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NFL Week #14 - Jets at Bills - 1st half game thread


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1 minute ago, JayBaller10 said:

Josh hasn’t been right since halftime of the Packers game. Don’t know what it is, some suspect a concussion that wasn’t diagnosed.

At this point though...that would be an EPIC concussion that went completely undiagnosed.  It's been like a month and a half.  I think it's his head, but not a concussion...I think he's overthinking things since the turnovers.  Second guessing, etc.  Notice he is decisive with his runs.  Not as much with his throws (obviously he HAS been throughout the year...but lately not so much it seems).

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5 minutes ago, UKBillFan said:

White outplaying Josh is the real concern.

I know he can throw a strawberry through a brick wall but Josh is a fair weather Cali kid whose skills are greatly enhanced when playing in good conditions. Get a friggen dome already.

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16 minutes ago, Success said:

Let's get a TD here. With these conditions, it will be like a multi-score lead.


Balls wet...wrs can't get open....OL can't


2 minutes ago, Einstein said:

Somewhere out there is a no-domer fan thinking “crap, maybe the dome would have been a good idea”.

Too late now mensas....Josh will be gripping a wet ball the rest of his career.  Brilliant strategy dumbasses.

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