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  1. Hes having his best year. He keeps this up and he will be recognized as one of the best in the league.
  2. He was talked about back before camp. He hasnt fell off like most on here are saying. He still played solid last 2 years in indy just not probowl level. Can use a good solid CB right now. Go Bills! https://billswire.usatoday.com/2022/07/01/pro-football-focus-buffalo-bills-xavier-rhodes-kaiir-elam/
  3. No one likes to beat a dead horse. Im good with going undefeated the rest of season...
  4. He was on punch drunk legs. No doubt about it. Can see his head bounce off the ground. Equilibrium was *****. Fine the cheats.
  5. A guy with 2 very fast wrs. Next week cant throw for over 200 against bills backups...
  6. Milano is for sure a ho. Dont let him near any daughters! 😁
  7. With our secondary so banged up, sure glad we are playing against a RB this week... 🤪
  8. running the ball, 100%. Catching the ball, he was our leading receiver so id say he did pretty good there...
  9. Some things are bigger than football. Life definitely tops that list. When you are talking neck injuries, is it really worth it anymore? I hope he returns, but if he decides his health is more important and a retirement, you cant blame the guy. Get well Hyde!
  10. But then you would have manscaping issues, trying to figure out how to shave your sweater off. 😁Im just fine with my 4 chest hairs and childs beard. Im 39 but still look like im in my 20s 😎
  11. Its a thing now. These punk ass kids love to do things to piss people off and get a reaction out of them. Its all over tiktok now. Unless security is telling them to sit down, they are likely to stand and wait for someone to yell at them and get pure enjoyment out of it. Along with the ridiculous ticket prices, its just another reason to stay home these days. No ignorant pricks are in my living room. 😁
  12. I was asked to spin around for the hiring manager(a really weird dude) for my first Technology job out of college. Damn right i did that ***** and got the job too! Some situations you just gotta work it. 😁
  13. I was a huge Edmunds hater last year and previous. He never attacked the ball and it drove me nuts. He has been playing down hill this year and really flying to the ball and filling holes. Hes always been long and able to cover a huge area of the zone. Is he finally a complete player year 5!? I like what i see and want to see more of it. Go Bills!
  14. That was an all pro level play right there that not many CBs can make let alone rookie CBs. This kid is well ahead of the curve. Hes going to be a good 1!
  15. Bruh, I havn't washed my Miller jersey since i wore it week one. I will not as long as they keep winning. Yes, in my head it does effect the outcome of the game. Bills Mafia has issues like this.... 😁
  16. Yeah, I was bored out of my mind in English class. Reading and writing did not interest me one bit. I do love me some humor though. Some of these are quite hilarious. lol
  17. I have Evans in fantasy. Hoping he doesnt face suspension for that!
  18. Into the middle with a stacked box too. Did they forget they are down this game? like wtf...
  19. AMD GPUs have come a long way. The 6000 series have gone toe to toe with nvidia across the board. Im still running the older 5000 series, a 5700 flashed to xt and overlocked and can run all the games i play at max settings 1440p.
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