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  1. i'd have given him the seat and told him to keep his money....i don't get the uproar of someone asking a favor and someone else just doing it...perhaps it's just me
  2. @PromoTheRobot and i saw her a few weeks ago as a surprise addition at the WXPN Xponential Festival Free at Noon. I didn't know much about her at the time but holy crap she brought the house down with her short set. Everyone in the audience seemed to really enjoy it and we really weren't the demographic that she would be marketed to. She was really fun and sang the hell out of her songs.
  3. personally I consider the Mets losing a very good thing! GO YANKEES!!!!
  4. I saw that...once again, never miss a sunday show
  5. Saw Dead & Company Thursday night in Camden, didn't love the set list, why do a slow Black Peter as the penultimate song???? Despite not loving the setlist thought they did an outstanding job of playing the songs. Johnny Boy continues to impress and I love that they are giving Jeff C some more freedom. Such a great atmosphere. Jerry must have been keeping an eye on us because despite threats of storms all evening, once 3:15 hit, everything cleared up and it was a beautiful night. Once again i will say that the best cheesesteaks in the Philly area are at donkey's place smack dab in the middle of the ghetto. Although it's on a round kaiser roll, it's really a top notch cheesesteak. Highly recommend putting on your big boy and girl pants and venturing into Donkeys for a great sammich
  6. My 2 oldest "grew-up" pretty much in parallel with Andy from Toy Story, so I am definitely going, I'll probably bring a couple boxes of tissues to try and stem the tide of tears from causing a major flood in the theater.
  7. I love that they do moe. related beers. Saw them last year and Philly and the bar brought in some for the show. I really enjoyed both the beer and the band
  8. I actually will contribute to this thread as i had a new(ish) beer this weekend(in fact i drank several of them). Alchemist, of Heady Topper et al fame, released Rapture in Philly and it was in a few places around town. best i can tell it's the first time making it in a few years. It was very good. i want to drink a lot more. Hey, that looks like my desk :-)
  9. I'm confused. In the article it said he called his mother-in-law right after the draft, but then the article said he met his wife a couple of weeks into his Buffalo stay.
  10. I get to see him at the end of july. Really looking forward to it. I've got his album and it's pretty smokin'
  11. ask @PromoTheRobot how he is....he either saw him a couple of weeks ago in Philly or decided to go back to his Air BnB instead, i can't remember what he did. But the kid is the real deal
  12. While I agree with your sentiment, let me add my own personal clarification. Grow up to the point where you know how to behave in situations that might require you grow up(ie, financial, professional, emotional) but always have the heart of a child and have fun in life. Don't have too many regrets no matter how insignificant something may seem in the grand scheme of things, if you geek out over it, geek out til you can't geek out no more. Life is way too short to not have fun, but it's also long enough that you do need to adult a few times in your life
  13. Listening to the Friday night show now, it sounds incredible. Jeff C keeps moving more out front in each tour and i'm loving it. Johnny Boy is also doing a really nice job!
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