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  1. Wacka? Wacka? Is that you? Did someone hack your account? Who is this with the common sense and what have you done with Wacka?
  2. The “mandate” is bull#### for sure but if only you patriots had whined this much when our sitting president was trying to overturn a Democratic election. Don’t tread on me, indeed.
  3. The double post was a glitch in the Matrix. When we all do it, sure. I've spoken with many people on here who know my name. Some are total loons on here and once on the phone, totally reasonable. When you're with your friends and family, you're an avatar. When you're here, you're an ultra avatar.
  4. Too much of a ***** to post under your own name? Bold. Too much of a ***** to post under your own name? Bold.
  5. Abuse of power he says. Hapless wields all the power that comes with the trappings of being a Bills board moderator. I know a poster who would be happy to make these professional judgment calls. B-Man better work that ctrl-V while he can.
  6. Other ideas to improve PPP (and social media in general): 1) to post here, you have to participate in a monthly in person call where we see each other face to face with real names And/or 2) use real names here. Everyone has to be verified and/or 3) do 3 regional service projects each year from the ppp community. Want to post here? Participate in person.
  7. Thanks for your support ***** birds. I can not like it and wonder how to make it better and be grateful for it and be critical of it. Life isn’t black and white or good vs evil ya ding dongs. If he posted here, both sides would mock Jesus. We can be better and have better debates but not at the moment. You have no idea what I do. If you read my post nominating myself to moderate you read it wrong. I have a life. I see we’re finding no unicorns. Shocker.
  8. If the people who *****-post the most can't reach agreement, shut it down. Kumbaya around the fire or set it on fire.
  9. I'm 23 of them. Why do you think I suggested this? PPP does not add to the community of TBD or the world, it detracts from it. If it's a net negative, it needs to be gone or be fixed.
  10. So you want to ban B-Man and BillsTime? Here's a thought. SDS appoints the top 25 (?) posters by volume along with anyone he sees fit to form PPP rules and tells them they have to come up with an agreed rule set between all 25 of them AND identify 3 mods from their midst. If that group can do that within say 6 weeks, great. Those people become the new mods and the new rules are the new rules. If not, shut the place down.
  11. I nominate BillsTime, Big Blitz, B-Man, and Tiberius. Might as well let PPP be run by the people who dominate it. Or SDS can run an algorithm and appoint the top four posters by volume as mods. Or we could hide the board from site and say even nastier things.
  12. That thread is dedicated to lack of quality posting and it’s the best thread in the history of ppp. I started MPPPGA! We know that theme won a presidential election.
  13. There are plenty of forums out there. This doesn't have to be what it has become. It's better since the BillsChan group left but it's still a hole. And yes, I accept the nomination to be all-powerful moderator.
  14. @Tenhigh convinced me that this place can be amazing. Have it at kids. No more s--ting in the punch bowl starting now! MPPPGA!
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