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  1. SI has not really been relevant for a number of years. Putting out controversial opinions is the only way they can hope to draw back readers. They are a joke and so are most of their contributors.
  2. How was Beane supposed to know that Jefferson would be this good and that he was even going to be available at pick 27? All of this retrospection of past drafts is a bunch of crap. It's easy to look back on every team's moves and throw rocks. When I look at the roster and cap that Beane inherited and compare it to the roster today, I have to say that he has done an excellent job. Wins and losses tell the story, not results of any one individual draft pick or one free agent signing. Every GM has some hits and misses with some good and bad breaks along the way. We all tend to let players off the hook and blame coaches and GM's, when the reality is that some players choose not to put in the effort to be good at their job.
  3. A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time with a friend of mine that works in the NFL (not the Bills). He had some interesting takes on some of the Bills recent personnel moves. He believes McGovern was a steal and will prove to be a solid player for the Bills. He also could not believe that Torrence fell to the Bills in round two. He compared him to Ruben Brown. He also liked the addition of Sherfield, Harty, and Shorter. Overall, he thought Beane had done an excellent job and that the team was better than the 2022 version. He believes that Hyde and a healthy White are the real difference makers that allow the Bills to do much of what makes their defense very good. He talked a little bit about the AFC East. According to him, the JESTS are much over rated by a New York driven sports media that is desperate for some degree of relevance. He believes that Rodgers is pretty much at the end and they gave up way too much for him for what may turn out to be a one year shot. He thinks Miami will be decent but will continue to struggle with road games. He's not convinced that Tua can remain healthy enough to carry the team for multiple seasons. All he said about NE was that they are a joke. He also said that Frazier was shown the door and that some in the Bills front office wanted him gone after the 13 seconds in KC. After our talk, I felt better about some of the things that Beane had done.
  4. No, because the ball is bounced to the receiving team.
  5. Embassy Suites downtown Buffalo is close to a lot of things and is a nice hotel. It costs a few bucks but is well worth it.
  6. I believe the third QB doesn't count against the game day roster limit. This is about maintaining the quality of the game, having competitive contests, keeping TV sponsors viewership numbers up, and not disappointing fans. Whether we disagree with it or not, the owners have seen the situation as a major problem and have taken this step to fix it. It will be invisible to us unless a team loses two QB's during a game.
  7. When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to see him play in a game in Cleveland against the Giants. I still remember that he looked like the fastest and strongest guy on the field. I've never seen another back play like him. It's sad that most people really don't know that much about him.
  8. Terry's a smart guy. He probably looks at this forum for all the advice he needs. All he has to do is read the posts here and he will know everything about football that an owner should know.
  9. I hope he holds out and gets big money to further destroy their cap structure............have I ever indicated how much I detest the JESTS
  10. Ray was an outstanding college player and was good for a couple of years in Denver. Some bad coaching, nagging injuries, and some bad luck pushed his career into the ditch. If he can reclaim any significant portion of his past ability, he could become a valuable rotational player at a very cheap price. I think it is very wise of Beane to give this player a shot. If it doesn't work out, there's no big loss but if it does, it could be a significant benefit to the team.
  11. I agree and I also think AZ Cards are too high.
  12. Beane will draft one S/LB hybrid on day three. It will be someone that profiles like Milano (size, speed, etc.).
  13. I have one small disagreement with the original post. Having attended both away games against the Cheatriots and the Jests, the trash fans of the Jests are the worst by a long shot. The Cheatriots are a distant second. The Cheatriot fans can't even be a__holes successfully. They are a pathetic bunch and deserve their present state. Maybe the owner can treat them all to a massage for a happier ending this season.
  14. This is just a very average wr draft group. Desperate GM's will over draft these guys. The smart teams will draft receivers at draft positions of appropriate value. After the top four guys, the next 20 have very similar draft value. None of them have a complete game or have limited speed or inconsistent hands. Additionally, there seems to be a couple of receivers that show up in later rounds from smaller schools that go on to have nice careers. Bills have always done a good job of scouting smaller school players.
  15. It seems to me that the JESTS overpaid for a guy that is on the downward side of his career. NYC sports media will over hype the value. I'll also be interested in the contract restructure that is done to fit him into the cap. I'm guessing that a fair amount of money will be kicked down the road and have the potential for a bunch of dead money when he retires. This is the kind of move that a team has to make when they blow two consecutive top five QB draft selections.
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