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Falcons shopping Pick #4

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11 hours ago, BillsFanForever19 said:

Omg. You people are starting to make me dislike Kyle Pitts just by association with these ridiculous ideas.


He won't fall anywhere near a level worth giving up what it would take to get him. You don't trade 3 firsts - which would be the absolute minimum - for a Tight End. I don't care how good of a Tight End prospect he is, you just don't. 



I'm sure its not an expert comparison and two different players but I cant help but remember that Ebron was also tapped for greatness at the tight end position. A lot of people wouldnt have minded us trading up for him either. I don't think he was a game changer for any of the teams he has been on. The hype is crazy and leads people do pay inflated costs for a "sure thing", dont be crazy Beane.


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Get it done Beane!!!! we can give the dirty birds this years first and next years first along with a third and a late rounder in either year so we can get Pitts. I know we need some D but this guy has

In PFF's mock draft simulator I was able to deal 30 & 61 for #4. Then trade 4 for 7, 41, 72 and the Lions next year's 1.    Fun times!

That would be just like the Sammy Watkins debacle where we gave up TWO first round picks. No thanks. 

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