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  1. I understand why we did it... and jet sweeps are usually WR and not RB’s...I’m just saying if fumbling issues are such a concern for McKenzie why do we keep him around for just gadget plays and not have him work on fumbling KR/PR? We even resigned the guy when trading for Diggs who can do sweeps. Roberts brought nothing to our offense and is also over 30. I’m not sure why so many think he’s a lock is my main point.
  2. I’d rather cut Roberts and keep McKenzie... yes I know McKenzie has some fumbling issues, but if they were that bad why would we design sweeps with him on critical downs? mckenzie is younger, cheaper and more of a WR/sweep threat than Roberts
  3. When we are discussing draft viewership? Very easy to not bring him into it no matter how you feel about him lol.
  4. Man he really does live in people’s heads Rent free 24/7 lmao
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