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  1. ExWNYer

    Will Shady restructure?

    They have plenty of cap room. Take the full hit this year and let him walk after the season.
  2. Justin Verlander is "reportedly" pissed.
  3. Bennifer, Kimye, McBeane...help me get these stupid kids off of my lawn!
  4. You and me both. It's ridiculously annoying.
  5. That's due to all of the Twatters.
  6. ExWNYer

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    I'm sure they will...if they draft him. 😉
  7. Gettleman will awaken from his 3:00 PM food coma on draft day and promptly trade up for Josh Jacobs because, well, you just can't have too many quality RBs...
  8. I lived thru '0 for the '70s'...every...painful...loss. It is still as fresh in my mind today as it was then. I will never, EVER, feel sorry for those rat bastards and their three 'fans'. Now, you kids, get off my lawn...
  9. FWIW, Chris Brown said today that the Pats* have "expressed interest" in Tate but a scheduled visit hasn't been reported/confirmed yet.
  10. ExWNYer

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    Per Chris Brown a few minutes ago, Ziggy is still visiting with the Bills but he has no word on whether Ansah will sign.He did confirm that he has not left so there appears to be mutual interest on both sides.
  11. I'll believe it when they drive a wooden stake thru the cold, black hearts of Brady, Belichick, & Kraft and pry the Lombardi trophies from their cold, dead hands...or from the massage parlor or wherever the hell they are storing them.
  12. ExWNYer

    Barr to Jets