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  1. Its a ridiculous narrative some are trying to drum up, to justify how this great player can snap and really not be that insane..
  2. There was no kicking motion. it was a push off with the foot to get a 270lb guy off of him. And ive played sports long enough to know you wear a cup. if he got wailed in the nuts forcefully he would have been on the ground instantly. lol get real.
  3. Rudolph did enough in this event to get a 15 yard pentalty. But some of you thought he would get a suspension? Anytime a couple guys tussle we want them suspended now!? You throw punches and hit people with helmets, you deserve to be out. NFL is correct with the suspensions so far.
  4. Are you serious? The scrum that took place in beginning is something we have seen a million times in nfl games. What we saw at the end is something we have never seen before in sports. Lets come back to reality would you....
  5. ESPN just had a segment on this. Max was defending Myles like no tomorrow, and pointing more fault at rudolph. Surprisingly, Stephen A. wasnt buying the "seeing red" excuse and saying Myles is responsible for his own actions. To me I see this as a guy gets rough with GF, she doesnt like it and slaps him back, then he turns around and knocks her out. Who is at fault!? Sex aside, even though it does fit here as rudolph would be Myles B word, the Guy 100% end of story.
  6. If he threw an open hand punch or something along those lines I would agree with this, but he did something you usually would only joke about happening in a game because you would think no one in their right mind would be that insane to do this. Like Adam Sandler happy gilmore scene where he said During high school, I played junior hockey and still hold two league records: most time spent in the penalty box; and I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody. Its funny because its so outrageous that it would ever happen in real life. Well we just witnessed that level type *****. Well maybe it was a bad example since most people dont find Adam Sandler funny at all.. lol
  7. If thats the case, someone rip off Tom Bradys helmet right now.. jk jk...
  8. Rudolph was an unarmed man. Isnt there a group of people taking knees for this type of behavior? 😁
  9. In the age of player safety, you have a player rip off another players helmet and then bash him in the head with it. This isnt even a small db, this is one of the largest men in NFL that had the strength to put up 33 reps at the combine. He could have killed him if it hit in the wrong spot. He should be done for the year and have to go in front of a committee panel next year to see if he even plays at all next year and repeat for every year after. Just crazy...
  10. Elementary school type *****. Putting your name on the board for misbehaving. I love the jets being the jets.. 😎
  11. Im going to stay away from this thread. The comments section of that yahoo article say it all. 😎
  12. Exactly. The issue escalates further when referees make different calls on the same play(was a fumble last year when bills did this same play and the ball was dropped.) When you watch it in slow motion you can not see if the ball went fw or not, and the call on the field was fumble, so there was not conclusive evidence to over turn the call. Should have stayed a fumble. I get that the design of the play is to be a shovel pass, which mean the ball is tossed forward to the man in motion, but in this case it was not..
  13. I saw quite a few bills fans scattered around on the telecast, but not sure if was enough to make that much noise. Im just guessing its the novice fans not used to winning. Noticed the same at new era a few times where we were over excited and wanted to cheer, but dont know we are supposed to be quiet when were on O.. lol
  14. A forward pass has to travel forward. A dropped ball in front of you that someone runs by and grabs out of air is a hand off, but the NFL is a funny place with its rules. The shovel pass is a forward pass. This new age jet sweep is also if the qb actually pushes it fw to them. I don't think this one was, or was the one Allen had last year(which was ruled as a fumble), but, agree to disagree.
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