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  1. The wife and I were buying our own wings and making them up for awhile. Even those doubled in price recently. Chicken wings are officially a delicacy. 😭
  2. Buffalo has so many different styles of pizza across the area. If people cant find a place to like then I have to question whether they like pizza or not all together. lol
  3. Marshawn be like, yeah! keep posting AB! People will forget about what i just did...
  4. I see this so many times. Hands in the air and not complying does not mean you are complying. lol. Just get our of the car and do what they say. If you are innocent can fight in court. Why make them drag you out of the car. I agree im glad he didnt fight any after that which I've also seen happen...
  5. yeah its been awhile. im sure they got plenty of complaints and they allowed eventually. This was about 5+ years back when they went full digital and blocked you from using just coaxial. Thought streaming tv was the way to go but they been raising prices every year since they gained control of the market. It never ends...
  6. I remember spectrum did this. Forced you to buy either a box for every room or could use a roku box to download the app and it would work. I'm guessing the roku contract said that they had to block mirror to get people to buy roku devices. I cancelled spectrum tv shortly after this.
  7. Those other guys carry the full load. Would be interesting to see if the bills finally let motor do his thing this year. Im going to bet they will still spread it around in a rotation though.
  8. He had consistent production across all 3 years. I guess 82 catches wasnt enough and is easily replaceable? Say its a money/age thing, but def not a production thing. The dude produced every year.
  9. The way people get so infatuated with other people that have different views. Can tell what side people are on by just asking what they think of Cole Beasley. Why do we allow things to divide us like this? Were stronger together. God bless the USA.
  10. They had the gameday bus like 10-15 years ago that I would always take. It was amazing to not have to deal with post game traffic. was super cheap too(a couple bucks) and didnt have to pay for parking. Miss those days.
  11. Imagine if this kid turns out to be as good as Dalvin... 😏
  12. I think hes good. Based on the angle of his arm it looks like a broken nail. A quick trim and polish and he will be as good as new.
  13. I Heard you have soak in tomato juice. Thats some deep stank.
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