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  1. That occurs for every head coach in the NFL. Belichick without Brady is almost gone.
  2. Do we think Joe Brady will run a different offense? How is he expected to put something like that into place? Or do we just fly by the seat of our pants for two weeks and work it out in the bye?
  3. Well there have been opposing defensive players that have made claims of a basic offense which is where I believe people are picking it up from. That and the route trees aren't very creative with wrs bunched together all the time, but I guess that could be the complexity?
  4. He can be unstable behind the scenes all he wants, that is not relevant to the "outbursts" you and I were discussing. All the times he has had "outbursts" have been rational times so no reason to expect any differently now. Hopefully they will work it out now that Dorsey is gone I guess.
  5. Players are saying its too complicated? The general consensus on the board is that it is too bland and basic and defenses key in on it.
  6. In my listed scenarios, what do you want Dorsey to do? More ball control drills for Cook? Handoff drills for Allen? Practicing catching for Davis? The one out of 4 offensive debacles ill give you is Allen throwing into double coverage, because it feels like every Bills WR is double covered which seems impossible.
  7. With a 2-5 conference record that can only improve to 7-5 at best with winning out AFC games, I think we need to rely on the dolphins for their annual collapse. Raiders - W Jets - L Commanders - W Titans - W Jets - W Cowboys - L Ravens - L Bills - L That'll put them at 10-7. Which means we need to win 5 of next 7: Jets - W Eagles - W/L Chiefs - W/L Cowboys - W Chargers - W Patriots - W Dolphins - W Not much room for error.
  8. Since 2018 - 1st Round - 3 Offense / 4 Defense 2nd Round - 3 Offense / 2 Defense 3rd Round - 4 Offense / 2 Defense Seems pretty even to me. You can only ask the defense for so much before they break a little. They played out of their mind. If the offense puts together any semblance of a professional appearance, this would have been a blow out for the Bills.
  9. The idea that they struggled offensively is silly and not accurate. I know people want to call the eye test or whatever, but its just not accurate. The last 8 games they were scoring nearly 30 points a game and went 7-1 (would've been 8-0 without the Allen fumble against the vikings).
  10. This is silly playing with statistics nonsense. I can do it too.
  11. Wouldnt they just run the same offense? Does Joe Brady really have a backup offense to scheme up and run on the fly in week 11 of the season?
  12. Because he goes off the rails at appropriate times. I know the media likes to portray him as a diva, but he went off the rails 1. AFC Conference Championship game 2. 13 seconds loss. 3. Bengals loss. All appropriate times to go crazy trying to rally people during the game, and flying off the handle that we dropped the game afterwards. I wish we had more "divas" like Diggs. Edit: And no, I didn't forget the stupid non-story from a random 3 day minicamp in which he misses the first day, attends the 2nd, and the team cancels the 3rd because it is such a damn important minicamp.
  13. No, but last night was 100000% on the players not executing, so id like to know what broke the camel's back here? Why wasn't he fired after the bengals game?
  14. I'll never understand that. Half the time its an INT if they just turn around! So worried about getting beat they get PI anyway so just turn around!
  15. Thats because he knew he scored too early. This isnt the fire is gone, it was "I left waaaay too much time on the clock" and he was right.
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