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  1. Robert James. Ironically, a knee injury in the '70s ended his career way too soon. Tre is lucky to be playing in the era that he is or he may have suffered a similar fate.
  2. The bolded for sure. The Bills would be choice number one for me but I need a title from one of my faves. I'm also a long-suffering Sabres fan. Since their inception 1970, my teams are 0-2 in Stanley Cups, 0-4 in Super Bowls, and 1-3 in World Series. 1-9 in fifty plus years of fandom is beyond cruel. Throw in the fact that my NBA team was stolen as a kid (Buffalo Braves) and it's been a brutal run. I must have been a real POS in a former life <sigh>
  3. Thanks so much. We loved the Caymans. Had never been but would definitely go back. I agree with everything you said. I want deGrom to stay but, if he leaves, I want it to be out of the NL entirely. The Rangers, as rumored, would be fine. Anyone in the AL but the Skanks would be fine. Whatever happens, I want a sustained winner and a fun club to root for every year. Happy Thanksgiving.
  4. I was not thrilled with them calling his number on the two point conversion attempt against the Browns. The smallest guy on the field and their 5th or 6th best option there...if that. They got too cute and outsmarted themselves. Overall, he's 'meh' to me. Seems like a great locker room guy who fills a niche but is not reliable enough to be a difference maker on a consistent basis.
  5. @SinceThe70s @Gugny @Another Fan Gentlemen (and Gugs...j/k), Sorry for not responding sooner. The 15th was my 25th wedding anniversary and the Mrs. and I were in the Cayman Islands all week. We flew back Friday and were due to drive up to Jamestown to see my aunt & uncle and attend the Browns game but 'Mother Nature' had other ideas. For months, I had been lamenting that these two trips were not reversed and it turns out that I was indeed, Nostra-dumb-ass. In any event, Buck... I have no problem that he won manager of the year, even if it felt hollow to many of us Met fans. It is, after all, a regular season award and Snitker was coming off of a World Series championship (ugh) and Roberts manages the Dodgers...the modern day George Steinbrenner Yankees...so I think Buck deserved it despite the team's meltdown over the last week of the season. The Mets were 77-85 in 2021 and Buck came in and not only led them to 101 victories...the organization's most since 1988...but he also changed the culture in that clubhouse for the better, akin to what McDermott did for the Bills. Although I did not do cartwheels over the announcement, I was happy for him and it's cool that he was the first in team history to garner the honor. At least it's a real thing and not as pathetic as this... (You are a buffoon and complete jackass, Irsay) Regarding free agency, how do all of you feel about the possible pursuit of Verlander? Personally, I would rather take a chance on an iffy 34 year old deGrom, assuming he wants to be in NY, but I would be okay (not thrilled) with Verlander. He is a decent 'Plan B', IMO. It makes me nervous thinking about Scherzer & Verlander at the top of the rotation at their advanced ages. Given the history of the Mets, I have no doubt that one or both will be shelved at some point(s) during the season. And then they would need to be on point for a post season run (I'm looking at you and 'arm fatigue', Scherzer). What I would really love to see is Carlos Rodon in a Mets uni. A very good and much needed lefty who will just have turned 30 when the season starts. I'm also intrigued by Japanese League pitcher Kodai Senga who will also just have turned 30 at the start of this season. If nothing else, I think he could fit as a late inning bullpen guy. Looks like Nimmo is going to have plenty of suitors since the OF market is thin outside of Judge and him. I would love to have him back but I'm not so sure it's going to happen. That said, this team also desperately needs power in the lineup to realistically have a shot at a WS title but I'm not sure where that might materialize. They are not serious players for Judge, IMO, and they can't count on Baty &/or Alvarez being world beaters out of the box (if they even make the team out of Spring Training). Atlanta & Philly have boppers up and down the lineup and the Mets do not. That should be a priority in Queens, as well. There are a ton of holes to fill on this team (no bullpen outside of Diaz) and this should be a really active off season. Here's to hoping Eppler and his cronies get it right. LFGM!!! I hope you all have a great, happy, and safe Thanksgiving! 🦃 BTW, I love these baseball discussions with you guys involving our beloved Mets. I haven't been posting on the main football boards much as I find a lot of the content annoying. Even when this team is winning, the trolls are out in full force. I have no problem with people criticizing or pointing out things that need correcting but the incessant negativity over every little thing is becoming more and more prevalent. Even victory Monday feels like the team has just lost. Anyway, just my two cents. To each his or her own. Peace, friends.
  6. Everyone heals differently but it will be interesting to see if Jameson Williams actually makes it back to live action before Tre. He tore is ACL in January of this year, about two months after Tre's injury. This guy is a Detroit Lions senior writer and insider:
  7. It might not be a cake walk but it could be a turkey trot...
  8. Maybe Saturday should hire Wendi Nix to be his OC. Pretty sure she's never called plays either... Will Goodell & Ted's family give Irsay permission to exhume the body?
  9. Leave it to dip$hite Irsay to name an interim who is not even on the current coaching staff and has been sitting in a studio. He's trying to bottom out in the hopes of landing a franchise QB in the 2023 draft.
  10. I wore gray athletic shorts with my blue Josh Allen t-shirt rather than red shorts I normally wear with that shirt on game day. F me...
  11. Living in Virginia, I have enjoyed them being an irrelevant joke for most of the time Snyder has owned them. I guess that may be coming to an end. That said, there is no disputing the fact that he is a reprehensible piece of human trash.
  12. So I guess the GD blue over blue is now the official uniform? Jesus H...
  13. Maybe Afghanis-tan? BTW, since it's Bills-Packers and Josh will be wingin' it, maybe Beane chose the all blues for a blue-cheese themed national game. He's an evil genius!
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