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  1. Why do we wear white so much at home? I don't know, i always thought of the white alternates as "away jerseys", and the bold colorful jerseys for the home edge. If we wear white this game, it'll be 3-3 white vs blue in home games.
  2. I was curious and did it. Its not too crazy , but Buffalo definitely need to win out. KC needs to drop Bucs, Saints, Chargers. Pittsburgh needs to drop Ravens, Colts, and Bills. Implausible but this is what the playoff machine was made for Dream scenarios fleshed out on paper!
  3. looks to me like they weren't accurate. https://www.footballdb.com/teams/nfl/new-england-patriots/teamvsteam?opp=13
  4. Even then aren't they 1-2 in division games? Wouldn't we have to drop NE and Miami games, plus they sweep the remaining division games (NYJ, NE, Buffalo) to even just tie us in the division leading to a conference win tie breaker, which we would only lose if we lost to 2 of 3 of Chargers, Steelers, Broncos as well? We are talking Bills going 2-4 rest of season at that point. All signs point to that not happening but time will tell. The dolphins talk is premature.
  5. Lol. Didnt the cards just lose last week? Edit: Don't they both also have worse records? True, but I visit other fans boards quite a bit just to read, we are especially venomous and turn on the players and coaches in an instant.
  6. Bills fans can really be the worst sometimes. After every loss they think they know and talk talk talk. Give the keyboard a break and do something else until the Chargers game.
  7. Nonsense. We were 6 down in the 4th quarter.
  8. If we are serious about a deep playoff run, trade for someone. There is a number of bad teams with good defensive stars right now.
  9. It was from the first throw. Mahomes made the same poor throws his first series and it was the weather or "pressure". And I get it, Mahomes is better, has a super bowl, blah blah blah. I just want them to comment on the game, not reinforce preconceived notions about players. They need to take notes from Romo.
  10. It is separate from the game. It ruins the atmosphere when there is clear bias.
  11. Says it on the NFL website. Who thinks he comes here if we didnt lay that stinker on tuesday?
  12. I assume the local games don't get blacked out or anything?
  13. Thank you all for the suggestions, I will check them out! For this one, what do you do for the Bills games not on CBS?
  14. I tried searching but could not find a relevant topic. I am done with spectrum. Below are the details but straight to the point. How do you all watch the games? Is there a good service out there that includes the Bills games? I've tried an antenna but out here in Gasport, I just don't seem to get a good signal. I'd love to just cancel this package and just buy a service for the few months football is on and then cancel. Redzone isn't super necessary but would like it. Maybe I should try the Ticket? My issues: First I talked to someone to get the "Spectrum Silver Lifestyle" package which they told me would include NFL Network and Redzone (it does not include Redzone). So I call back (on hold forever) and they tell me no, Redzone is in the "Sports Package" for $5.00 more a month (what the heck its only $5.00). Most recently though, I found that even though I have "Spectrum Silver Lifestyle" and the "Sports package" I do not get ESPN. I need to subscribe to the "Spectrum Silver" plan to get ESPN for $40.00 more a month to get that. Then the issues with the app (I don't have the cable box and just use the app). During the bills games specifically the app pixelates constantly, almost making the game unwatchable. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney, or any other streaming service works flawlessly on my internet and TVs. Spectrum says "That's weird" and that is the extent of help in resolving the issue. Every time I boot up the app, I get errors, or channels are unavailable.
  15. I'd argue it hasn't. Cool they played a 60 game shell of a season that no one will ever consider to be a legitimate championship. Big old asterisk next to that one. There is no reason to suspend the season. Stretch it out sure, but putting it on hold does nothing.
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