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Jets bench Zach Wilson

Big Turk

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1 minute ago, Malazan said:


His stats are worse and if you watch him play then it would be very, very difficult to make an argument that he's better. What are you even going on about?


"Mike White's stats are better!"


* 6.1 INT% *


lol nah I'm good

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The clip of Josh Allen after the Jets loss saying "it's hard to win when your QB plays like s***" went somewhat viral on Jets social media over the last week. And there were reports that Jets players weren't happy with Wilson's lack of accountability. When you lose the fans and the players, the coach has no choice but to make a change.


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2 hours ago, MarkyMannn said:

Seems once a QB is benched, they never come back to be a success. I'm sure there are exceptions, but not many

The only one that comes to mind, and it is waaaaay back was Terry Bradshaw.  He was benched in favor of Joe Gilliam before coming back to win 4 Super Bowls and go to Canton.  But even that was a weird one that was in the wake of a player strike in 74.  But Terry had been uninspiring in his prior 3 or 4 years.

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26 minutes ago, Sammy Watkins' Rib said:

Pretty awesome that Mac Jones played Wilson to a 3-3 draw too. The backup quarterbacks appear to be better than the starters on both those teams.

Mac Jones is better than people give him credit for. He is like a poor mans Jimmy G. Which on the right team, isnt a horrible option. The Jets defense is also very very good


Wilson looks like he has no idea what hes doing out there. His pocket presence is horrendous

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How did they break the news to the team?  Can’t imagine Wilson was present. 

Saleh: “Ok, real quick guys, before Zach steps in the room…..he’s been benched. (Load cheer goes up from defensive players in back of room).  Now act like everything’s normal - here he comes!”

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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