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  1. Agree. The Cherry Lounge down your way has pretty good wings, too.
  2. It's Adam RANK, not Rink...but we'll let you skate this time. (He was also on 'One Bills Live' today)
  3. Congrats and good luck to Vic. I was disappointed when he briefly left to cover Cleveland but was glad when he came back home to WNY where he belongs. To me, he and the late, great Larry Felser were the best to cover the Bills and were the eyes and ears of Bills fans for years prior to the days of the internet, social media, and podcasts. I really enjoyed his work over the years but I will still be listening to him on Sirius/XM. Thanks, Vic.
  4. I have been advocating getting him since he asked for, and was granted, his release by the Stillers. Find a way, Beane.
  5. Hey, Ice. Sending a little Love your way...
  6. People used to ask me, "Aren't you afraid of them going back and losing again?" and I would always tell them, "No, you can't lose if you don't go. I'll take my chances."
  7. I was a T-6 during the Bills' Super Bowl runs. Nobody else in the station was a Bills fan but one of my co-worker friends was a Dolphins fan so he had a rough go of it. lol There were plenty of Washington fans there though so the the day after the SB XXVI loss was not much fun for me. I did run into some Bills fans out on the street so that was always a treat, especially back then before social media and the 'interwebs'. That made it more of a surprising event, IMO. BTW, I ran into my former Miami fan co-worker in Kroger prior to the pandemic. He spotted me and yelled my name. I hadn't seen hi
  8. Sorry, I wasn't trying to give him the shaft.
  9. Was it an actual lineup or did you have to identify them from their head shots?
  10. This is not going to sit well with the 'Flat-Ertzers'... 😇
  11. This is much ado about nothing. That said, there is a better chance that he plays with Tre somewhere else down the line than he ever does with Tre in Buffalo, IMO.
  12. Your wife should have deadpanned, "I highly recommend it...especially if one of them is a midget."
  13. I didn't open the link/read the article. Was there any mention of Isaiah Hodgins possibly making the active roster and filling the role of a 'big slot'? That's where he's best suited, IMO.
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