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  1. Think of it more like the billschan guys rent rooms in 15 minute increments. When I saw this embarrassment on TV, I couldn’t help but think of Team-DR.
  2. Sadly comrade, the search engine won't let me dig up all the references to it but the story goes like this. Back when his minions mocked him, DR (then TGreg) posted about how the government was keeping antigravity technology from us and as evidence posted a published patent application that discussed said technology. When I noted how dumb he sounded, he then bragged about how the inventor was some wizard of physics. Turns out, shocker, DR got the name mixed up and the guy who filed the application had the same name as a nobel physicist, and was himself the founder of The Hyperspace Research In
  3. "Dear BillsChanFan Followers, as we initiate THE STORM, do not forget your selfie sticks." - DR P.S. And remember to braid your beards!
  4. Is that George Washington's or Thomas Jefferson's intellectual heir in the middle? I call dibs on the guy with the long flowing mane in yellow as mine. I'll drop him a line and maybe we can discuss Cicero. What a bunch of tools: These guys, and the ones who ran away from this board to follow the guy who believes the government is hiding antigravity technology from America. What a hill to die on. Yesterdays events were too much to resist. Carry on.
  5. How it started: How it's going: DR's army left mom's basement for the march!
  6. It was an autoblock. I used this name and my email. The website was kind enough to invite me to contact the moderators but I declined and just came over here to post my question. I will check back in to see what his prediction is in a few years. Want to place my bet!
  7. I tried to register there to ask for DR’s 2024 election prediction so I could bet all my money on the opposite outcome but the site blocked my registration. I posted the same question here. Hopefully one of you can fill me in. I’ll skip 2 years of page-long-condescending posts about how he knows who will win. Seen that show twice now. He spends a lot of time telling everyone how he knows what will happen, only to be proven wrong, and then revised his script. Пщй
  8. I could wade through the coming years of posts telling me how right he's going to be (only to find out he's wrong again) but man I'd kill for just a simple name. I do wonder why they barred the door to me. Oh well. I asked. No answer.
  9. I tried to create an account at the other site to ask but they blocked me. Bummer. So I'll ask here in my momentary return. I beg someone to do me a favor. He has no need to do it. He owes me nothing. But I'm on my knees. Greggy, you have an impeccably incorrect election prediction record. So please, please please post your prediction for 2024.
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