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12/ 1/2022 NFL Week #13 - Bill at Pats* - 1st half game thread


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Is is just me or did that one running play look super wierd.. the oline was moving up field and right and was it Hines running left into the abyss of no blockers?! 

Allen looks in a very comfortable place right now. Love to see it! 

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Just now, Reverse Meathead said:

That was just incredible.  Josh Allen, for sure, I thought was going to just eat it.  The guy is a complete freak!  It's great to watch.  

I was so worried when he threw it, I figured it might be some more forcing of the ball and might be dangerous but Josh saw the window and executed 

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Just now, BigDingus said:

Gonna be honest, that exact type of throw is what has lead to so many turnovers lately & almost gave me a heart attack!


Redzone, rollout to the right, then throw across the body to the middle of the endzone right as he's nearing the sideline. Glad it worked, but I definitely stopped breathing for a moment...

like the one to Diggs last year!

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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