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  1. He played college ball at ND in indiana. Not like he played at miami beach. Thats weird. lol
  2. Why does he carry it so funny though? is it because he has short arms? high and tight and the other should be underneath, not across.
  3. These guys are professionals. They should know how to block without grabbing a guy. If they do, should be flagged. Same with secondary. Im not a fan of the if they do it all game eventually the flags stop flying. Ruins the game. Use proper technique or get flagged.
  4. anyone have a video of the singletary play?
  5. Damn, back injuries sure can linger for awhile...
  6. For sure a downgrade from Beez. Even lil Dirty. Need a slot guy with hands in a bad way.
  7. Hes having his best year. He keeps this up and he will be recognized as one of the best in the league.
  8. He was talked about back before camp. He hasnt fell off like most on here are saying. He still played solid last 2 years in indy just not probowl level. Can use a good solid CB right now. Go Bills! https://billswire.usatoday.com/2022/07/01/pro-football-focus-buffalo-bills-xavier-rhodes-kaiir-elam/
  9. No one likes to beat a dead horse. Im good with going undefeated the rest of season...
  10. He was on punch drunk legs. No doubt about it. Can see his head bounce off the ground. Equilibrium was *****. Fine the cheats.
  11. A guy with 2 very fast wrs. Next week cant throw for over 200 against bills backups...
  12. Milano is for sure a ho. Dont let him near any daughters! 😁
  13. With our secondary so banged up, sure glad we are playing against a RB this week... 🤪
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