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NFL Week #3 - Bills at the Dolphins - Post game thread


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3 minutes ago, Brianmoorman4jesus said:

It was pretty much like we tried as hard as we could to lose and in the end we accomplished it. Great job 

Like every one-score decision the past 2 years the Bills did the bare minimum needed to secure the loss. No more and no less. Coaching, execution, play-calling, all of it.

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1 minute ago, Cheektowaga Chad said:

Hopefully the coaching staff learned you don't have to coach scared. Play the same way you would if there were no injuries 


You don't have to put training wheels on 



No training wheels here. Game plan probably what was needed

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4 minutes ago, Billzgobowlin said:

This just feels like the first Pats game last year except opposite weather.  Too much heat to overcome plus injuries.  Hopefully we get Oliver, Phillips, Dane, Poyer and Morse back soon... Oh and Tre White.

Spot on.

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10 minutes ago, TSOL said:



Hopefully the team learns from it and doesn't buy into the hype they're getting this year. 

 Learns from what? The defense was missing half its starters. A total back up secondary and interior OL. We played third string players on the OL. Diggs and Davis are hobbled. 

Today wasn’t a situation where the team took Miami for granted. It was a preseason team vs. a 2-0 NFL team. 

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Things I learned today:


1) this coaching staff did not learn from KC, still a punch of softies when it matters.


2) The coaches tried to pass the buck to the players on hydration.. yeah, how about you own it.


3) Allen is the man, myth, legend, but still slightly undisciplined.   Had he got his feet under him, the game ends differently.


4) There was ABSOLUTELY a reason they abandoned the run last year.


5). Regardless of all of it, had they actually executed even remotely close to expectations, the Bills could/SHOULD have beat their closest division rivals, being down 1/4 of their starters.



 I’m going to say it.. the coaching is the weakest part of this team on game day.  I buy the overall schemes and McClappy is a leader, but game day decisions, they need somebody to slap them.

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5 minutes ago, Iverwig said:

We can’t say that. Davis had two feet down before the ball moved. 


You have to make a football move. He didn't. As soon as he got his feet down the ball was loose and coming out. Even if you want to argue it's 50/50 they aren't overturning the call on the field.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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