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NFL Week #3 - Bills at the Dolphins - Post game thread


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11 minutes ago, Shortchaz said:

One of the worst viewing experiences. Dumb/self defeating plays are the hardest to watch and this game was FULL of them 


second and goal at the one…..SHOTGUN 

I dont know why I'm not seeing this more (maybe I'm missing them) It's second & goal (and what less then a yard). Why are they going shotgun? Instead Allen gets drilled on a run play (is that where he hurt his hand). 

JUST QB SNEAK. If he is stuffed, it's still at least on the one 🤬

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2 minutes ago, BaaadThingsMan said:

Tough one in the heat. Gotta put it away and move on.


The fish may think they won the superbowl but this Bills team has real plans for that this season. 


This won't matter in the long run. 

Are you kidding? They’ll be talking about this one in 2050 like they still talk about the Monday Night game against the ‘85 Bears.

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1 minute ago, Iverwig said:

Probably not, but it gives yo a chance for a play near the sideline with time still on the clock. Doesn’t matter as the Bills had plenty of mistakes today which cost them. It should not have even come down t that play anyway. 

Yeah true


Still think McKenzie's first thought was get yards and out of bounds, when in Hindsight it should have been yards and get down. Would have gotten a spike off

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This ain't the Jags game from last year.  Just a hard-fought division battle, against a good team at their place, in tough conditions.  And that team was desperate to finally beat the Bills.


This game represents nothing to me aside from a loss. Hopefully most of the injuries are short term.  


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4 minutes ago, RichRiderBills said:

Tua being let back in the game is a huge head scratcher. He was visibly incoherent w altered motor skills on the field. That is a mandatory deadline . 

Wouldn’t be surprised to see him miss next week with some sort of vague “UBI”

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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