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  1. Whats the advantage to being paid in crypto as opposed to being paid in usd and then buying crypto with it? Isnt it taxed as income either way?
  2. Ahhhh, that makes a ton more sense. I was pretty confused as I wasnt seeing anything else on it. And you hit the nail on the head with the 2 studios. Probably not a huge investment to make your fanbase happy you are committed to improving the game, but they just want to milk the nfl money bag.
  3. According to the Pats fans they were relevant before the wild card game and it was an equal matchup with the bills slight favored. After all they didnt have to throw the ball more than 3 times and beat us remember? We are expected to just pretend we didnt lay the smackdown on them? What would that look like? I think most of us were looking on to Kansas City shortly after the game Sunday Night, but no we arent going to simmer down on a perfect record breaking game by Josh Allen because some pats fans think we should be "punching up." Also I take issue with Baltimore not "punching down" to the Pats. They didn't even play them last year, they didnt even make the playoffs. Like what would Baltimore possibly have to say that is at all relevant? Better comparison would have been the colts that they got smashed by and one look at the colts forums shows they were dancing the night away after that game. Miami was even talking trash to the Patriots after beating them twice. I just don't even know what the guy is talking about. Just sounds like us when the Patriots were beating us lol.
  4. Lol. I guess Brady had a watered down division and should feel a bit hollow as well then. What is it 33 different starting qbs for the rest of the AFC East while the Patriots had 1? (maybe 2 if you count the Cassel year). When the Patriots have a qb its our fault we can't compete. When the Bills have a qb, its our fault the Pats can't compete. Just admit you are a fish fan at this point. Either that or you like the attention from detracting from the fan base.
  5. I read people on social media saying the browns have an out to void the deal if new evidence came to light on the accusations. A 24th person joining the lawsuit with its own set of accusations may fit that. Edit: and by void the deal i mean just the guaranteed money. They wouldnt get their picks back from Houston.
  6. For sure. I was going to say this is a weird thing for the NFL to allow a company to buy a team. Maybe they will roll back to the better Denver uniforms.
  7. Still have physical copies. I haven't played madden in a long time either but i think when the player is on the cover there are special things in the game, like in the below video:
  8. So what does this mean? Is Madden on the cover and these 4 are just alternates? Or is there officially 4 players who get to say they are on the cover of Madden? Not that it matters a ton, I am just curious. I wanted to buy it the year Josh gets it so I am confused.
  9. If this were the case, couldn't players sue for uneven enforcement of the rule? Seems like so many players being suspended would be of your same opinion then and not want to lose their game checks and as a result making a huge stink about it.
  10. Last year, I subscribed to Peacock and Paramount+ each $5.00 a month and was able to watch the NFL games on CBS and NBC. Fox is a little more difficult as it has no streaming service for live tv as far as I know. For that I just do free trials with sling tv or the other cable streaming options, the bills rarely play on fox so its not horribly inefficient. I just cancel the trial after the game. TNF, you can usually get with Amazon Prime and their streaming service. If you don't have Amazon Prime, then you are probably stuck with TV streaming cable packages (basically cable) MNF I believe ESPN+ is 5.99 a month. So for about $28 a month you can get most individual games (except Fox). Hulu, Youtube, Sling TV offer cable packages that offset all of these at once for about $60-70 a month depending on the deal, so basically cable cost. If you want redzone then that is probably the direction you'd want to go. All of the above is far better than cable which after 12 months up their "discount" from $70 to $100+, so I am not sure why some people think its a bad deal. Not to mention, when I had spectrum cable 2 years ago, I didnt get a cable box, so I used the spectrum app and the Bills games were often so pixelated that it was unwatchable. Switched to the CBS app and it worked perfectly. Hopefully they fixed that in the last couple years.
  11. Context man. A lot of people are suggesting he is criminally liable. Anyone can civilly sue, but is he criminally guilty? Who knows, but it doesn't sound like we will find out because he has not been criminally charged. 😂
  12. Not speaking on the Watson case at all as I dont follow it too closely but not sure where you have been but social media has turned America into a country in which the court of public opinion can assign punitive damages to you based on their gut feeling on a situation. They are allowed to harass you, your employer, your family, all based on their personal view of your wrong doing and whatever facts/opinions/views they find might align with their perspective. This is apart from the actual justice system that assigns punitive damages based on a trial by judge/jury of your peers. There actually needs to be something that protects people while the justice system works because people are impatient and want immediate retribution. I am not at all saying Watson isnt getting a fair shake especially with that crazy cleveland deal but there are many people that aren't given the chance to defend themselves because the social media mob has already passed down their decision and see fit to destroy your life in retribution.
  13. When were they the favorites though? Around the same time or overall favorites through the year? 4.5 a decade ago we would have people arguing that they should be treating us more fairly and projecting us as better (we weren't much better). in the end the talking heads will say what they will. As long as the players are humble and hungry we will be good.
  14. Like holy cow did they nail this. Bills one was good but this one just gave so much.
  15. Everyone forgets about the bs calls or non calls that negatively affected the winning team. "All came down to this one DPI" 👍
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