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  1. Now I can't get the WELCOME TO MIAMI song out of my head......Oh well.....GO BILLS!
  2. Well done on the RockPile Review as always! Thanks for sharing.....I wish I would've been there.
  3. It's still very early in the season....but the road to winning the East still goes through Buffalo!
  4. WOW! It brings back a lot of memories and emotions for sure. I've had coaches say to me in the past that sports can bring out either the good or bad in people....and this is a prime example of the good. Thanks for posting!
  5. I think the accumulative effect of all the experiences Coach Dorsey has had through the years, including his time as quarterback of the high explosive offense of the Miami Hurricanes back in the early 2000's, and the offensive scheming from that time as well will bring so much more to what our offense has already shown thus far.
  6. Right there.....40 reasons to go win it all! Regulators ..... Let's finish the Game!!!!
  7. My '99 Dodge Ram could've fit through that hole for the Moss TD.....I probably would've had to ask for help pushing it through though. (It's old like me)
  8. In the words of Night Ranger......Singletary is "Motorin" !!!!
  9. That was an absolute Dart thrown from Allen to Davis for the TD!
  10. Very sad and tragic news. It definitely puts things into perspective. Thoughts and prayers go out for the Knox family. RIP Luke Knox
  11. I have good memories of Len Dawson. He was also always gracious to donate signed items for community fundraisers for us and things like that. Prayers for he and his family during this tough time.
  12. Yep, I started yelling all sorts of things at the t.v., and then it came back to the Bills game. I was thinking the same thing about the Heidi game.....I'm getting old!
  13. Our 2nd team defense is looking like some teams 1st string defense.....Good to have that depth!
  14. Last day at the Home away from Home. Can't wait to see the rookies play this Saturday. Go Bills!
  15. Really excited to see what the rookies can do. I know it's just pre-season, but this draft class has me really excited about tuning in to the pre-season games.
  16. It's the final countdown! Now I have that song stuck in my head.....Thanks Europe!
  17. Happy Birthday Coach Levy! You're one of a kind!
  18. It's great to have Dawkins back today! It's finally August....Pads are popping.....Go Bills!
  19. Thoughts and Prayers for Dion for sure! Best wishes man!
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