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  1. I didn't use his wife as an example. The poster said Butker said its mutually exclusive. I said he did not say that and that he only brought up his wife who did choose. Maybe a bad example from Butker that leads people to further attack him but honestly if gives more credence to the fact that he is demonstrating the value a woman brings to the household and people are tearing it down because it implies they cant go serve a corporate overlord bc thats the dream instead.
  2. That very may well be. But there are certainly a percentage of people who can't tell if they are actually "miswired" or not especially kids. The idea that they automatically know one way or another at that age when their brain isnt near full development is ridiculous. Throw on top that if you do identify as "different" you are hailed as special, unique, heroic, someone who stands out. Yeah yeah "no one would ever put them through that ridicule on purpose" but they in fact do with many different methods besides this over the past decades to make themselves stand out and trans is sometimes another tool to achieve that. Thats not denying trans people exist, it is reality. Kids dream of being special and unique.
  3. By this notion, then if a woman is an engineer, but then becomes a teacher and claims her life (or vocation) truly started when she became a teacher, then she is automatically implying that she does not hold engineers in high regard? Thats definitely flawed logic. His wife made the choice. That does not imply you have to choose. Many woman play both roles. He certainly mentions being blessed enough to allow her to completely dedicate herself to educator/mother/wife.
  4. You can extrapolate all you want but it still does not say that the two are mutually exclusive. Literally says its a choice and a choice that his wife did not regret.
  5. You claimed he said they have to be mutually exclusive. I asked where he said that. Here is a list of his speech for reference. He does not say you must do one or the other or even that you have to do both. He said that what they might most look forward to is being a mother and wife. There is nothing wrong with that. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesfarrell/2024/05/15/heres-harrison-butkers-controversial-commencement-speech-in-full/?sh=1e645f067937
  6. Where? Ive read his speech a dozen times. Its like you guys hear what you want to hear. It does not say you cant be both. anywhere. It does say one is more rewarding or desired. However he also says the same of a husband and father so...
  7. May be true but the same could be said of putting a child through unnecessary trials in their social life. You guys act as if this is a concrete subject, as if you either have gender dysphoria or not. There is no middle ground with you in which someone may feel confused but ultimately affirm their born gender but in the meantime they have a significant pressure from the certain groups that this makes them "unique" and "special" and "heroic" and who wouldn't want to feel those things? Then how dumb do they feel when they ultimately change their mind? Maybe some cant bear to change their mind? Im not sure what you mean by communicable here. No i didnt say anything like that.
  8. Transgender and gender dysphoric youth have a much higher chance of suicide. It is literally dangerous. Whether or not they are right with their feelings or justified in portraying themselves is secondary to that fact. There should be a lot more care in what we expose children to. Additionally, I also challenge anyone to find where he mentions a woman cannot have a career. Interesting that no one is mentioning that his wife doesnt allow football or his business to become a distraction from that of HIS PRIMARY DUTY OF A HUSBAND AND FATHER! AMI RIGHT GUYS?! She doesnt want him to have success! Seriously though, why is it that a woman serving her family as a mother and wife is somehow rooted in misogyny but going to serve a corporate overlord is a successful achievement? I'd argue the same for men. Men shouldnt be ashamed to be a stay at home dad if the wife makes sufficient income. Serve your family to the best of your ability, both men and women.
  9. I posted the division winners for last 15 years to illustrate that very few teams hold their division consistently year after year. Only 2-3 teams have done it recently (Bills, Chiefs, maybe Bucs?). Feel like that means that the division winner from year prior is not necessarily the best team in that division for the upcoming year.
  10. normal team discourse? We need to win before we can be given the benefit of the doubt. Complaining that we aren't put on the same level as a team thats been in 4 superbowls in 5 years and won 3 doesn't seem to make sense to me, but like I said you do you.
  11. No idea why the NFL thought Pats 2 out of last 3 games was a good idea to close the season? Maybe they are betting on Maye being marketable? I dont mind it though.
  12. Who cares, we just need to play the games and make the playoffs. I dont really care about "credit" and neither should you. But you do you.
  13. This is said every year, then teams are better, other teams are worse and the image of who's good and who's bad changes and we start all over again with "this schedule is brutal". Didn't live up to being good or decent (due to injury or otherwise): Jets 2x Bengals Chargers Cowboys Bucs Giants Jaguars Lived up to being good or decent: Chiefs Eagles Dolphins (iffy on this one) Were supposed to be bad and were bad: Pats 2x Broncos Commanders Raiders
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