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  1. Didnt last year we had a similar scenario? White came off like 2-3 big stat games leading Jets to some wins out of nowhere. Media was on the White hype train, he was like the second coming. Then he played the Bills and got destroyed and went back to the shadows.
  2. Blocks where there, why did McKenzie cut back in middle away from blocks lmao
  3. He's playing with a sprained elbow... so I doubt he fully trusts his arm like he usually does
  4. I like Hines so its not a knock on him at all... But why did we trade for him when we clearly dont want to use him
  5. Bernard proving to be the terrible pick that everyone basically thought... "BuT hE's SmArT"
  6. Davis really trying to make sure he doesnt get that big contract lol
  7. even though we inexcusably refuse to use him in offense. The Hines pickup has really stabilized our return game at least
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