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  1. Call up the president of another country and withhold aid, duh! It was horrible that she did that and to her credit, she apologized for it.
  2. What really happened on 9-11 and who was behind it? Dance for me, dance I say!
  3. It's all Deep State eh Hedge and DR? When you hear of a tragedy on Twitter, what's your record response time to copy the Tweet and paste it here?
  4. Such a narative life you lead. Making up stories all the time! It's cute. What an awful thought--I don't think that's OK to say about DR. Really.
  5. DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! In your anti-pedophile crusade, how did you handle the PPP pedophile?
  6. Of course not stupid. I was just going for the dumb brush the other side uses to point out your hypocrisy and how unproductive thinking like that is.
  7. The Dems are pedophile defenders and the Reps are racist? That's a basis for productive dialog.
  8. We elected an entertainer to be an official, what do you expect if not an evaluation of his fat-assedness.
  9. I feel like there have been a lot of big games in December in the last 12 years. Our December motto: "The Bills are 6-6 and still in the hunt." That usually precedes a blowout soul-crushing loss and "The Bills are 6-7 and need a bunch of help but it's still possible."
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