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Do you see the Josh Allen era Bills as having a "window"?


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For only the second time in 5 decades of Bills fandom do I have 100% confident in our front office, coaching staff and ownership, the trifecta of stability. Josh has given us a championship window with his elite talents, but I also trust this FO to continue to find and develop these type of players and attract the right talent in free agency to sustain this window.  I also feel the culture that was built here, the work ethic and the foundation for success has been firmly established and it won't leave here as long as the trifecta holds together. 

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If by “window”  you mean “time frame”, then yes, that time frame is as much as a decade or more long, subject to keeping our QB healthy, and maintaining a FO & coaching staff (Beane & McDermott or their equivalent) that know what the hell they are doing, and why the hell they are doing it, and an owner who will support them in doing their jobs. If these things are done we are golden imo. 

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1 hour ago, Rigotz said:

I think we can be optimistic about the future without being overconfident. There’s always a window and it’s never certain when it will close.


Look at the Colts. That looked like it would be a decade-long run, with great weapons, a great defense, and Andrew Luck. Then he retired.


Look at the Texans. I would have imagined they’d win at least one SB with a 24 year old Deshaun plus Deandre Hopkins.


Look at Seattle. Unbeatable defense with a young superstar QB, great fan base and front office… unbelievable WR tandem… then the window closed fast.


Being overconfident or promising yourself 10 years of success is dangerous. That’s why every single year counts these next few.

Nah, I’m just going to go ahead and believe as long as Allen is QB, the window is open…

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Yes, we have window, it will last a long time as you say.


The window closes when Josh is too old to do it, pending finding another stud QB to replace him.


I don't think we have a smaller window within Josh's career.


As long as he is here, we'll be good and have a shot!





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1 hour ago, Wizard said:

I see several windows. This one has probably 3 years. When Von Miller, Diggs, Poyer, Hyde, White, Dawkins and Edmunds are either gone or have moved toward the back end of their careers, we hope another window has opened with a new set of young, controllable, and less costly assets to surround around Josh.


As has been mentioned, the playoff caliber team window has 10-12 years in a row with a healthy #17. Hopefully 2-3 championship windows present themselves.


That is why this year is so important. This is a good window and wundiws are rarely this open than right now. All Aboard!

This is how I see it.

   Case in point, Hyde and Poyer. Do I love them ? Yes!

Should we spend big money on either, especially if we win a SB? Absolutely not!

    Beane needs to continue to work his magic while constantly and incrementally turning the roster over while not overpaying based on emotion.

   If things worked out perfectly, I could see three good windows. The first one opened two years ago. Had KC suffered a major injury in the playoffs we might have snuck in. Last year we should have been in. This year we should be in. Next year too.

    After that, we will see what happens rosterwise. 

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I was thinking about this as well. On one hand, I wondered how Josh would age. Clearly his current form isn't sustainable over  the very long term. I also think Josh is a very intelligent player and will eventually turn into an Elway like QB late in his career, still able to run, but savvy enough that rarely has to. But even outside Josh, Beane is a witch. This is a playoff team without Josh nearly all hand picked. He is the best GM in football. So even taking Josh out of it, Beane should have us relevant as long as he is here. He's only 46 and seems to be very well adjusted. Maybe it's the last name, but I always envision him in real life like Brad Pitt in Moneyball in that scene he trades for a closing pitcher with Jonah Hill. 

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Definitely there is a window. There can also be multiple windows.


We are in a window now where 2 years ago they were 1 game away from the super bowl and were pretty well disposed of by KC. They built it back up to purposefully beat KC and the following year had a team that could do it but blew it with 13 seconds left.


This year we are quite possibly at the pinnacle of our first window of opportunity. How long will we stay at the top? History has shown not long. We very well could start to decline a bit next year already. Does that mean we will not be able to get it done? Nobody knows but as long as you have the QB then you are a contender.


Brady had the Pats be a contender for close to 20 years but people forget there was a 10 year gap where they were very good but not a dominant team. I don't think Josh is a Brady type player that can play at this level for 20+ years so we will have less of a window than he had. He runs and takes hits and relies a lot on his legs and over time he will get slower and less elusive. He eats wings and drinks beer and fans love that but it will also result in him being out of shape as he gets into his 30's. His current situation is not sustainable long term.


So it will come and it will go so it's important to capitalize on your opportunities. This year might be their best chance so hopefully they take care of business.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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