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  1. Agree with you.....put him out there, you know you have Fitz there to step in if things go south. Give the kid a chance to start 6 weeks in, he's gotten a feel for the speed and size. No sense relegating him to end of game if he is your future.
  2. i want to see more of the chick in the yellow shorts 🙂
  3. Started to watch Cuties last night on netflix, simply to see what the fuss was about. I'm surprised people are so up in arms about the 'lewd' aspects of it and give a pass on the fact that it kinda sucks. saw one boob and figured that was enough for me
  4. Holly Bowling with her rendition of St. Stephen....she's pretty awesome if you haven't heard her stuff...very Dead oriented, all piano
  5. Hey i was 8 years old in 71.... 🙂
  6. might be too soon, but when ever Helen Reddy sang 'I am Woman' and the line 'with numbers too big to ignore', in my mind she was talking about her boobs....is that wrong????
  7. I literally just saw this on facebook and came here to post it to you, and here you are responding to my post.....how weird is that????
  8. I know we are talking looks here, but her latest round of commercials are painful to watch with her 'stammering' to make the acting seem more natural.....i turn it everytime i see them. That is an incredible picture of her, though!
  9. finally watched Dave Chappelle Sticks and Stones....he is pretty damned close to being this generations George Carlin. Unlike Carlin, he tells stories that he makes his own, Carlin gave bullet points. Unlike most other comics, Chappelle doesn't go to the lowest common denominator to get a laugh. It took me a while to get on board with him but he just keeps delivering on some pretty funny and very thought provoking schitt!!!!
  10. I got sucked in and i regret it....while i have a soft spot for the whole franchise...these cobra kai shows are so contrived and filled with horrible acting...ralph machio and that Aisha chick leading the pack. Billy Zabco is really the only one who is displaying any acting chops whatsover, and he is the only bright spot. But alas i got sucked in and finished Season 2 last night, and that rumble scene is one of the most ridiculous several moments in cinematic history...there was just so much wrong with that whole scene. But i will watch season 3 when it comes out...but i will do it begrudgingly
  11. i don't read any re-caps on this board until i read his....rockpile is second.....i keep hitting F5 until i see it...then i can read the rest of the feedback on the game
  12. Great performance by Future Islands a few years back on Letterman. Samuel Herring is a fantastic front man, and i love letterman's reaction at the end...still one of my favorites
  13. 'Mats, Garcia, Brandi Carlile and Wilcovered look interesting to me
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