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Rd 3, Pick 89 (25): LB Terrell Bernard, Baylor

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1 minute ago, gonzo1105 said:


The only thing I can think of is Bernard and Cross were looked at for the same position. More for a big nickel TE stopper than a traditional LB or Safety. Might have just preferred Bernard over Cross and others.

This.  He will end up safety. 

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2 minutes ago, What a Tuel said:


yeah somehow i sat on the remote and switched to that instead of nfl network and realized it after they were like "and bills picked bernard, moving on to the raiders" with literally nothing on the guy.

Nothing to say. They probably didn’t have any highlights for him since he was a 5th/6th round prospect.  

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Scouts rave about his leadership and character.

Never-quit attitude despite adversity.

Film junkie who rang up 100-plus tackles in 2019 and 2021.

Rapid read and response against play-action.

On a continuous quest to go get the football.

Loose and fluid in pursuit and change of direction.

Bends and flattens off the corner as a blitzer.

Speed to cover man targets underneath.


Slender frame might be maxed out.

Gets caught up too easily in the clutter.

Engulfed by size if he's not proactive.

Struggles to fit and hold a gap.

Knocked off-balance by redirect blocks.

Loses pursuit leverage, allowing back to cross his face.

Angles to runner leave little margin for error as tackler.

Average coverage recognition.

Has had foot, shoulder and knee injuries at Baylor.

Sources Tell Us

"If you don't like Bernard, then you don't like smart team leaders who can run. It's that simple." -- Scout for NFC team.


I don't have any input, I'm lost.

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Dude certainly checks a lot of the boxes for them, experience, character, leadership, productive, etc. It doesn’t appear to be the most popular pick but I’m gonna wait and see how they utilize the guy and how they coach him up and all that. Again, BBB gets the benefit of the doubt from me, way more hits than misses. It ain’t exactly the Cadillac of prospect groups for this year either so…

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4 minutes ago, First Round Bust said:

tends to see the ball through a straw 

So - straw eyes?

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Even Kiper couldn't really find anything good to say. Likes his height. I guess this another "Trust Beans" pick? I guess he can always work contraction on the new stadium. This guy wasn't even listed in ANY of the "Best remaining" LB's on the ESPN website. His name isn't mentioned anywhere.    

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1 minute ago, Ethan in Portland said:

Tre was a consensus 1st rounder.  This guy is an undersized LB that will be lucky to replace Matakevich. 

i had a lot of players I would have preferred too. I was not a fan of the Tre White pick either. McDermott trusts Aranda’s opinion and so they must see something bigger down the line for him


though I am still disappointed we haven’t gotten more offensive help for Josh

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