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  1. The kid looked good in camp/preseason here too. I don't know what it is, but he brings the worst game day luck with him that I can ever remember of any professional athlete of all time in any sport. What did this kid do to get where he is today. Football gods have it out for him.. 😂
  2. These reviews will still be at the discretion of the Refs on field that didn't make the call in the first place. Odds are the call goes against the bills either way. Just the way its been for as long as I can remember. At least no review left us thinking, hey maybe he just didn't see it. Now we know for sure when we are getting screwed or not and I think it hurts more! 😭. Reviews need to be moved to a centralized headquarters where a team of Refs have access to the same reviews we see on a big 70"+ screen that way nothing can be missed. Take the pressure off the Refs that are on field and afraid to make the right call or can't see the right call looking at a 13" monitor at field level where everyone in the stadium can see it plain as daylight on the big screen...
  3. Didn't Zay try that? I heard he got a brain freeze and walked straight into a glass window..
  4. I'll take another one of those Gronk Bombs to go please!
  5. Wow, thanks for the post! Really good read/breakdown. Has me excited for this kid. Hope he develops and can slot him in for the future when Lorax hangs them up(maybe sooner if he takes off??). I loved that clip of Milano on Gronk too. The pop at the line of scrimmage then the closing speed on the out route. This is going to be a nasty D again this year. Can't wait for camp!!!
  6. Always makes you think, How long has he been on these PEDs and never been caught til now? Same with Edelman. Screw these cheats. Wouldn't want either on my team...
  7. I don't get what else people expected here. They had 6 episodes to rap up a wide open series that was all over the place at times. Another season(Heck even 2 more) would have allowed them to go into more details and not seem so rushed. Would have been better for everyone. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. ***** Tom Brady, his reign ends this year! Go Bills!!
  8. 3 guys with eyes on him on 3rd and short will not be out of the norm. Obviously they aren't all going to run over to him in man, but you can bet there will be a lb on the lookout underneath and safety help up close to try and take him away in addition to the main cover guy if hes on fire. This is usually when Gronk goes over the middle uncovered and we are sitting there like wtf! how does that happen! Welker/Edelman are usually that reason..
  9. If they use him in a Welker/Edelman role, I think he will be a pain in every teams ass just like those two. A guy that is practically uncoverable on 3rd and short is a nightmare for defensive coordinators. And when they start double/triple teaming his routes, we have Brown and Foster over the top for TDs! Should be fun!
  10. ahhh, the good ol' days.. lol
  11. With the powers of Pancho we beat the pants of those patsies!
  12. Hmm, i do not remember this, but i was born in 83, so wasn't drinking much beer back then.. 😂 I remember the mini kegs I used to get from tops though. Had a friend that looked like he was 30 and would always buy them when we were teenagers..
  13. I enjoy the homerism in my broadcasters while watching the game. Who wants to watch a game with someone who doesn't love the team like you do? I'm a ND football fan too and watching the broadcast with Doug Flutie who seemed to despise ND in some of his comments made during the season were cringe worthy, especially when they were on the way to College football playoff.. I'll take Tasker over that any day personally..
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