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  1. I remember this game like it was yesterday. I was three days shy of my 10th birthday and we were visiting my Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill for the day at their place in Lancaster (we were living on Grand Island at the time). The adults were off doing something and I was in the living room nervously listening to the game on the radio with my little brother. Back then we normally only saw the Bills seven times when they were on the road and listened on the radio for the other seven when they were at home because of the blackout rules back then. I can still recall pacing and hoping & praying that John Leypoldt would make that kick for the lead. Needless to say, we were elated at the result. Ah, the innocent, joyous memories of youth. Thanks for sharing. I always liked Roman Gabriel. As a kid, I thought his name was cool. RIP.
  2. I have never been to Europe either and have always wanted to go to Italy, as has my wife. My family is from Sicily and hers is from the Calabria region. She promised her grandmother that they would make it to Italy one day but, unfortunately, that never materialized before her Nonna passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 98. We are partly going to honor her memory. Sadly, we won't make it to the southern part of the country from where are ancestors came. We will be in Rome, Florence, & Venice with a day in Tuscany. Looking forward to seeing the Vatican and the "touristy" things in Rome and then the slower pace and beauty of the other areas we'll experience. 😎🍷
  3. @SinceThe70s @Another Fan Safe travels, Gug. I leave for Italy in about four weeks (family vacation). Something that I didn't expect but found myself pleasantly surprised by is the fact that I find this team very likable. There are a few 'name' core players like Pete, Lindor, Nimmo, & Diaz...who always play with passion...along with some kids trying to make their way and some 'no names' trying to make a name for themselves. They are an easy team to root for day in and day out. I really like Tyrone Taylor. Also, Butto and Garrett have been fun to watch pitch. Mendoza looks like he knows what he's doing and may be the one to finally push the right buttons. Kudos to David Stearns, as well. He was known for putting together good bullpens in Milwaukee and so far, in this small sample size of a season, it looks like he may have done it in Queens, too. LGM!
  4. Of the current options in the poll, Suamataia represents the best value, IMO. I would have voted Hall, were he a 1-technique, but he's more of a 3 or 5. I would not take a safety here at all.
  5. NFL Mock Draft Database Simulator: Trade Recap: Buffalo Receives: 2024: Round 1, Pick 30 2024: Round 3, Pick 93 Baltimore Receives: 2024: Round 1, Pick 28 2024: Round 5, Pick 163 Buffalo Receives: 2024: Round 2, Pick 63 2024: Round 4, Pick 124 2024: Round 5, Pick 135 San Francisco Receives: 2024: Round 2, Pick 60 Buffalo Receives: 2024: Round 5, Pick 136 2024: Round 5, Pick 147 Denver Receives: 2024: Round 4, Pick 133 Buffalo Receives: 2025: Round 4 2025: Round 5 2025: Round 7 2025: Round 7 Detroit Receives: 2024: Round 5, Pick 136 Buffalo Receives: 2024: Round 5, Pick 161 2025: Round 6 Philadelphia Receives: 2024: Round 5, Pick 160 Buffalo Receives: 2024: Round 5, Pick 167 2025: Round 5 2025: Round 7 2025: Round 7 Minnesota Receives: 2024: Round 5, Pick 161
  6. I got here too late to vote but would have voted for Franklin. I want nothing to do with Coleman and will be disappointed if the Bills take him with their first pick whether that's the first round or the second. He can't separate and is just a high-point specialist with average speed. He's not the WR that this offense needs.
  7. @Another Fan I was sad when I heard the news of Pat Zachary's passing. As a 13 year old, I was devastated when the Mets dealt Tom Seaver to the Reds but I always liked Pat. He, along with Lee Mazzilli, were two of the few bright spots of those late 1970s/early 1980s Mets teams. I remember that game when PZ came back to the dugout and broke his toe in a fit of anger. So 'Metsy'. lol BTW, to this day, Seaver and Mazzilli are still my two favorite Mets of all-time. Maz was a NYC native and 'matinee idol' and I identified with him as a fellow Italian. He was the shiz back in the day. I think we all agree that they were going to find a way to blow that game, especially since Atlanta's ballpark has been a complete house of horrors for them over the years. It was nice to see them win that and then the following night they showed a lot of resolve, IMO, after getting down 6-0 and rallying to 6-5 in the 9th with a chance to either tie or win it but falling just short. I thought they were dead in the water at 6-0. Then they took the rubber game, 16-4, with Tyrone Taylor capping the festivities with a granny off of Luis Guillorme (weird seeing him in a non-Mets uni). That was only the third time in their history that they defeated Atlanta by at least 12 runs. If nothing else, it looks like they will be scrappy and be in a majority of games depending on the injury situation and how the pitching holds up. Nimmo and some of the others are finally working their way out of some early season funks and Baty looks like he's taken a nice step forward. I'm still a little concerned about yet another Lindor slow start. He needs to get it together soon. These yearly slow starts are annoying from such a highly paid core player. He was a large factor in last year getting off on the wrong foot and they never recovered from that coupled with the Scherzer & Verlander debacles. One other thing that concerns me is the inability of the pitchers to keep runners close. They are putting the catchers in an impossible situation and the opposition is stealing them blind. Last time I checked, they were a combined 0-21 in throwing out basestealers. That has got to change or they are in trouble. Clean it up, boys. LGM!
  8. Checked out may have been the wrong choice of words because I was back watching the fourth game in its entirety like I knew I would; however, it just pissed me off even more to see them lose yet another game due to offensive ineptitude after Manaea gave them six scoreless, one-hit innings. I guess I'll rephrase and say that although I'll watch, it will be to see if there is any development from the youngsters or call-ups of some of the pitching prospects. For the first time in a while, I am convinced less than a week into a season that they will not even compete for a Wild Card spot. It's destined to be another lost season while Atlanta and Philly keep on keepin' on.
  9. Why is it just now dawning on me after all these years that John Murphy was the actual model for the Quaker Oats logo? 🤔
  10. Wow, 35. Hard to fathom. RIP, Vontae. May your family find peace and comfort.
  11. I'm already checked out three games into the season. The only things worth watching for me at this point are Alvarez and Diaz. The starting pitching staff is as bad as always. Too many deep counts and baserunners stealing them blind. Rinse & repeat. I'm fully expecting them to be out of it by the trading deadline and dealing Alonso and then attempting to pay Bor-ASS' ransom to re-sign him in the off-season. They've lost 9 of their last 10 to the average to slightly above average Brewers. Good times. LGM?
  12. Imagine him in a defensive backfield with Rachad Wildgoose...
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