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  1. I'd argue that you got that one wrong, too. Oof. 😇 Because the 5th Round is generally where he's projected to go, 4th Round at best.
  2. ...and are asking for it again this year by sticking with him. The Jest are always woefully and slowly reactive, never proactive. We'll see if Joe Douglas makes a difference in that toxic environment with a bad owner(s). FWIW, the talking heads in the NYC area are all pretty much in lockstep in saying that that the Jest are targeting whichever one of the top OL is available when they pick at #11 and not a WR. That is absolutely the right move which means that the Johnson brothers will swoop in and take the flashy toy instead of the elite offensive lineman they need in order to keep Sam Darnold from morphing into 'David Carr 2.0'.
  3. I'm less interested in Murph's take on Brady than I am in whether or not he has been able to procure any toilet paper like the rest of America. Has he said? Maybe his buddy, John Beilein, is hooking him up. It's nice to have connections.
  4. Solid depth/contributor, if (big 'if') he can stay healthy. I like it. Another short-term, low risk/high reward 'prove it' signing.
  5. More like the 2:00 AM 'booty call'...
  6. Bill, I fundamentally agree with most of what you say, I just don't take such a hard line stance regarding the selection of DBs. I generally believe in building from the inside out (offensive and defensive lines) but when a DB is the first pick I don't automatically write it off as the wrong pick. Each year and each situation is different. For example, I thought at the time (and still do) that Donte Whitner was a HORRIBLE pick at #8 in 2006. I remember thinking when the Bills were on the clock, "Haloti Ngata right here!!" ...and then Whitner was taken (ugh). Gilmore was an EXCELLENT pick at #10 in 2012. Which QB would you have taken there? Brandon Weedon?? Brock Osweiler?? They weren't getting Andrew Luck who was taken 1st overall and Russell Wilson wasn't taken until Round 3. Trading up to take WR T.J. Graham with Wilson still on the board was certainly a HORRIBLE decision but hindsight is 20/20 and very few, if any, Bills fans would argue that trading up for Graham was a good idea, regardless of whether or not Wilson was available. If there was a re-draft, he would be the #1 pick, not Luck. WRT Mahomes, it is well documented that McDermott was not comfortable taking a QB without his GM in place and was in charge of that draft, bridging the gap between Whaley and Beane. Maybe they agree on Mahomes or Watson if Beane is place but he wasn't. That's more a case of bad timing versus a "stupid" pick. Say what you want but Tre White was not a stupid pick. He is the cornerstone of the current defense and will continue to be so. Marv? I liked Marv but he certainly had his share of warts. He was a middling coach up until the time the Bills hired him and he was the beneficiary of supremely talented teams assembled by Bill Polian. He had the right temperament to manage that collection of egos but wasn't the greatest X's and O's guy, IMO. There is no doubt in my mind that he was out-coached in SB XXV but Parcells (and Belichick) got (get) the better of most coaches they faced (face). Bottom-line: Taking a DB with your first pick can't just be summarily dismissed as stupid or bad and I trust the current regime and ownership to make the correct call more often than not. Cheers.
  7. Excellent post, John, but you are barking up the wrong tree with Bill. Despite many rational and factual rebuttals over the years by various members of this board countering his DB aversion, he sticks by his "No DBs!" mantra like the proverbial 'You kids get of my lawn!' curmudgeon. I like Bill and he is a great contributor but he is unflinching in his stance despite the evolution of today's passing game. Very few QBs throw Tre White's way which makes it imperative that the Bills have a solid and cheap option opposite him in the defensive backfield. Bill may not want to bother tuning in to Day 2 of the NFL draft because there is very good probability that Buffalo takes a DB with their first selection. I would not be surprised if they tab someone like Bryce Hall from Virginia who would pair nicely with Tre in the secondary, IMO. Beane and McDermott have done an excellent job addressing the holes on their roster but the second DB spot is still a potential Achilles' heel.
  8. Yes, one year. Could they use some depth? Certainly; however, with McKenzie back in the fold, I don't see this as a pressing need for this year and it can easily be addressed either during the season, if need be, or next off-season/draft.
  9. They got their 'gadget guy' when they re-signed Isaiah McKenzie.
  10. Mr. Smith signed and personalized a copy of his book, 'The Buffalo Bills: A View Through the Lens of Robert L. Smith, 1960-1995', for me. To this day, it is still one of my most cherished pieces of Bills memorabilia.
  11. So sorry for your loss. May you find comfort and peace in the coming days, weeks, and years. God bless.
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