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  1. That was my only "complaint". How did her character make that leap to Saul simply from her son being arrested. I might have missed the connection. But it's a very minor 'complaint'
  2. Wow! i didn't expect that kind of ending. they really couldn't have done any better to end the series. i would have been ok fading to black in the room with Kim and Jimmy smoking, but the walk out of the jail was pretty damned powerful and just perfect
  3. couple weeks ago, i took several edibles on a friday night. I woke up still pretty damned high. I laid there in bed and could not for the life of me figure out, in my head, how my body was positioned on the bed😁
  4. I saw the "delerium" tour, not with Geddy, but it was really good. Wasn't expecting much from Lennon, but i was pleasantly surprised
  5. f***!!!! that was also with Ween and primus.....that must have been a bass players wet dream
  6. I have my thoughts on the steroid era and while I love the baseball purist POV, the main people to blame for the hype of the juice era are the fans. We loved the long ball and clamored for it and knew exactly what was going on. It was only afterwards that we started villifying the players. Sure bonds may have been a crusty prick, but Sosa and McGwire were pretty much fan favorites before it all. Oh well, I suppose that's pretty much what being a fan is.
  7. Just checked the Google to clear up the Jeff confusion. Makes more sense now after seeing the episode he was introduced in. Seemed like awkward placement of the episode but I now get the story arc
  8. Welp, I wasn't expecting that episode! 😲
  9. Got tix to jrad in Philly in November. Can't wait. Oh and.....what he said!!!
  10. I'm a big fan of Dead and Company, but I completely get it. I personally thought this tour was fire, I went to 4 shows. I also agree with your point about John K. He should be in the Mayer spot, but if Mayer wants to do it, he's going to get the nod every time, and I'm loving him up there. I got to see John K do a Sunday afternoon acoustic set a few weeks ago and there probably weren't 30 people, he was so damned good
  11. Anyone go to Melvin Seals and JGB in Rochester yesterday? Looks like a great setlist. Saw them a few weeks ago and they were awesome.
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