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  1. I'm talking about game tape. Watch all of his plays. This guy can play and really showed it at the end of this season when he finally got to be featured. After Evans and Godwin were injured, Perriman became the number 1 target, saw a lot of double coverage, and still produced. After watching him play, consider whether he would be a significant upgrade over what we have now. IMHO the answer is yes. For those that don't think the guy can play, who do they want Beane to target? Rookies coming out of the draft seldom make the immediate impact desired in their first season. It makes sense for Beane to get a good free agent without breaking the bank and draft a good prospect to develop. Perriman would be a good first step in implementing this approach.
  2. Look at who was throwing him the ball and the length of the passing targets that he received. Watch some game tape, it tells the story on this guy.
  3. I agree with you. Perriman is exactly what the Bills need (size, speed, and great hands). He may cost a little more than some people will expect because he will have more than one team interested. His cost will be less than some of the bigger names being kicked around. I believe that Beane will get an experienced free agent and draft a good prospect to develop. Some people will want the Bills chasing guys like Cooper and Green but I think the cost isn't going to be worth it.
  4. You may be right but I think most of the knowledgeable fans will look at the draft more strategically. They will evaluate the value of the player taken, the likelihood of the player being able to be a real contributor in their first season, and whether the player addresses a need of the team. Most people recognize the main needs of the team include WR, DE, LB, DT, o-line (RT), RB, and CB. There is not a broad consensus on the priority. Some of the needs are to provide good rotational players and depth. IMHO WR, DE, and LB positions require players to be starters or major contributors. Going into this draft, pass rushing DE is in the shortest supply in both the draft and free agency. Beane is not going to neglect DE. If he doesn't get one in free agency, we should expect Beane to make a move early in the draft. This draft class is deep in WR, LB, and DT. If he has to wait to day two to address these in the draft, the Bills will still get very good talent. Just like last year, Beane's moves in free agency (including letting Lawson walk) will tell us about his approach in the draft. We just need to chill and let "The Process" run its course.
  5. I don't get the infatuation that people have for Rivers and Brady. They have been great in the past but I believe time has taken its toll. Neither of these guys showed me much this year and being another year older isn't going to make either of them any better. Neither of these two are going to play on a cheap contract or be okay being a backup. There are better options for teams to bridge the gap until they obtain a young guy to develop for the long term.
  6. Teams typically don't. Coaches are under contract and it is probably written into contracts that they will be made available for promotional opportunities. I can't imagine an agent allowing a client to sign a contact that doesn't provide that latitude.
  7. I know an NFL scout and he told me that there are at least 16 WR's in this year's draft that will grade as third round or better. If he's correct, the Bills should be able to find a good one, even if they wait until day two. Hopefully, we won't end up with another Zay Jones.
  8. Teams are more sophisticated in their analysis of potential free agents than they used to be. PFF generates a lot of raw data but doesn't do a great job of analyzing the factors leading to a specific outcome. Teams study the players real role in specific plays and they understand the assignments and the actual execution by the player. In other posts, it was observed that some of Phillips' sacks were the result of the play being pushed into his lap by another player. I share some of that opinion. IMHO he is not one of the top DT's in the league and is nothing more than a good rotational role player. The only way he gets a big contract is if one of the traditionally bad teams (like the JESTS) gets overly enamored with him. I'm sure Beane knows what he is dealing with and he will let him walk before overpaying.
  9. Okay, put down the bong and step away from the coffee table....lol
  10. Excellent analysis. Thanks for taking the time to do such a thorough job. I agree with everything you have written.
  11. IMHO if they cut him, the four guys going into training camp will be Smith, Knox, Sweeney, and Croom. We should all remember how Beane came to sign Kroft. Buffalo was a dumpster fire at tight end going into 2019. Kroft was about the best free agent out there. Beane paid a reasonably high price to insure that there was at least one capable TE on the roster. No one knew how Knox or Sweeney would work out going into the season. Knowing what they know now, Beane has the option to keep him, trade him or cut him. When Kroft was signed I would say it was more of a relief than love. Honestly, I don't see a huge difference between Sweeney, Knox and Kroft going into 2020, so why spend the money on him? People that think Beane is going to get into the bidding war for Hooper and Henry need to understand that he isn't going to walk away from two promising 2019 draft picks after one season. The team has more pressing needs that will require the expenditure of cap dollars.
  12. Don't forget that there's no deposit on beer cans. That's the really big deal!
  13. There is no doubt that Conklin would be a great addition. If Conklin hits the market, there will likely be a bidding war to sign him. The cost will be high. I can't see Beane throwing big money at a second offensive lineman (like Morse last year). IMHO Beane will target his free agent spending on a DE or a WR to play outside opposite John Brown. If he resigns Lawson, then WR may jump to the top of his list.
  14. I could care less about who is playing for the Cheatriots when the Bills finally take them down. It's all just about winning. In some ways I do hope that Brady stays because his play has deteriorated to the point of becoming a walking joke.
  15. Don't forget Perriman. Tampa will not be able to pay him and Godwin. Perriman fits the physical attributes (speed and length) that the Bills need to add to the WR group and he really performed when Evans was out with an injury. He will likely be available for a reasonable cost and could be a decent bridge while the team develops a player that they draft.
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