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  1. Why would the Bills be interested in a retired NBA guard?
  2. So the Bills will have one more team Captain...
  3. This is what has been (and is) showing on my guide, as well. I set the DVR a couple of days ago to record channel 212-1 on Thursday. My son noticed it first and told me about it...that was the first time we had noticed the addition of 212-1. We have watched several of our Mets games on MLB alternate 213-1 so we just assumed that 212-1 was added for preseason games. If so, that's great.
  4. Pegs: "Brandon...what's our TE situation? Jason...if we cut Croom, do you have anyone willing to date my daughter?"
  5. Wow. Just sad. RIP, Don.
  6. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/170800c1-94b8-4085-bc17-01c971361ec9
  7. I don't feel like it...it was said tongue-in-cheek. Glad you did the research though. Lighten up, Francis.
  8. Well, that didn't take very long. Richie gonna Richie...
  9. Maybe he can lend the Bills his knife... Ted Bundy and Charles Manson were considered 'super charismatic' by a lot of people, too. They all were/are reprehensible sub-human beings.
  10. Berman, Ley, Mees, Patrick, Olbermann...when it started during the dawn of cable TV, 'Sports Center' was must watch TV for the sports junkie. I remember 'Rodeo from Mesquite, Texas' being on almost non-stop due to the lack of live sporting events. I even loved watching 'The Americas Cup' back in the day. Sadly, ESPN has become unwatchable aside from a few programs like '30 For 30' and live sporting events. I honestly forget it's even on my DirecTV package unless there is a live NFL game, Mets game, or college basketball game airing.Time and technology marches onward and the original, innovative ESPN gets further and further away in the rear view mirror. Love her or hate her, I guess that leaves Linda Cohn as the reigning queen of the old guard. Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Ley.
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