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  1. I agree with you. He's a faster version of a young Randall Cobb. He's a versatile player that can play in the slot or outside. He can go deep and is a good YAC guy on shorter routes. I don't expect him to be around at pick 54 but he would be a great value there. I'm not sure that Beane will be locked into any particular position on day two. He'll be looking for value that will improve the roster. IMHO he'll be looking for guys that fall and for whom he has a higher draft grade than where they are available. In the past, this has prompted him to trade up.
  2. And the thebandit27 drops the mic....boom!
  3. He may end up in Jacksonville after the draft and when the travel ban is lifted. Most people think it will be the Chargers but they are in position to get one of the top three QB's in the draft. They will use Tyrod until the new guy is ready. Jacksonville is not in position to get one of the top guys and has many holes to fill in the draft. They have a coaching staff that is hanging on by a thread and Minshew will likely get them all fired. In addition, for a team that has trouble selling seats (I know because I've been to several games there) think of the draw that Newton would be for them. In addition, they were able to get out of the terrible Foles contract and free up cap money to get a better QB on the roster. Newton would probably see it as an opportunity to get back at Carolina twice a season. It makes too much sense for it not to happen. If Carolina hadn't stuck it to him, the Bears or Raiders could have been logical landing spots. If none of this plays out, a healthy Newton will be the first guy sought out when a good team loses their starting QB.
  4. Go back and watch some of Newton's antics on the sidelines when things weren't going his way or maybe some of his press conference performances after losses. Hardly the actions of a positive leader. It always seemed that Newton was constantly striving to make everything be about him. There is a reason that Carolina let him walk and it was more than just injuries. If you were a GM of a team and knew you had a player as good as Cam Newton had been, wouldn't you give him the chance to completely recover from his surgeries before deciding to cut him loose? Wouldn't you want to see how he looked in training camp before deciding you were through with him? Wouldn't you want to show other teams that he was still a very capable player so you could create some trade value? Carolina didn't because they decided he wasn't worth the time, money or the effort of the organization and they didn't want him around. It almost seemed to me that Cam's late release was done vindictively, indicating to me that they were unhappy with him. All of the decent signing opportunities and pay opportunities were filled. That isn't the way organizations part company with a player on good terms. Carolina really stuck it to him. I for one have never had a problem with Newton talking trash or doing his Superman thing. In fact when I think of the big trash talkers in the league, Newton doesn't even come to mind. Since you brought it up, Rivers talking trash is pathetic. With his level of poor on field play, he shouldn't be talking trash to anyone. As far as Newton being a problem in a Bills locker room, I believe it would be inevitable. Newton has a diva type personality. Beane has shown through the players that he has drafted or signed that he doesn't want that kind of influence on the team. He has stacked the roster with players that go about their jobs without a lot of fanfare and act professionally. I believe Newton will be starting games before the end of the season. It will probably take a season ending injury to a QB on a team that has a chance to make the playoffs. When that happens, he'll probably be the first guy that is sought out. I also expect that he will play well as long as he is healthy.
  5. It would be a cap killing move and would hurt the culture in the locker room. Beane has seen Newton in person and knows the risks.
  6. Very seldom do teams go through an entire season without having receivers injured and missing games. Good teams have a 4th WR that can play at a high level. Buffalo does not have that kind of 4th WR. Beasley and Brown are both 30 years old and are not the answer to the long term needs of a consistently competitive team. With this being a very deep draft with really good talented players, it may be the only opportunity for a long time to draft a player with first round skills with a day two pick. When you combine all of this with the fact that there really aren't any glaring holes in the roster, it's easy to see why the Bills go WR on day two, if they choose to do that.
  7. Good question. I remember reading something about this a few years ago. I think they discuss diagrammed plays and question players about the appropriate reads and adjustments to determine their knowledge of the game. They also ask things to try to determine personality traits and patterns of behavior. They are also looking to determine the ability to learn quickly and to communicate effectively. In general, they are trying to make sure the guy is not a box of rocks and/or a pain in the rear end.
  8. The best way to get Gilmore off his game is to make him come up and play the run early and often. He does not like heavy contact and has a tendency to back off after taking some hits. He did this in Buffalo and he has done it at times in NE. He is a good player but has shown that he can be beat. I can't wait to see real game action with Gilmore and Diggs on the field.
  9. He's a really good player but benefited from Cooks and Woods pulling a lot of the coverage. He seldom faces the top corner from the opposition and works primarily out of the slot. He isn't the same type of player as Diggs. Kupp isn't a guy that can stretch the field or command double coverage. Comparing him to Diggs is like comparing apples and oranges. Even with all of that said, I'd be really excited if the Bills could add a player like Kupp to the roster. He doesn't drop passes, blocks in the run game, and makes good plays with the ball in his hands.
  10. That was small beans compared to Charlie Romes dropping an interception on the Bengals drive that resulted in the game winning score. UGH...
  11. Excellent analysis. It appears that it takes one to know one. Cowboys continue to be a mess and Wrecks......is well, a wreck.
  12. D-bag is too distinguished for the little crap bag...but I do appreciate your gentile analysis.
  13. Walker has been a very good player and an even better guy in the locker room and community. IMHO his best days are behind him and it would be a waste of a roster spot to carry him into training camp. There is no need to do this. It appears to me that Beane believes that the team is set in the TE position group.
  14. I tend to agree with you. There are two things we can't predict. First, we don't know if there is someone that Beane really really wants that gets within his range to make a trade in any round at any reasonable price. Secondly, we don't know if there is a position group that Beane feels a need to have talent added to it. This could happen if there is a run in the draft with a limited number of decent prospects, like DE.
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