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  1. There's hot, then there's that commercial. It always stops me dead in my tracks ♥️
  2. to borrow a phrase from the utes....she's an absolute smokeshow
  3. Without going through the entire thread, there's nextfilx 2 season series called "End of the F***ing World", it's a british series, 21 minute episode dark 'dramedy' or whatever you want to classify it as....it's very bizarre, but very good....i got sucked into the first season and stayed up way past my bedtime last nite watching it.
  4. I liked in the movie Elf because Zooey Deschanel looked and sounded so frigging hot
  5. Not everyone is ignoring it.... https://www.bostonglobe.com/arts/television/2018/12/03/some-people-are-upset-about-rudolph-red-nosed-reindeer-here-why/5vVt26gAPwtsgsxM1g2zXN/story.html
  6. Tried reading this at 2am and several beers but couldn't get through it because I was so frigging giddy and excited for the recap, I just couldn't concentrate. I've had so many Philly fans thank me in the past day and a half, it's surreal. This game was something special
  7. amazing that SFA is such a good defensive team, leading the nation in forced turnovers? Kind of wild how such relatively unknown schools lead the nation in some categories.
  8. Your game review has the 3rd reference to Von Miller I have heard in the past 24 hours......and trust me, i was sure we were going to hear his name referenced dozens of times during the game, they did such a good job with him That TD pass to Brown into the wind was by far the best pass we have seen from Josh Allen in his young career, hopefully we see more of that. Foster....holy crap is he fast. Great write up Virgil. You said pretty much everything I was thinking
  9. Big Thief is currently making a big splash in the Indie circuit, and for good reason
  10. MTV happened, it became style over substance on that fateful day that video killed the radio star
  11. Was just thinking about this topic and while i could reel off a bunch of bands that are highly underrated(or more accurately unknown by the general public). One band that sticks out as highly underrated is Flaming Lips. Sure they are known, but i think some of their stuff is too 'out there' for main stream play on the airwaves which prevents them from having a larger reach.
  12. I am actually in the process of building a roaster using a turbo oven and popcorn popper. But to brew, I use either a French press or an aero press
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