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  1. He would have still been starting Trent Edwards...
  2. yeah i don't agree with firing anyone. I do kinda hope both coordinators are gone next year so we can get a bit of a refresh. McD will be fine. Hes a good couch and will learn from this. the 4th down tries i loved. hes getting some guts. just has to fine tweak some things and all will be good.
  3. So its cool we blew a lead with 13 seconds left? its unheard of in football outside of a kickoff return like music city miracle... The defensive gameplan was ***** and it should be talked about. the special teams play to not squib to kill some clock should also be discussed. This should have been a W and the bills hosting afc championship. IT doesnt mean much to casual fans i suppose, but to us die hard bleed red white and blue bills fans it means a ton. Sure we will be back for years to come but no one should be ok with this loss....
  4. Edmunds is so terrible. no clue how he still getting recognition as a probowler. zero instinct. is the softest tackler. cant pass protect. the biggest let down of our D developmental wise. hes the same player he was as a rookie that we thought would become something special...
  5. This ***** only happens to buffalo. 13 seconds. even Romo thought it was over and said such.. its crazy...
  6. Don't trust the 4D chess of Belichick. He looks so cute now, but hes up to something. Drop him off at the fire station right now!!!
  7. If I had to hear about it being Mac Jones first playoff game on Sat night i was going to throw something at the TV. haha
  8. yeah lets save this thread, Stafford looks good! oh wait we have a thread for that already... 😁
  9. For being own person? I guess in this day in age where everyone is forcing people to be the same. sure.
  10. Never did one of those dances in my life. lmao. guess before my time. Line dancing is group choreography which would make sense why everyone is doing the same thing. When i went out and danced i did my own thing, but i guess thats just me. I like to be different. Not a monkey see monkey do type.
  11. I just dont get this generation where everyone does the same dances. Like be original people! lol
  12. Pats should have no chance at winning this game. Refs will keep it close. Allen will put team on his back again. 24 - 20 Bills.
  13. at least he didnt take his clothes off and dance off the field... joking aside, we need Beasley for the playoffs. Hopefully he gets healthy and back on track. Go bills!
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