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Rd 5, Pick 148 (5): WR Khalil Shakir, Boise St


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The Bills were pretty lucky to get a WR of this caliber at #148...I'm not sure why he fell other than the inability for teams to pinpoint how they will use him. But I also think that's what makes him a real cool prospect.


Throughout the process this year I looked at SO many WR's. Like too many...I felt this was the Bills second greatest need...And I don't know if it's just the #2 or what, but Shakir reminds me of Robert Woods. The first play I saw I thought of Woods. Shakir is a little shorter (about a half an inch), but faster than Woods, and he just reminds me of that kind of tool...He's a competitor, and he is fast...He and Cook are going to bring some nice needed speed...This Offense is going to be insane.


Though I don't think he's the exact fit to replace Smoke/Sanders as an outside guy, I do think he can play a bit out there...Eventually though he'll be a very cool slot weapon...


Real good pick...Process guy...Very good...B-)

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4 hours ago, HappyDays said:

I bet if we had drafted Shakir in the 3rd round and Bernard in the 5th round the consensus opinion on this board would be more positive.


Probably. Per ESPN Pre-Draft Scoring :


Bernard: Grade - 62 / OVR Rank - 145

Shakir:    Grade - 71 / OVR Rank - 102


So yeah, before the draft Shakir was definitely considered an overall better talent & graded as 3rd round type of prospect. Bernard was viewed as a later round pick. Fans would've likely been ok not knowing who a 5th round player even was 😅

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3 hours ago, Logic said:

The Bills offense appears to be leaning into the "position-less offensive players" movement.

I think that's McDermott's model.  I think that's who Bernard is, too.  Forget what you call the player's position.   Just get really good football players and put them on the field.   


Speed, height, and versatility.  

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