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  1. I was just joking, but for the record, they preceded your college days by about 5-6 years
  2. please don't denigrate Phish the band by 'comparing' them to this useless waste of an organization
  3. Surprisingly not that bad. 5% alcohol and drinking a few of them doesn't get you all bloated
  4. Victory is pretty pedestrian to me as they are right down the road from me...of course they make some good beer, but I can get it anytime, and often times choose not to
  5. i think the local bills backer bar will have this on tap, and while it's not as good as the kush variety, it's still very good, and NOT a NEIPA I've actually got a package of gummies that will probably be for post-game :-)
  6. No, this is because i don't want to go against the M.U.T., much like i wouldn't eat boston baked beans during a NE/Buffalo game, or eat a philly cheesesteak during a Philly/Buffalo game. I don't want to upset the sports gods by them thinking eating such foods would indicate support for the other team. See, you get it!!!!!!
  7. I had to put up with that and a dude who had bets on other games and constantly talking about the current point spread. Much like you, i stopped playing fantasy football because it took away from my focus of watching my beloved bills.
  8. Normally when I go to watch the game, or pretty much anywhere for that matter, my beer of choice is New England-Style IPA(NEIPA). What should I do??? The struggle is real!
  9. here's one. they never show her face and the ispot site has not listing for actors/actresses, but her voice and what they do show....... https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ozKU/away-luggage-job-offer
  10. His gravesite is iabout 5 miles from where i live. I visited it once.......ONCE
  11. i've tried both, I need more 'practice' making fermented types because i like the tangy-ness of them. Honestly don't have a recipe....i gather up the peppers and use a base of different kinds. Mangos, raising, sweet potatoes, a combination of all, garlic onion. i get an idea in my head and just build from there
  12. i'm always trying to make my own. I grow my own ultrahots and am always trying ways to make them both burning in hell hot, but still flavorful...btw, i'm the one vote for There's stuff in my regular rotation which cannot be measure in mere Scovilles so far
  13. there but for the grace of god.....that video never gets old
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