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  1. McKenzie is the #3 WR on this team at best. Diontae Johnson is the #1 in Pittsburgh. Apples to oranges.
  2. Yeah, I can't remember if Mel himself said it or if I heard it on a radio show/podcast or read it somewhere but I do remember someone pointing out that Baker Mayfield had taken something like 10,000 more reps than Josh prior to their pro careers. Mayfield was afforded far greater opportunity to hone his muscle memory and refine his game for the NFL. Josh was a giant piece of valuable clay waiting to be molded into a work of art.
  3. I was wondering when someone would chime in with a reference to the Kim Pegula thread. Nicely played.
  4. I think a lot depends on whether or not the kicking nets at the stadium are still single and available...
  5. Another great memory from 1983. The Bills' first victory at the Orange Bowl in Miami since 1966. A 38-35 OT thriller, Ferguson vs Marino (Marino's 1st NFL game as a starter). I was in college and working at a retail store and kept sneaking away to call my younger brother who was home watching it on local TV. It was rare for us to get a Bills game in Richmond back then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvvPtthImGk
  6. Now, all of the players seem to toss the ball into the crowd after the third out is made each inning. I see Brandon Nimmo do it several times during a Mets game.
  7. "Simmons will wear No. 61." FTFY, buffalobills.com: "Simmons will wear No. 61...until he's cut." https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-sign-offensive-lineman-jordan-simmons
  8. "I'll teach you to not cheat on me, you SOB!"
  9. No, it was Fergy. They changed to the red helmets starting with the 1984 season. Kelly did not sign with the Bills until 1986. "1984: The Bills announced that they would switch from white helmets to red ones. While the color changed, the charging blue Buffalo remained the same. Supposedly, the color change was meant to help quarterback Joe Ferguson distinguish his receivers from the defensive backs of the Patriots, Dolphins, and Colts, teams that all wore white helmets." https://www.buffalobills.com/news/a-look-back-at-bills-uniform-changes-16272466
  10. Yeah, some of these teams are just trying too hard and whiffing. I hope the Bills don't do anything asinine.
  11. My older son just graduated from Virginia Tech. I think they were ranked #3 when he got there and were consistently ranked in the top 3. I see from your link that they are #2 for 2022. I can vouch that there were a lot of options and the food was legit very good.
  12. Tried to get four for that session until the website 'Rosened' and shut me out. Heading to Jamestown next week to visit relatives and was hoping to get to SJF on 8/1. Oh, well...
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