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  1. Dammit! Another potential revenue stream lost. There goes any chance at acquiring the second yacht.
  2. Dreams have an entirely different interpretation than what they seem in your sleep. It's as plain as the nose on your face. It means that you are a closet Tua Tagovailoa and Miami Dolphin fan. That'll be $200, please.
  3. ExWNYer


    No need to get salty!
  4. ExWNYer


    It was pretty cheesy...
  5. ExWNYer


    I'm guessing that you only skimmed this thread. Probably only read about 1%...maybe 2%.
  6. ExWNYer


    This take is cream of the crop.
  7. I'm back in the saddle againOut where a friend is a friendWhere the longhorn cattle feedOn the lowly jimsonweedBack in the saddle again
  8. How about for 'safe sex' when trying to get to 'third base'? Depends upon whether you're an optimist or a pessimist.
  9. Now that he is in NE*, it will be interesting to see if Newton is protected by the refs and the league like Brady was. He took some brutal on field hits while in Carolina where no flag was (and should have been) thrown and that Brady never would have had to endure. He should benefit with an upgraded offensive line now but, if the league continues to look the other way while defenses light him up, he may be out of the league sooner rather than later. Either way, he'll have his hands full as there are no defensive stiffs in the AFC East, unlike the NFC South.
  10. Heart and soul, I fell in love with youHeart and soul, the way a fool would do, madlyBecause you held me tightAnd stole a kiss in the night Heart and soul, I begged to be adoredLost control, and tumbled overboard, gladlyThat magic night we kissedThere in the moon mist
  11. A room full of tearsA room full of tearsRaindrops keep a-falling(Raindrops keeps a-falling)Trickling down my window pane(Trickling down my window pane)As I sit here hoping(as I sit here hoping)And that you'll come back home again(That you'll come back home again)
  12. And, eventually, the folks in the retirement home changing your diaper. 😉
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