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  1. For now. Lab meat and plant "meat" will be just as good soon and not require killing animals. I am a meat-eater but that will be a good day.
  2. How is the Impossible Burger not vegan? It's just GMO plants that produce hemoglobin. I have not tried the impossible burger but we regularly have the Beyond Burger because it's available from Whole Foods. Uncooked, it smells like fish, but once cooked, it's damn good. With the usual burger toppings, it's hard to distinguish. Without toppings, it's obvious it's not meat. I love that the meat industry is lobbying to get these substitutes to drop "burger." Never bothered them until they started actually tasting good, and no, none of the ones before now were anything like a burger. Sodium is the big difference in nutrition values. I will prefer a meat burger for now but I'm all for killing less animals and hope these keep getting better taste and health-wise.
  3. I thought he's attending the OTAs. He will be signed by the time camp starts.
  4. We are the poster boys for nemesis (idiots posting on the Internet) to friend transformation. Cheers to us and I'm happy that she did great.
  5. I was there with my friend who I'd painted houses with over the summer. He was an Oilers fan. At half-time, he said, "Don't worry, the Oilers can blow anything." When Reich through the pick-6, he said it again. "Seriously, this team is the hugest bunch of chokers." Poor guy had to then sit through the rest.
  6. Funny, I hated Jackie and found the show back then barely listenable. All the clapping and ranting about being number one in markets. What a borefest. It had its moments but it was juvenile. Artie was excellent. I miss him and wish they played more "Best of" with him on it. But clearly the edict is not to do that. I don't think that's anything other than Howard's guilt at not helping him out more than he could have. He's aluded to carrying a lot of guilt for not being a better friend to the addict he worked with every day. It took me a while to enjoy the show again after Artie left. But I do like it still. It's got fewer belly laughs but it's still the funniest show out there and guys like Brent, Memet, Steve, Shuli add a good element of hijinks that the old folks (Howard, Fred, Robin. etc) can have fun with. And the interviews are 1000x better now. The book promo is painful but it will end soon.
  7. Rest In Peace Sue. I met her at the first couple of tailgates. I drove up from Philly and my mom (once a poster too) joined the tailgate as well. Maybe even my brother. I think of Sue a lot lately, and though there was an element of play in that homework thread, it grew mean and shortly thereafter she left in anger. I would like to go back to that time with her and so many people and be kinder. She and Lori and others have left me with that lesson and for that she (and they) have my thanks. I can never know what she and others were going through on any day. I regret the moments when I forget that but I aspire to be better. Truly rest, friend.
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