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  1. Not sure of your point. My doubt was that there were not NFL-level doctors, trainers and ADE equipment at the games where individuals in that study died. Prompt CPR was vital to the 10% that did survive, but that figure would probably be higher if those kids had the same resources at hand that Hamlin did.
  2. I doubt VERY much that the youth sports players that died from Commotio Cordis in that study had NFL-game ready support systems (especially doctors and AED's) at their venues.
  3. Involving the same guy. BB's time has passed but I'm sure he'll have nightmares about Rhamondre Stevenson for a long, long time...
  4. Yep. Slip from first to third, probably get only one home playoff game. Ironing out the offensive game plan kinks and miscues is Huuuuuuuuuuge this week.
  5. Josh just needs to take what's available and move the chains. There's no need for splash plays, just keep feeding Cook and stacking first downs.
  6. Not going to read this whole thread. The only concern I have with Ed is availability. When he right, he's a major asset to the team. Unfortunately, he just seems to be banged up a lot and is on the injury report yet again this week. IMO, it's going to be a hard decision about what his next contract is going to look like.
  7. Beasley's 112 targets in 2020 stand out like a sore thumb. His production has been sorely missed this year--and hopefully provides a real boost over the next two months.
  8. Meh. The Stadium Wall has a bigger circulation than the Niagara Gazette. Hell, the local Penny Saver has more readers.
  9. Take away Lil Dirty's drops from the Bills total and the overall drop percentage matches the 32-team NFL average. So, an easy solution to that problem--drop McKenzie (who's gadget role can be handled by Hines).
  11. Bad teams are bad for a reason--no player discipline, marginal coaching and just jack !@*^% decision making.
  12. Here's the data from the Pro Football Reference website. Total Drops: Bills 28 Rank 2 (behind Green Bay with 30) Drop Percentage: Bills 6.4% Rank 6 (behind Baltimore, Green Bay, San Francisco, NY Giants and Tennessee) NFL Avg 5.2% Total Targets: Bills 437 Rank 6 (behind Tampa Bay, LA Chargers, Kansas City, Cincinnati and NY Jets) Total Completions: Bills 288 Rank 10 (behind Tampa Bay, LA Chargers, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Seattle, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Minnesota and Arizona) Average Yards Per Attempt: Bills 7.92 Rank 7 (behind Miami, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Seattle, Chicago and Cincinnati) NFL Avg. 7.43 Average Yards Per Completion: Bills 12.01 Rank 6 (behind Miami, Kansas City, Chicago, San Francisco and Atlanta) NFL Avg. 11.03
  13. Yep. Sees the field better, has a quicker release and is tough as hell. Still limited, but he's a gamer who will give the Jests quality starts when they get Hall back next year.
  14. Not only does it hurt this year but we lose him for two-thirds of 2023 as well.
  15. I don't like it. It seems contrary to the spirit of the game. Like the rule on field goals that prohibits using a teammate for a boost.
  16. The Bills became the first team in NFL history to beat four former Super Bowl-winning head coaches on the road in a single season (Belichick, McVay, Harbaugh and Reid. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bills-make-nfl-history-by-becoming-the-first-team-to-pull-off-these-two-impressive-feats/
  17. They looked relaxed rather than hyped up. Like "no problem, we've got this" rather than "we need to put on a show." Josh looked comfortable with playing a simple, complimentary game plan rather than put-it-all-on-my-shoulders hero ball.
  18. His ankle is not right, IMO. He's not getting any separation, which is very uncharacteristic and allowing teams to shade more coverage Diggs way. I suspect he'll need surgery in the off season.
  19. Told ya. Once he shaved that stache he was good to go.
  20. LOL. Even though the ref called that a good catch, he didn't get both feet in bounds. Nice route and tracking of the ball, though. SPEED Kills!
  21. 40-Yard Times: Nyheim Hines 4.38 James Cook 4.42 Devin Singletary 4.66 Zach Moss 4.65
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