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NFL Week # 16 - Bills at Bears - post game thread


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2 minutes ago, Amaru523 said:

Some epic over reactions today. 

My favorite was that selfish Allen was putting his MVP aspirations above team😅

1 minute ago, Nextmanup said:

I enjoyed Greg Gumbel declaring us the "Champions of the AFC" several times after the game ended.


If only it were true.




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T-shirt and hat day! It wasn’t always pretty but we got the job done.


I actually thought Dorsey called a good game for the most part.

Josh for whatever reason was making some of the worst decisions I’ve seen from him. Both interceptions were head scratchers. He refused to throw the check down and pick up some easy yards and instead tried forcing it downfield. He needs to get his head right before the playoffs.


Kudos to Cook and Singletary who had great games. Same to the defense who clamped down after giving up an easy TD on the Bears’ opening drive. 

Onto Cincinnati 

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2 minutes ago, Wacka said:

Two enormous bonehead plays by the 

pats in 2 weeks

Time for bellycheat to retire. Scratch that I hope he stays for another decade. 

1 minute ago, Let's Go Buffalo said:

Defense and the Run Game, the ingredients for another AFC EAST Crowning!


Strange isnt it? Good to know the Bills can win in any type of game. 

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7 minutes ago, CoudyBills said:

Ah yes, the hindsight guy has arrived.


I'd rather have a fan with hindsight who's correct, than a bunch of Nostradamus' who think they know the future during the game.  Like this post for example:


"This team is just not a real contender. You can't have a quarterback just throwing it to the defense repeatedly."  


How did things turn out after that post? 🤔

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Once again, a tough win, as much due to conditions as anything.


Josh still not taking as many easy options as he should, a couple of which were easy yards.


He was still plenty good enough though, and there were a couple of times he was let down by his receivers.


Some good run blocking, and some good running from both Singletary and Cook.


Apart from the blown coverage for the TD, the D played very solid, and the gameplan was obviously pretty good once adjustments were made. Fields was pretty inconsequential as a runner, and that was no mean feat.


AFCE Champions again!


Still the #1 seed to play for.


Life is good!


Merry Christmas everybody!

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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