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  1. Great summary Virgil ! I always enjoy reading your observations. In addition, I thought the o-line played a good game and looked prepared for all of the stunts run by Baltimore. It's a lot of fun to be a Bills fan these days.
  2. Besides the missed tackles, we need to remember the guys that bit on a fake and left their jock strap lying on the turf as they watched the runner pick up another ten yards. This happened more times than I want to think about. The Bills have made some pretty average RB's look like super stars. They can't afford to play like that against Baltimore or their season will end poorly.
  3. Living in Florida, I've had a good time poking fun at the Dolphins fans. A pretty common theme among them is that they should have drafted Herbert. After watching their rookie seasons, I have to agree. There are even a fair number of people here that believe that letting Tannehill leave was a big mistake. I've also watched most of the Miami games this season. Tua's accuracy stats are heavily skewed due to the high percentage of really short passes that he throws. He has a fairly long throwing motion which gives D-linemen a chance to react and deflect passes. His longer passes
  4. This is not about not playing Yeldon this week. This is about making sure that they replace Moss and get the guy through the COVID protocols in the event they beat Baltimore and advance. If they don't add a running back this week and lose another guy on Saturday, they'll be in trouble. Beane is doing exactly what needs to be done. Too bad the JESTS haven't released Frank Gore...lol.
  5. McD may have to give up on his "Big Nickel" approach to defense. People are apoplectic over the Bills run defense but we all need to remember that they play the vast majority of plays with five DB's on the field. In many instances they stay in that defense even when they are facing two and three tight end sets. Taron Johnson plays tough but is over matched when taking on large run blockers. I expect to see more of A.J. on the field for first and second downs.
  6. Teams can and have denied coaches the ability to interview for promotional jobs until their seasons are over. I'm not sure why McD and Beane permitted this but I think it was a bad move. Maybe there is something in Daboll's contract that permits him to interview. We'll probably never know for sure. As others have pointed out, the game plan and play calling was poor.
  7. Too much zone and giving receivers free release off the line of scrimmage was a bad approach. Tackling today was also poor. Dropping Hughes into pass coverage didn't fool anyone. After it didn't work, why repeat it multiple times? This was a below average game by Milano and Tre White.
  8. I had this same impression. I also believed that he was a really good defensive coordinator that got the most out of the talent that was on his team. I expected him to fix the defense first because it was the best part of the team that he inherited. I also expected him to followup to improve the rest of the team in a steady methodical manner. I greatly underestimated his ability to assemble a talented coaching staff.
  9. At the time, Teller was still developing and was the odd man out. As you point out getting a pick for him was a good move. Teller is a good run blocker but still struggles with pass protection. He's also missed some time with injuries. In the overall scheme of things, I'm okay with the way it worked out for the Bills.
  10. Teams still need to show an ability and willingness to run the ball when the numbers in the box give the offense a big advantage. Conversely, it doesn't make a lot of sense to run into a stacked box. Defenses have to be forced to defend the entire field. Occasional runs also slow down the pass rush and give o-linemen a competitive chance. With all of the passing game rule changes in recent years, teams don't need to have 40 runs a game to be successful. It's still a distinct advantage for a team to run the ball successfully in a four minute offense to close out a game to preserve a small
  11. If they get a lead and go run heavy, it doesn't make sense to risk injury to Allen or some others. I think this is about McD being prepared for various game scripts. In any event the Bills won't allow caution to put the game at risk.
  12. I wonder if the JESTS front office views Lawrence the same way that their fan base does . It would be such a typical move by their front office to hang in with Darnold and hope that he can turn it around. My expectation is that no matter which course of action they take, they''ll screw it up.
  13. One of the great physical performances of the game came from Williams on TJ Watt. He basically took Watt out of the game. Watt only was a factor on a few plays where Allen held the ball much too long. Having watched almost every Steelers game this season, I haven't seen anyone handle Watt as easily as Williams did. I have to admit, I was expecting Watt to have a big game and it just didn't happen.
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