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  1. Just heard it on the radio. It seems like alot (2nd rounder) for him though? Not that they care being it will most likely be closer to a 3rd when all is said and done.
  2. Yes, I know. I'm talking about websites that have nice stuff for decent prices. I mentioned hsn just wondering if there's others that I don't know about is all.
  3. Just wondering if any of you would share where you get good deals on Bill's stuff? finished my bar and been adding some small Bills stuff in my man cave here and there.I really been looking for a buffalo bills punisher skull decal for my dart board to but cant find nothing but a 3.5"x7". I found some nice buffalo pillows and area rug on hsn for some really good prices. Where do my fellow Bill's fans get all of there stuff? I live in central N.Y. so I'm not lucky enough to have Bill's stuff at all the stores. usually all you see is giants stuff. Ugh!
  4. Appreciate it thanks. Yea I probably can make the fathead one work. Wasn't what I was envisioning in my head but it may have to do.Im still in the infant stages of building this thing so I have a week or so to check around the local vinyl shops. Thanks for all the input!
  5. Hey guys, Not sure where to post this. If it needs to be moved please do so. I'm building a bar and would really like to put a sheet of Bill's decals all along the bottom outer wall of the bar. I would guess 36" -48" tall by 144" long. Anybody know where I could find some custom decals like this? I want it to be one sheet.
  6. How rowdy does it get at the meadowlands?They have a bus tour right now for the Bill's vs jets opening day. I have been to many Bill's games in the past but I have never been to an opposing stadium. The reason I ask is I would love to buy a good friend a ticket and go together as he has just successfully completed a year after bone marrow for leukemia. I just dont want to do it if he is going to be uncomfortable. The two Bill's vs jets games I've been to in buffalo were pretty wild and alot of fights which wouldnt bother me normally. but I'd hate to subject him to that with his circumstances.
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