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Rd 3, Pick 89 (25): LB Terrell Bernard, Baylor

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1 minute ago, Ross Murdock said:

Even Kiper couldn't really find anything good to say. Likes his height. I guess this another "Trust Beans" pick? I guess he can always work contraction on the new stadium. This guy wasn't even listed in ANY of the "Best remaining" LB's on the ESPN website. His name isn't mentioned anywhere.    

McD has his hands filthy in this draft. No question. 

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1 minute ago, Airseven said:

And Parham and Rhyan go next. Chenal and Tindall on the board. Several TE. Nick Cross.


Bernard. Wow. Worse than the Basham pick. 



I was actually more excited for the Jake Fromm pick. 

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Just now, CountDorkula said:

Could he play a similar style to Jamal Adams?

I think so...but he's a great coverage linebacker so I think that range will translate well to safety aslt some point

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5 minutes ago, gonzo1105 said:


The only thing I can think of is Bernard and Cross were looked at for the same position. More for a big nickel TE stopper than a traditional LB or Safety. Might have just preferred Bernard over Cross and others.

Worthy rationalization. I respect it. But sometimes you just gotta own disappointment. 

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