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  1. if you are a fan of the show, check out the wrap up podcast called 'The Produce Stand", i was the guest host on S3E2, it was fun and it's a great compliment to the show
  2. Going to see them Oct 6th at the Keswick theater outside of Philadelphia
  3. Going to Goose on Friday at the Mann in Philly. Agree with your Sphere recommendations. Really well run for the Dead shows, and holy F*** what an experience
  4. Has anyone said Jennifer Aniston yet?😍
  5. Just finished S2 of The Bear finally. Holy crap. I wound up watching the final 3 eps solo because my gf went to bed. I told her I couldn't wait to rewatch the episodes again with her. Just such a well done show. I can't wait for S3 to start in a couple weeks
  6. Logic, thanks for the info, @Mr Info, i will be there next Friday for sure, hoping to maybe get tix for Sat as well. I am in S109 R28 or S302 R13, still trying to decide if i want to be closer to stage with obscured view of the images or go for the full video effect in 302. @Logic feel free to send me PM if you have any recommendations, suggestions etc. I'm also not a vegas guy and would love to find things other than slots to occupy my time. Staying at the Bellagio btw
  7. F^^k, such a versatile word!
  8. nope, i'm neither 17 nor in a fraternity 🙂
  9. Saw clips of him dedicating half to Noel. That was awesome. Love that he's doing some oasis tunes. Ridiculous these 2 can't behave like adults and put out some more incredible music. Glad you got to see what looks like an amazing show
  10. as much as i love peanut butter, leave the combination to Reeses. Also to answer your question more specifically, red peanut m&ms are the best flavor by a mile
  11. Got through 3 episodes last night, i don't think i like it but i can't stop watching it.
  12. Mintz not invited to NBA Combine this year, wonder if he is second guessing his decision
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