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  1. I'm sure its not an expert comparison and two different players but I cant help but remember that Ebron was also tapped for greatness at the tight end position. A lot of people wouldnt have minded us trading up for him either. I don't think he was a game changer for any of the teams he has been on. The hype is crazy and leads people do pay inflated costs for a "sure thing", dont be crazy Beane.
  2. Wow what was that garbage promo on Fox "Trophyette". Pretty much made to dis the Bills.
  3. Chiefs fans on their site are already taking offense to this thread. They think it means we are afraid of Mahomes. They think the game is a done deal. I have never seen a less humble fan base. FFS you were bad for a long time, almost as long as us with some one and done playoff berths sprinkled in. Have some humility chiefs fans.
  4. And yet every single tip toe out of bounds catch by Davis was immediately reviewed. If anything the last 2 minutes should be eyed closer if you are going to pick and choose which ones to pay attention to.
  5. How do you try to call a pass complete when you could not have possibly have seen the wide receiver catch the ball (since he didnt)? That is just the tip of the iceburg of incompetency on display from them today.
  6. Derrick Henry had 19 rushes for 57 yards against us. James Conner had 10 rushes for 18 yards against us. I am not saying the defense doesnt need to tighten up but it isnt hopeless enough to qualify for your statement to be reality.
  7. Ugh I just saw that too. Whenever they put the camera on the bills he always loves to take the "well if they dont screw it up like they always do" angle.
  8. Why are the Patriots not an option? Too painful? Knowing Belichick he will get Watson for a 2nd round pick and get back a 4th rounder. Edit: another thought - Houston traded 2 1st round picks for a freaking tackle. By that rate Watson should go for what? 5 1st rounders?
  9. The Browns almost lost to the Steelers. What could have happened is the steelers could have won as well. I love how we were lucky to not have any seriously injured players, but on the flip side, a browns win was a certainty so rest our starters? Bologney. This putting the dolphins in their place put more behind this team than anything. They are going into the colts game with momentum.
  10. Its a guilty pleasure to read opposing fans message boards. Its brutal when we lose but boy oh boy when we win it like living the game all over again, watching their hopes rise and fall with each play even though you know whats coming.
  11. They were crying quite a bit that we werent resting our starters so they could still a playoff spot. Then we rested our starters and still scored.
  12. As opposed to letting the Dolphins find a rhythm against us right before we play them again? We don't need to play scared of injury. If its clear we have nothing to gain, then fine, pull the starters. But keeping the rhythm going, ensuring home field advantage until AFCCG is something to gain and something to play for. You could have a loss with injuries to supporting staff because the backups are struggling to make plays. Resting the starters does not mean we rest the starting 11 on either side of the ball. This is it exactly though. This i
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