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  1. He won't. He makes his home in Arizona and takes his family back there every off season. He has mentioned Arizona during several of his segments. Can't see 'second chair' being filled remotely.
  2. Bills 31 Fish 6 Just because I have 'Bills 1' & 'Dolphins 6' in a grid pool. πŸ‘ΌπŸ˜
  3. I think it might be more apropos if Rex and Rob got an Apache motorcycle built for two...
  4. Bills play in two weeks My son and I will be there As the Fish get squished
  5. I would not give you false hope On this strange and non-mournful day But the Nathan and Zay reunion Is only a plane ride away (And, yes, EJ was in Oakland, as well)
  6. RIP, Rips. Enjoyed both of these guys. As stated up thread, I used to constantly confuse their names though I don't know why. Maybe because the name 'Torn' suited the goofy '$1.98 Beauty Show' Taylor much better. Rip Torn was comedic gold in 'The Larry Sanders Show'.
  7. Little seen photo of Jay Gruden (L) and Li'l Dummy Snyder (R) in the Redskins War Room during the Haskins pick...
  8. Is this a Joe Ferguson gif? 😘 (I kid...I was a big Fergy fan)
  9. I'm sure that Meadcoin is at least worth a lifetime supply of stromboli and wine. 😎 It was a special act and one that I'm sure he had no idea at the time would have such a meaningful impact a little kid's life. Based on your posts, I'm sure you have done something like that for more than one person in your lifetime. You are definitely a credit to this board. Kudos to you and your continual contributions.
  10. Haha! Thanks, Augie. My coin won't help me retire and holds no value other than intrinsic but its history and meaning bring a smile to my face just the same.
  11. I remember listening to the game on the radio and hearing that TD KO return right off the bat. Ugh. A very inauspicious start to open Rich Stadium. My neighbor across the street went to the game. I was only 9 and so jealous that I couldn't go. They gave out a commemorative plastic gold coin for the occasion with an image of the stadium on one side. My neighbor knew how badly I had wanted to go and gave me his coin the next day. I was so stoked. It was a very nice gesture to a little kid that I've never forgotten. I still have that coin to this day. It's one of my favorite and most cherished Bills items.
  12. It's got to be deflating for Denver to lose their Chubb...
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