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  1. Cant be, I heard on this website that he cant get separation!
  2. Why would you package Beasley? Isnt he our team leader in receptions? lol
  3. Yep. I thought the throw and play was fine, it was just a great read/break by a top ranked safety - it happens.
  4. Why? Yeldon has done fine outside of the one fumble. Yeldon has actually started and played in the league. Murphy is a 27 year old bouncing around on practice squads, he doesnt block. The only positive Murphy has on yeldon is that he can return punts.
  5. it was not phantom holding on Lewan, you are looking at the play like the announcer was "Hughes wasnt going to get to Mariota"..... thats not why the holding call was called. Hughes stopped rushing and went to cover the RB leaking in the flat, and lewan clearly had his hand around hughes holding not letting him release to flat to mark receiver.
  6. They said he had 1 snap at halftime
  7. Do you know what the progressions were supposed to be? OR are you assuming a QB can see 5 receivers simultaneously?
  8. announcer blaming josh for man free up middle lol, yet we had three lineman blocking the nose tackle LOL
  9. announcer is dumb saying he doesnt like the hold on Hughes because he wasnt going to get to QB.... he got called for hold when he was trying to go cover the leaking RB....
  10. Sounds like you are in stage 2 of the protocol
  11. What’s really funny to me, is everyone here seemed to love our draft overall “except for the third round” many people though our third round picks were stupid. yet here we are talking about Knox and also really missing Singletary
  12. Looking at the screenshot above Wallace is already in tackling range of Gordon especially with Wallace’s long arms... this even when he dodging an impeding receiver. Not sure how can just assume Wallace wouldn’t be in range to stop the play if the OPI wasn’t happening.... you could argue he would have caught the ball anyway, but he would probably have been tackled right away resulting in a 2 yard gain and fourth down, instead of a big gain setting up a field goal.
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