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  1. Not being "the guy" and having to transfer for playing time for sure has to humble a kid. Was best thing for this kids career. Now he is "the guy" but from hard work and dedication. Hes going to be a good one. No way Cinci doesn't take him.
  2. I've only seen Clyd Edwards-Helaire play a handful of times this year, but every time he looked really really good. Curious why hes viewed so low. Prob his size? Dude was legit steam rolling DBs in the Natty though.
  3. For all we know the university could have had them sent there. The NCAA doesnt hesitate to flag violations and take wins away from teams these days. One joint or an ounce of alcohol reported and sanctions would be flying everywhere. If i was LSU id have some sort of law presence there to keep the peace, but it prob wouldnt be that old dude thats for sure.. lol
  4. 😂. Well i know its a football thing, but cant go around slapping asses at will I guess.. lol
  5. Yeah, this doesn't sound like hazing, sounds like sexual assault to me. Is this really what kids do these days? Some weird *****. Can't ever say I've had the urge to put my genitals on another man, especially against his will.. lol
  6. Given how they have drafted the last 3 years, they will most likely go O and D first 2 picks. Probably WR and Edge in either order. WR,WR,RB would be nuts but I sure wouldn't hate it. lol
  7. That's a common mistake, so ill give him a pass after surgery and all. Now grey vs gray, that ***** will blow your mind... 😂
  8. Yup! Guy is a monster. I'm hoping the whole NFL sleeps on this guy and we can grab him with a later pick. After combine i'm sure his stock will jump up a ton though. Hes going to put up huge numbers.
  9. He got rocked early and had some issues after that. Was limping a lot. Thats a tough D to play against, but a good test on how a guy will look against NFL DBs as they produce them on a regular basis.
  10. I liked him a lot early season, but the more i've watched him this year in big games the more im scared. He disappears and his slender build also has me afraid of injuries at next level. Hes not a speed guy so needs to use his body to be physical and make contested catches, but i just cant see him out muscling a true physical cover corner.
  11. whats sick, is there are WR's missing from that top 15 that have the possibility of being #1s and will be there in later rounds. Were going to get a good one. Fingers crossed its the right good one this time around.
  12. As are most kids from broken homes. Adults that can't be adults. Set feelings for other aside and do whats right for the children.
  13. I wouldn't be worried about what Tannehill is going to do. Worry about Henry. If he rushes for close to 200 for a third game in a row, I'm going to bet odds that the titans are going to the superbowl. That's their game right now. Run the ball, bleed the clock. Keep the other O off the field while wearing down the D. Old school football that was thought to be dead, but is live and well in the championship game. If they cant run the ball, it will get ugly quick and KC will crush them.
  14. It was an honest question I asked my wife when she got home from work that night. "How many bills fans did you see with heart complications?" Im mid 30s and in pretty good shape and I'm pretty sure all my levels were elevated. I wish i could care less about these games, but being a die hard Bills fan is an addiction. lol
  15. Hes an eccentric ass dude and says stuff in such a weird way, but the man is not dumb. Someone just may need to translate his message a bit to the young players.. lol
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