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  1. I've been to many Bills games in Miami. Even in the down years for the Bills, the crowds have been pretty evenly split. Bills fans are generally louder. In recent years, Bills fans have the stadium to themselves by the end of the third quarter because the Miami people bail when their team is down. Every stadium has their fair share of jerks who are looking to cause trouble. Miami is no exception but they have fewer than other places I have gone ( Jests, KC, Steelers, Dallas, Chicago ). It is really fun to see the home team having to go to a silent snap count because the Bills Mafia is rocking the place. Looking forward to sending the Miami fans home crying again this year.
  2. It depends on what coverage is dialed up by Frazier on any particular play. The Bills have great options that most other teams don't have. Taron Johnson and Matt Milano are very good in coverage. Those two guys allow the Bills to play a variety of coverages and to hide the coverage presnap.
  3. The player would be a fool to turn down a contract from another team so that he could wait on a job that may not materialize. Punters are not in short supply but jobs are. I can't even imagine an agent letting this happen.
  4. We all hear about "roid rage" being a real thing. When I see the helmet swinging it makes me think there is something to it.
  5. It may have more to do with his ability to get a team set at the line of scrimmage, execute a snap count, catch a snap, and avoid taking a huge loss on a play gone bad. They also figured even a guy with average athletic ability can get one downfield. Finally, they probably felt putting the third string QB at risk was the best of all undesirable options.
  6. Teddy was a great play designer. He was fortunate to have a QB that could make all of the throws, a running back that was an excellent runner, receiver and blocker, and wide receivers that were versatile. It also didn't hurt to have a good o-line either. Defenses were mostly caught with the wrong people on the field for the plays that Kelly called (audibles). With McD's rotations on defense, the Bills could probably deal with some amount of fast no huddle if used strategically. It sure was fun watching the K-gun roll. It's a little premature make the comparison between Dorsey and Teddy but we may be justified in doing it at the end of the season.
  7. I always thought the Fins were full of **it. After all of these years I guess they finally proved me wrong.
  8. Runs at the goal line will probably remain a big part of their offense. An empty backfield usually creates a number mismatch in the box that is a huge advantage to a running QB.
  9. I believe Drake will catch on somewhere. He has excellent receiving skills and speed. People should not forget that he was also a really good kick and punt returner at Alabama. As others have pointed out, it is likely that an injury somewhere in the league will get him a job.
  10. Beane continues to do good work. He acquires a surplus of decent players (better than many teams have) and flips them for draft picks. When the team continues to draft at the end of each round, having some extra picks in order to move up can be important. I would not be surprised if he moves someone from the d-line also.
  11. It is really his last shot to hang onto a starting job in the league. Not only does he have to perform but he also has to stay healthy and available. With about 6 projected first round QB's headed to the 2023 draft, some borderline guys will be headed to duty as clipboard holders. Personally, when I see him play, I put him in the category of Chase Daniel or Case Keenum. Good enough to be a very good backup but not a starter.
  12. These cuts will probably be players that the Bills will not want on the practice squad. There may also be a veteran that knows that he isn't going to make the team and wants to get a chance to catch on elsewhere. The Bills may also factor in what positions they need to fill for the last preseason game (depends on who they are holding out of the game). There are more than four obvious cuts on this roster.
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