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  1. Can someone summarize the drama for me? I am curious but have the attention span of a squirrel watching that video and trying to grasp the context.
  2. when will washington pick a damn team name. The WFT is stupid and annoys me. It was funny at first, but now its just absurd to keep.
  3. Bad luck for him From a fantasy perspective, i do not know why any league drafts before the preseason ends. Like you are just asking for this. Be patient. We always draft around labor day.
  4. does the app method really work? Like just downloading it on my smart tv? Does the ticket include all of the prime time games? What do I need to do to get a login for the app? Sign up and not request a dish? Currently I just signed up for Hulu+ Live TV for 65 a month during the season and an extra 10 if i want redzone. Kind of bummed out about paying that much but it includes all of the prime channels, nfl network, espn, and a redzone option. And I can cancel anytime.
  5. Loved it. Great video. However I could have done without the hail murray replay. Or the AFCCG Chiefs highlight reel. Was supposed to be about Allen right? I get hyping up the motivation Allen got from it, but they rightly didn't show the Watson scramble from the 2019 playoffs, so...
  6. Brady probably gets a lot of leeway, because he is Brady, so id imagine (I really have no idea) he brought his own professionals for any treatment he needed. Do we even know if the staff of Tampa could have been left out of the loop?
  7. I find this hard to believe. If he follows through (at a huge loss to himself) or if he actually made such an offer I will be shocked. He clearly also calls it an investment. How is it an investment if he plans to give it away. Also would've thought that Snyder's org would have jumped on it if thats the cause. Not hearing the whole story.
  8. Didn't some jerk trademark a bunch of the names he thought the team would take in an effort to pretty much extort Snyder into buying it from him? Isn't this why they just haven't picked the redtails or generals or monuments or whatever? Yes, here it is: Washington Redskins replacement names trademarked by one man - CNN
  9. with rationale like "I dont like the color orange" for Miami's uniforms, how can we not trust this guy's opinion?
  10. I'm sure its not an expert comparison and two different players but I cant help but remember that Ebron was also tapped for greatness at the tight end position. A lot of people wouldnt have minded us trading up for him either. I don't think he was a game changer for any of the teams he has been on. The hype is crazy and leads people do pay inflated costs for a "sure thing", dont be crazy Beane.
  11. Wow what was that garbage promo on Fox "Trophyette". Pretty much made to dis the Bills.
  12. Chiefs fans on their site are already taking offense to this thread. They think it means we are afraid of Mahomes. They think the game is a done deal. I have never seen a less humble fan base. FFS you were bad for a long time, almost as long as us with some one and done playoff berths sprinkled in. Have some humility chiefs fans.
  13. And yet every single tip toe out of bounds catch by Davis was immediately reviewed. If anything the last 2 minutes should be eyed closer if you are going to pick and choose which ones to pay attention to.
  14. How do you try to call a pass complete when you could not have possibly have seen the wide receiver catch the ball (since he didnt)? That is just the tip of the iceburg of incompetency on display from them today.
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