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  1. IDK. Average bull is 5ft tall. Anthony Barr is 6'5. And Allen cleared him in full football equipment not in his gym shorts. Both were looking to kill the runner.
  2. lol, Yeah i drink dark beers all year round. Most people think Im crazy. Ive had the Big Ditch make you wanna stout and it is OK. Nothing to scream home about. Now the Southern Tier Nitro s'mores I just tried recently is hands down the best stout I've tasted in a long long time. Everyones taste is different though.
  3. Just as I thought, even after being tased and cuffed still took 5 cops to get him in car. And love his "I'm getting rich off this *****" comment. That's the mentality that really hurts the whole system. Guys really getting mistreated and beat down out there, and this idiot is going to claim he was one of them. Unfortunate.
  4. Are you watching the same video? He sat after they wrestled and he fell to the ground. Then the officer said get on your stomach like 5 times. This was so he could cuff him. He would not comply and this was already after he was already violent in the aisle. He prob could have just kept taser on him until other officer arrived, but either way there was going to be another struggle to get this big boy in a squad car. This vid also stands for a good example of why cops don't use the taser against violent criminals(especially giants like this dude), as it had practically no effect. If he had a knife or any object to attack officer with the officer would have been dead.
  5. We are further along then many other countries in the world, but Its just human nature to see differences. Hard to bring everyone together with so many different beliefs. Agreeing to disagree and letting everyone just be themselves(only in a non violent way) is prob the only way to all exist peacefully. Love not Hate people!
  6. Weird to see Edmunds over Allen. Both are going to be studs this year though! Go Bills! edit: NM, i totally misread this article.. 😂 Thought it was ranking by sales or something, like most popular jerseys over all not who was best wearing that said number.. Please ignore me... lol
  7. I read some comments and some are saying its Matt Milano.
  8. Ahh, you may be right there. I would have liked to see them draft a backup plan, or a tleast bring in a FA for some competition. They still have some cap space, so may see them bring someone in late camp if Murphy isn't looking so good. Word on the street is that he looks great though. Depth still would be nice to add too either way.. Hughes is getting 11mil and he is only a 6 sack a year guy right now. More to DE then just getting sacks. Trent will set the edge and force a lot of stuff inside to our new flashy toy. All will be well.
  9. Reminds me that I need some white tees. Them ***** are soooo expensive lately 😭
  10. Sweet! I made a massive donation then too! $50 to sponsor my buddy in the 11 day power play to fight cancer event next month! http://www.11daypowerplay.com/
  11. I haven't bought a current player Jersey in a long while. I've also only been buying the legends(Kelly, Reed, Thomas and Smith). But I am all in on Allen too. Bought two, one for my dad and one for myself. Will be rocking them at camp next month. Go Bills!🍻
  12. 6 years 100 million. Now that was all the eggs in the Williams basket. 3 years 21 million is like a couple peeps in the Murphy basket👯‍♀️. If he has a good year that will be a good discount. If not, no one will remember or even care about the signing/contract after next year...
  13. I was just going to post this. I remember going to this game with my dad and how happy everyone was. No clue how they still beat us twice and won 11 games that year. Karma I guess.. 😂
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