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Rapoport - Pickett to start

Big Blitz

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This is going to be like facing Davis Mills last year


You can say all you want about Mike Tomlin being the best coach ever with his back against the wall, no losing seasons, blah blah blah


But this team isn't losing to a rookie QB making his first ever start, at home

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Just now, FilthyBeast said:

I don't think Tomlin had much of a choice as Trubisky has failed miserably in his 2nd chance as an NFL starting QB.


And don't think this changes much because the Steelers are pretty bad on both sides of the ball right now.

The devil you know isn't the devil Tomlin wants to deal with right now.

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40 minutes ago, Motor26 said:

This isn't a trap game. The Bills should straight up whoop the Steelers at home. 

one would think!!!  Especially with The Greatest Football Hero to Ever Lave Them Up’s younger brother out with a pec injury still.

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Unfortunately Trubisky was just so ineffective that he couldn't make it to week 5,  despite modest expectations further tamped by the absence of TJ Watt.


Still no excuse for the Bills to not make short work of this Steelers team but with Trubisky at QB this might have been one of those games like when the Texans visited last season.    Mitch just sucks at playing QB at the NFL level.   

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I ended up watching the condensed highlights of the Steelers/jets game. Pickett had some really great moments— he hangs in there and will chuck it downfield. I think our young corners will be tested a lot more; not going to just be the 3-yard dinks they were running before. 

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1 minute ago, JakeFrommStateFarm said:

This is great.


Should be an easy win for us


I'm sure it will be the exact opposite knowing this team but things would likely have to go seriously wrong to lose this one.


Never under estimate the boost a team gets with a QB change though, luckily TJ Watt still not ready to play though.

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1 hour ago, Warcodered said:

First four games for him are Bills, Bucks, Dolphins, and Eagles....what are doing to this kid.

Trial by fire

Iron sharpens iron

All diamonds are found in the rough

(Insert whatever other cliche saying you got)

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  • Big Turk changed the title to McDermott against rookie QBs...it's ugly. For them.
This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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