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  1. https://nypost.com/2020/08/07/naked-man-caught-chasing-boar-that-stole-his-laptop/
  2. had to rewind a couple of those several times....they made me laugh 🙂
  3. Not a fan of hers but i'd watch her porn stuff
  4. I rowed crew up through 8th grade, about that time i also peaked at 5-10, got to Liverpool HS where the crew team were 6-5 and above. Figured my future was in drinking....i think i chose wisely
  5. Saw Billy Strings open for Yonder a few years ago.....guy is/was freaking amazing buddy of mine saw this set at Blue Fox with Tommy Emmanuel.....
  6. Don't want to take the shine off of Geddy Lee, but Chris Squire turned some songs from Yes from really really good to frigging insane
  7. moe. debuted this last night on their live stream show that was moved from vernon downs. Nice to see some funky bones playing some.
  8. honestly every bit as good as the '77 tour.
  9. I just bought a 4B 8GB model and am slowly trying to learn how to use it. Curious as to what projects others might have tried on these platforms
  10. There's just so much great stuff out there from so many different era's...PigPen, Europe '72, Spring '77, Summer '89....it's nice to have such a diversity of music and styles from the same band.
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