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New "ironclad" Stadium deal reached


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1 minute ago, dma0034 said:

Not being a dome will ultimately cost them if/when the team isn't doing as well

I still don’t think so after arguing about this topic all of last season 😂 josh threw the ball into the wind in a hurricane just fine…no other human could do that.  I do think the one field wind will be minimized in this new stadium though 

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6 minutes ago, John Adams said:


With, I expect, Buffalo touches, whatever that will mean and I bet it means something. 


This concept could lead to an entire thread of its own.  "Buffalo touches" could include:


  • A giant skating rink attached
  • A sledding area for winter games
  • A giant chicken wing in the south end zone, similar to the pirate ship in Tampa
  • A table jumping area in the north end zone (with plenty of padding to avoid liability)
  • A "no ranch, only blue cheese" area
  • A "Mafia Hits" game whereby you can win free tickets to the next home game, if successful


The list goes on....

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6 minutes ago, Warcodered said:





Yep,  hopefully it's built so that it can be fully enclosed later.    RWS was built for 14 game seasons that ended the second week in December.........once we get to 18 game seasons with 2 byes the season will be ending in late January and the conference playoffs could be wrapping up in late February.     January is the worst weather month in WNY but the season potentially extending 2 months deeper into winter in itself will be challenging...........especially for those who have to travel a long way to get to the stadium.   The un-tapped future of sports team revenue is milking patrons AFTER they are in the stadium so forcing them to make a business decision just to show up to your venue isn't profit-wise, IMO. 

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7 minutes ago, Shake_My_Head said:


Piss troughs built into the backs of seats...


Yes, but heated, so the urine doesn't freeze before it flows away seamlessly in the sophisticated plumbing system.  And nobody loses any body parts due to frostbite while using them.  Sadly, I fear this will be limited to the club seats.


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13 minutes ago, msw2112 said:


My interpretation/understanding of what this means is that the stadium will be of a scale suitable to a smaller market like Buffalo.  I won't be a $5 Billion palace like they built in LA with condos, office space, hotels, shopping malls, a lake, etc.  It won't have a 360 degree wraparound scoreboard.  It will have bars, restaurants, and luxury amenities, but not to the scale of a LA, Dallas, or Atlanta type of staduim.   It's unlikely to be hosting Super Bowls, Final Fours, College Football Conference Championship games, and the like, so it doesn't need to be built to accommodate those types of events.


In short, it will be nice, new and modern, but not over the top.

Folding table store?

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