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  1. I appreciate the amount of time you put in to create your predictions. I agree with a lot of what you have written. IMHO, I think you are seriously wrong about the Saints, Carolina, Jets, Bears and Colts. KC won't win 19 but they will be the number 1 seed in the AFC. After that, Reid will find a way to flush another great team before getting to the Super Bowl.
  2. I don't know why anyone wastes their time listening to this moron. The posters on this forum routinely express more actual knowledge of the game and the team than you will ever hear from Schopp or the Bulldog. They're just pathetic.
  3. It was a great trade for the Bills. Got a few good years out of Shady and Philly sent Kiko packing.
  4. I have been a Shady fan for a long time. It has been fun to watch him over the years. His game is based on quickness and that short burst of speed to hit the gaps. He appears to have lost some of that ability in the run game. He is still a dangerous receiver and can still beat a guy in space. IMHO his future will be as a third down back at a much reduced dollar contract with another team after this season. Let's hope he can stay healthy and pull off one more good season in 2019.
  5. When can we move off the trade Shady mantra? A 6 mil contract, 31 years old, and declining productivity equals zero trade value. No team is going to trade for him based on his performance two or three years ago. There are currently better options than him in free agency right now. I hope there is some mentally deficient GM out there that just can't go on without taking Shady off our hands but I doubt that one exists. The only real options for the Bills are to keep him or cut him. I expect them to keep him and start the season using him. If the productivity isn't there, his usage will evaporate. As for Zay, he may not have shown enough productivity to garner much interest around the league. In a scenario where a team loses multiple receivers, there may be some minimal interest. Other than that, I'm not expecting a trade. IMHO he's good enough to be a team's second or third receiver but clearly not a lead dog.
  6. Actually Cardale Jones had a decent game today. He made several really nice throws. He may not hold a roster spot in LA but he has a decent chance to catch on somewhere.
  7. Exactly.....how many times have we gone off the rails over a couple of preseason games just to be crushed in the regular season? Granted, the roster appears to be better and deeper, but let's wait until the games are real.
  8. I was at that game and he had ample opportunity to slide. He chose not to so that he could make a first down. Had the defender not lowered his head with a bad form tackle, he could have creamed Allen. I'm sure the coaching staff explained this to him. A starting QB needs to be aware of the longer term ramifications of getting injured and play smart.
  9. The quantity of runs may not be the real issue. Running as the game and the play dictates should be the determining factor. Take what the defense is giving. Getting out of bounds or sliding to avoid contact needs to be the priority. Hurdling linebackers is just a stupid thing for a starting QB to attempt regardless of how cool it was.
  10. I believe that the only time he ever stopped running his mouth was at his post Super Bowl press conference, after Denver kicked his butt. He pouted like a little girl and walked away from the podium. That has to be my favorite Cam Newton moment.
  11. I'm not sure anyone really needed to dupe Rex. He's just an idiot that was in way over his head. If his old man hadn't had a successful NFL coaching career, he would have been lucky to be a beer vendor in a stadium. What a waste of two seasons for the Bills.
  12. I'm greedy! I want both of those guys to become great tight ends that the Bills have lacked forever. Time will tell.
  13. I agree with you on this. There also seems to be a clear New York City bias. With much of the news media centralized in NYC, they can't help themselves from having a bit of a homer bias. They can't believe that their JETS could possibly be worse than the Bills. Some of the so-called media experts clearly do little real research and are more interested in generating clicks and viewership, than being accurate. Even though many of us don't like it, it is their business/job.
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