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Jordan Poyer elbow injury


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Just now, Malazan said:

Personally, based on my examinations and research, I think it's his knee. 


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1 hour ago, BuffaninSarasota said:

of course, that would be my recommendation to reduce the risk of septic shock, hangnails, and excessive jock itch


otherwise he may not make it back at all .... 


my brother in Christ, you always think ahead!  Please proceed. 

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2 hours ago, Back2Buff said:

The older you get, the easier it is to get injured.  Injuries can happen to anyone, but there is a higher probability the older you get.  The body is not made to last forever.

That is where the TBHGH, comes in.

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Posted (edited)
6 minutes ago, Steel City Mafia said:


Whew! Fortunately he’s one guy who does not need preseason. Been in this same defense for 6 years now 


will get needed reps for Jaquan and Hamlin 

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