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  1. Without overly favoring allen for obvious reasons which qb would you play? I feel LAC D might stifle Ryan but im worried that Gore and Singletary might run on the dolphins all day. Any advice would help. Im at a loss.
  2. I lost Garoppolo and I have Keenum. My team is a beast and Im 3-0. I think The qb position will be my Achilles heel and ruin everything if i dont make the right decision. Should i go week to week and hope for match ups or stick with one of the guys below? I was kinda feeling Tannnehill but its a divisional match up against the pats and Brady is pissed and will probably take it out on Miami. Im kinda down on flacco, bortles and manning can ruin a fantasy day in one quarter. Was thinking of putting stock in one of the youngsters. Any way I appreciate and info you give. Thanks Tannehill Flacco Bortles Allen Manning Trubisky Mariota Mayfield
  3. So I have a choice between Kareem Hunt in the 3rd, Christian McCaffrey in the 4th or Stefon Diggs in the 14th which I think would be a real steal but not my top guy. I don't know how other keeper leagues work but we are only allowed to keep one and you lose your pick for previous year drafted round of the guy you keep. So its who gets you the most bang for your buck rather than who is your top guy.
  4. My greatest Blunder was a 300 dollar Watkins jersey that I was sure would be on my wall some day. Now its in a bag of cloths in the basement never to be seen again. My greatest triumph was a my beloved Eric Moulds Rookie jersey.
  5. Screw you man, you cant go. Don't you think you did enough damage back in 2007 on a Monday night!!! I was there and screaming this ones in the books and my family and friends have never let me forget it.
  6. At least we know he can bat a ball down with his face. Now that is skill.
  7. I was there also and your right, it was the most electrifying game I had ever been too. The crowd was ridiculously loud and even though we lost it was one of the most memorable games I have ever been too. I lost my voice that night screaming Romo Homo.
  8. If he would have throw the ball he wouldn't have been sacked. Problem being is he sat in the pocket to long staring down receivers that were open. Don't get me wrong the guy got us to the playoffs but he would often look off receivers that were open or would have been open.
  9. Honestly Id say Matt Moore if Bridgewater goes somewhere else.
  10. Honestly I dont want to see peterman on the field again unless he has grown a little ...ok alot. We need a vet to help the rookie acclimate to the team the playbook and just NFL in general.
  11. Ok so I read your post that they didn't delete and all I have to say is wow. Anyone reading that would think TIMMY!!!! or you had a little to much. Maybe next time just gather your thoughts before posting. Be honest with yourself and read your post and ask your self..... does this even make sense. This is the internet buddy get over it.
  12. Don't be a little girl. Aww crap I offended someone. It happens
  13. Im sure it kinda does. Unless they have no plans on taking a quarterback. But that would just be crazy
  14. Don't get me wrong he is not a completely bad qb. The question would be do you want to take a risk of him disrupting the locker room if he starts another ruckus? I say no.
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