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NFL First Round Discussion Thread


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16 minutes ago, Ethan in Portland said:


If any poster ever says Beane drafts BPA again they should be banned for two weeks 

This is ridiculous.  He could have traded down and gotten an extra 4th and got the same player. 

Every dam year Beane gives up picks for no reason. 

Dude....u high????

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Just now, Ethan in Portland said:

Yeah and if the Jets had taken Allen, Beane would have traded up for Rosen or Darnold. 


You really do love to make stuff up. Do you write children's fiction picture books? 

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13 minutes ago, The Red King said:


Yes, another one.  Like taking that bum Allen when Rosen was still available? 😁

Exactly. That was the year it clicked that Im not a GM and to come on a message board and act holier than thou bc i disagree with one of the best GMs in the game is just plain embarrassing. To the people blasting this pick... duh fuh do you think you know?! Step off the high horse and get over yourselves. If you were that gifted you sure wldnt be here posting. Kinda silly. Besides, there are only a handful of people here who have actually put the time and work in scouting. Id venture most people complaining didnt know any of these names a few months ago...

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Might have seen 2 posters from TBD on the draft today. 


Just before the Bills pick was announced, the camer swoops over the shoulder of someone wearing a Bills hard hat.I swear that was Mark Vader. He does go to the draft.

Just before the Cowboys picked (right after the Bills) they showed the Dallas fans. I saw  Cowgirls Fan. I am Facebook friends with her and  met her in person at a game here in Buffalo.

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12 minutes ago, Protocal69 said:

runs a 4.39 at 6'1. They will coach him up. Trust that 

the guys an explosive athlete and I certainly do trust Sean when it comes to DBs. He’s not a 4.39 forty. Not at all. More a 4.50. Wanted Johnson so maybe just disappointed. Now hes a Jet. 

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3 minutes ago, Mopreme said:

They basically got back

in for a 5th round pick. How did Beane get burned so badly to move up

2 spots? 


They were desperate. I have to assume there was a big drop off on their board at corner after Elam. 

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