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  1. Inspiring Tom. And for my last post, be better, including me.
  2. You're a sick person to say my actions prefer a world of child abusers and also that I support child abusers and then double down on it. Go ***** yourself you twisted *****.
  3. That's good. Me too. Why not post about familial child sexual abuse and how it's common, much more so than the conspiratorial stuff that drives your narrative here?
  4. What is amusing is how little time you and others spend on pedophilia among the populace who are not in the elite, because that part of the story is not tantalizing. And as evidence of that, I note that DR-CopyPaste for all his heroic work publicly linking Hillary to Pizzagate, never said anything when we had a child sex offender here, not only posting every day, but making pedophile jokes. So spare me the high and mighty routine.
  5. So new evidence shows Epstein is a horrible person? You weren't convinced yet? There's a new podcast out about Cosby. You should check it out--maybe you'll be convinced he's a bad guy.
  6. It's not whataboutism when I bring up other aspects of the great Deep State cabal dumbass. The Deep State thread is probably 20% posts about pedophiles FFS. You, Hedge, and DR-CopyPaste are creating the grand narrative, not me. Try to follow along. I know it changes a lot but keep up.
  7. Enrages, no. You just clutter the board with pasted thoughts. You're B-Man but with more paste volume. DR-CopyPaste A derivative work for sure, but appropriate.
  8. Yawn. You're just sore because I keep making you look like a fool. Quick question: When did Soleimani die?
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