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  1. Even I won't/can't make a pig face joke about her. Smoke show extraordinare!
  2. Jesus, that's a hell of a llineup. We have pigeons here in philly saturday, but i have to miss it as i will be in denver. Tauk and Hiss are both solid as well
  3. Just finished Clarkson's Farm on Amazon prime. Jeremy Clarkson is such a good presenter, and this show is no different. Awesome show!!
  4. Killers just announced a warm up show at the old electric factory in Philly in advance of the firefly fest. I love this trend!
  5. In today's world, do you really need to be in an office or is it something where you work remotely for most of the time, and take the 45 minute drive a couple/few times a week. I'd imagine keeping a dementia patient in familiar environments would be a great benefit to her
  6. How about some brand spanking new ABBA????!!!!!
  7. Watched the Bob Ross doc the other day. Pretty good stuff.
  8. If anyone is going up there to pick up the Rush Beer, can you pick me up some Puppers? https://www.soundbrewery.com/puppers-beer-usa/
  9. yes, if she provides a new braunfels smoker
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