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  1. He was still working on declassifying the UFO stuff. Try to keep up. Speaking of reports, where is the Durham report with all the indictments? Two weeks?
  2. Kind of funny that the Trumpists are now the owners of the RINO moniker.
  3. What happened? They kick you out of the private club over there?
  4. I was in a bar of Bills Backers outside Philly when he came in and threw for like 115 yards in his first quarter of play. We were all going nuts in this room high fiving, SALVATION had arrived, etc. Boy was I wrong. Give him a little credit, he did everything he could to win that Homerun Throw-Forward game against a good defense.
  5. I’m all for second chances but not for people who continue to joke about having sex with kids after doing their time. If you ever find yourself with knowledge of a reality similar to this hypothetical, I hope you call it out and call the enablers of your community out. Hypothetically. Peace.
  6. Safe to say that you would think less of people who knew of a convicted child sex offender in their midst and did nothing, even joked about it. Imagine if some of those people claimed to be anti-pedophile crusaders of some sort. Hypothetically.
  7. Going out on a limb where many former PPP denizens would not. Well played sir.
  8. DR's crowd has a hard time with this question. Let me try it out on you. Would you call out, say, a guy convicted of soliciting sex from underage girls he coached and was found in possession of child porn? Or hang out with him? Hypothetically. We can't say alleged because of conviction, but let's go with hypothetically.
  9. That’s good. You never answered the original question though. Neither did the crew at the hidden site so you’re in good company. Hypothetically, of course.
  10. He was quoted for months as the best source of Covid predictions. Maybe the people who lapped up his droppings will admit they were wrong to follow him and share their growth with others.
  11. I assumed you were one of the guys from the other board. If that was wrong, my apologies, if not, I’d be curious about your answer, hypothetically speaking.
  12. It is in the Gaetz vein and just a hypothetical of course.
  13. I bet they still quote the guy. Hero of the stupid.
  14. Can we get a follow up on B-Gal's theory that masks would lead to mass bank robberies? Anyone?
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