree that the offense was bad today and needs to do better.
  10. Murray might have run for a TD and instead throws an INT. Nice job, Arizona.
  11. No. The fact is that every NFL game is a %-based proposition, and you should be updating your priors after each game. This game is one in which we faced an extremely good team. The fact that we went toe to toe with them is a good indicator of our team's quality.
  12. It won't matter next week when we give them the business.
  13. Arizona is not getting it done for us today. Gotta handle our business next week.
  14. First half: D Second half: C I love the guy, but this was not a good day for him. Or, in fairness, for any of his offensive teammates.
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