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  1. good lord. May have to add tbd to my late night browsing selection
  2. In the winter a lot of guys where the ski mask head covers anyways. not sure why they wouldn't just wear those.
  3. lol, no everyone is just blasting him all over the internet and unfollowing him. His own teammates. Ill leave the second part alone as ive already stated the issue on that a couple times now.
  4. Yes they associate it with disrespecting the flag because of when its occurring, not just because they took a knee. And you second point there kinda points to the fact that they were trying to disrespect the flag? I do remember Kap making some comments that he cant stand for a flag that stands for him having no rights. By definition that would be purposely disrespecting the flag and people would have the right to then associate just the kneeling part with disrespecting the flag. I see past the bs and see the cause. We need to put more emphasis on that. Flags aside, i think everyone can agree there are issues to be sorted out. 1 cop killing 1 black man is not that issue. The deaths across the board are the issue, and i wish i would see more of these protests everytime a black man is killed. Everytime a white man is killed. Everytime anyone is killed. The violence needs to stop. Gangs need to stop. Meaningless killings need to stop. I hope a day will come where people are not looked at as color and just as people. It takes everyone to forget color not just cops/whites. Lets just all come together and march saying i don't see color. Then anyone against that protest you could then call a racist. Then deal with the divide. Not sure how else to put it.
  5. That was never the point. Everyone knows why they are kneeling and its meaning. Some just took offense that they chose to do it in a time that most Americans take pride in which is our flag. Do the kneel at the coin flip, or at kick off or any other time during the game. The national anthem should have been off limits. Players should have noticed and made this adjustment. Good Message, just bad delivery.
  6. Its more his 10yard split time teams were concerned about which relates to explosiveness off the line. But thats not his game. He reminds me more of an old school DE. 6-5 275lbs that uses strength and pass rush moves to get to QB. Execs are so in love with the quick first step guys that can fly in off the edge, but what you miss with a lot of those guys (that Epenesa will bring) is run stopping ability and containment on the edge. For a guy that timed so slow I cant seem to remember any coach trying to attack his side thinking the rb could just run right past him. The guy is a monster and swallowed teams up all year. And from what all his coaches are saying, hes still pretty raw and is only going to get better with more playing time and NFL coaching. Go Bills!
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