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  1. Nice job. Very realistic. Feels exactly like an unnecessary Gettleman 'luxury' pick.
  2. Of course they can. I'm sure the bears would have no problem eating some beaver, as well. Wait...what? Never mind. Is it hot in here?
  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. Grab a quart of Ben & Jerry's, then settle in and binge some 'Dallas' and 'Step by Step' to pass the time. 😉
  4. I'll bet that Intercourse, PA is a much more fun town. It's even in the township of Leacock. 😇
  5. Welcome to the pandemic draft and the lack of a true combine.
  6. I think at the time a lot of people agreed that Jackson was a bit of a reach. Maybe more than a bit. I was glad to hear his name called when Miami picked.
  7. Thanks for sharing. That info is helpful. I have a scheduled checkup with my doc this afternoon and part of it was presumably the second shingles vax since it's been four months. One of my questions to him was going to be about re-scheduling/postponing that one since since I had Pfizer 1.0 on 3/31 and should be hearing about Pfizer 2.0 next Wednesday. I did not time that well at all. Like you, I'm more worried about the reaction to my next shingles shot. Hopefully, it turns out to be nothing. Good luck to you on Monday and with that lingering arm pain.
  8. That's what I did, as well. I had originally selected Terrace Marshall but he wasn't going to sniff the finish line and then was removed. I selected Ossai as the 'anti-Etienne' but I threw up a little in my mouth afterwards.
  9. Too bad he couldn't take Fred and Jeff Coupon with him...
  10. I agree. My comment was more an observation that people seem to be having a more adverse reaction to the second dose than to the first, not that said reaction was specific to women. She just happened to have talked to women. Sorry if that was ambiguous.
  11. I agree completely, Hap. I cannot stand Thursday Night Football and wish it had never come about but the almighty dollar rules. As to the OP's question, I'll say 'no' because one less preseason game means a reduction in 'too much of a bad thing'.
  12. My wife has talked with several people she knows (women) and all have said that the second dose was much worse than the first and they felt 'flu-like' for 24-36 hours. I know that is a very small sample size and I'm not sure which vaccine(s) they received. I received my first shot on March 31st (Pfizer) and had no side effects other than a sore arm for a little less than a day. When I got my first shingles shot, my damn arm was sore for a week. The worst I have ever had from a flu shot was a day or two. I'm supposed to be receiving an e-mail on April 21st for my second Pfizer dose
  13. Honestly, if this 'Final Four' is there at 30 in the actual NFL draft, I hope that somebody is willing to come up for one of them at the cost of a slight trade back into the 2nd Round by the Bills. Pick up capital in the 2nd and/or 3rd Round this year to either add the flexibility to move around/target specific players of need this year or flip for future draft assets. We'll see if Beane sticks to his perceived m.o. of 'never trading back' or if that is a false narrative now that the Bills are an established contender.
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