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  1. The owners could only be on the hook for the guaranteed money in most contracts without a season. Additionally, player contracts vary from team to team and from player to player. Blanket statements covering all players are not as accurate as many of us would hope that they would be. Some individual contracts contain provisions that protect some players pretty well and some have stronger protections for the owners. The star players generally have the best financial protections and the lesser players, not so much. It is in the best interests of the owners and the NFLPA to cut a deal that smooths the revenue curve over a couple of seasons. This will allow them to protect the individual player contract structure, protect the majority of players (those without big guaranteed money), and be financially workable for the owners. If the league can cut some deals on TV contracts, streaming services, or other media services to increase revenues, it will make this problem easier to manage. We should all expect ticket prices to jump significantly in 2021, regardless of how this all plays out.
  2. I don't think he does with his right hand anymore....just sayin
  3. Coming out of college Njoku was recognized as a significant talent with a high upside. He has battled some injuries and is on a team where he is usually the last option to receive targets. They didn't bring in Hooper and pay him good money to play in Njoku's shadow. The Browns will try to trade him but I doubt that they get an offer in the range that they probably want. If there wasn't a cap problem in NE, I could see the Cheaters taking a run at him. The Saints could have an interest as well. I think the Bills like the guys that they already have and won't spend draft capital or money to acquire him.
  4. I spoke to a good friend about this a couple of years ago, when the subject was getting a lot of press. He is a Seneca tribal member and resides on tribal lands. He believed that his friends were about equally split on the subject. He had nothing against the name personally but understands why people object to it. He also said that Braves and Chiefs were more aspiring names and were looked at more positively. As I look at it from the point of view that if I had a business and the name was offensive to potentially half of my customers, I'd be looking for a new name. Additionally, having a name that is viewed as being racially offensive to a significant number of people is reason enough to change it just because it is the right thing to do. This shouldn't be that hard of a decision.
  5. The same leadership that whined that he needed 30000 ventilators when he didn't and the same leadership that sent infected people back into long term care facilities leading to the death of thousands of people. The same leadership that requested hundreds of extra temporary hospital beds and didn't use them. The same leadership that cried when foreign travel was shut off. With that kind of leadership, I remember why I moved away from NY. And by the way, good luck with your state taxes for the next few years to help pay for your great leadership in the state.
  6. Yes, it was hit multiple times and they had to spend a bunch of money to raise it.
  7. What a waste of money! Hopefully it is high enough to avoid having the occasional punt doink off it.
  8. After seeing this minimal penalty imposed, is it any surprise that the cheaters keep on cheating? I believe that this is the fourth time that they have been sanctioned by the league. In a normal corporate environment, most businesses use a progressive corrective disciplinary approach. This means that repeat violators of rules or policies receive successively harsher penalties for each new infraction. The idea is that a normal offender will recognize that the next penalty is not worth the next violation and they change their behavior. If Belicheat knew he could be looking at a year out of the league for his next infraction, I'm sure he would have everyone behaving. It's time for Roger to kick some butt with NE. I'm surprised that the other owners haven't gone off the rails about the constant cheating.
  9. I agree with you. Mayfield and Darnold have really showed little progress. Yet, their fan base doesn't seem as paranoid about being a bust as some posters on this site seem to be about Allen. The WR situation for Allen last season was improved but not great. The addition of Diggs and hopefully some improvement from Knox (eliminate the drops) should help Allen. Mayfield suffered from a below average o-line and some terrible coaching. Even with that he hasn't looked like a number 1 overall draft pick (too many interceptions). Darnold has very little talent around him and a head coach that is apparently in over his head. Allen and Mayfield have the best circumstances for this season to improve; Darnold, not so much.
  10. I thought "Wrecks" would be a better name because it was clueless to what was going on around it.
  11. He must be thinking about cap space next year. I don't believe they have done anything crazy with money. In fact they made the Armstead trade and replaced him with a rookie deal to manage their cap for the future. They certainly haven't done anything like the Rams did with overspending and pushing it to future years. This entire thread just seems a bit incoherent but maybe it's just me.
  12. For any of us who have been to games in Jacksonville, we know you are exactly correct. Sad but true
  13. Exactly....aren't they like number 8 among the owners?
  14. Everybody needs to chill. There is too much money involved to put an end to the season. The players, TV networks, and owners want it to happen and it will. There may be a few players that are afraid to participate and they will sit out. For well conditioned athletes that don't have some serious preexisting health condition, many experts believe that there is very little risk involved. Listening to players who have already had the virus, they all seemed to liken it to a moderate cold. Every time I read an article about players from various teams that are working out together, it solidifies my opinion that the players want to play and they will play. Players know they have a career clock and it is running toward zero. They don't want to lose a year of that career time and more importantly the earnings that go along with it. Nobody needs to convince me that the owners want to play and make money. That is a given. For those of us that are afraid of getting seriously ill, we should continue to self quarantine, avoid risky behavior, practice good hygiene. social distance, and use masks as appropriate. People need to manage their actions for themselves.
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