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  1. I didn't watch any of it unfortunately, but my 2 oldest went both days/nights and RAW. They had the best time as I fully expected. It's pure entertainment and they know how to do it
  2. sliced bread, everything else is compared to it
  3. I kinda like it. he's a quality coach, he takes a step up for future opportunities and oh by the way, one of his players is in the transfer portal and has SU on his short list. This is a great move that potentially fills 2 holes, g-mac and judah mintz
  4. Buddy bought our tickets, i saw those prices and told him my ceiling is $70+fees based on keswick face value. No idea what he paid, but he said he's only charging me my ceiling price.
  5. Welp, just added Jeff Lynne's ELO in Philly and Beat(Tony Levin, Adrian Belew, Steve Vai and Danny Carey) doing King Crimson in Keswick PA in October. I'm going broke with concert tix
  6. 4.8 mag near lebanon nj. it was really strong in King of Prussia PA
  7. this scene is one of my favorite scenes. came out of left field and always hits hard❤️
  8. Hospice workers are super heroes living amongst us. I have no idea how they do it, but I'm glad someone does
  9. Just Added JRAD at the Stone Pony to my concert itinerary. Great band, iconic venue. It was between Stone Pony and Pier 6(?) in Baltimore, saw Billy & The Kids there last year. Opted for Stone Pony
  10. When and where did you see them, it's too bad you had a bad experience, personally i am a huge fan
  11. I love that he has his Quintet lineup "Gov't Mule frontman Warren Haynes, Widespread Panic's Jimmy Herring, Dark Star Orchestra keyboardist Rob Barraco and drummer John Molo"
  12. Love silversun pickups, where are they playing? National?
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