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  1. I don't like the idea of Pitino coming in. Seems like a risky move. I hope luring Hopkins back isn't off the table
  2. I'm going to look into it. I have an inside friend at XPN now
  3. I hate to admit it, but I kinda like him. He is very quirky and seems to have an incredible attitude and doesn't take life too seriously.
  4. I was floored. Lawn seats ffs. I didn't realize Ben Gibbard had that kind of draw all of a sudden. Hopefully they drop as the date approaches. I REALLY want to go to this one
  5. They just announced a Death Cab For Cutie/Postal Service tour. (A), let's just call it an evening with Ben Gibbard. (B) lawn seats are already $150???
  6. Not basketball related but Syracuse soccer is playing the national championship game on the U. Up 1 at halftime. It's an entertaining game without the flopping
  7. Anyone start Tulsa King yet? I went in with very cautious optimism. 2 episodes in I'm not in the least bit disappointed. Great cast, Stallone is really good!!!! Hopefully this show has legs
  8. Can't wait!!! https://youtu.be/6aoeg2rHGNw
  9. Just got home from the Lemonheads. Walked out after 6 songs. Evan Dando was absolutely stoned out of his mind. Didn't know the lyrics or what was next. So disappointed, was so looking forward to this show. Oh well, can't all be winners
  10. Just got back from JRAD. What an incredible night of music. The Met Philly is a beautiful venue. JRAD is a group of incredibly talented musicians and they absolutely killed it tonight. If you are a Dead fan, you have to check them out
  11. Joe Russo's Almost Dead (JRAD) tomorrow night at the Met Philly, Lemonheads next week in lititz pa, on the campus of Rock Lititz (look it up, it's super cool)
  12. Just got Billy Strings (BMFS) in Atlantic City in February. Should be killer. He just played Rochester last night, the setlist looked amazing
  13. There's already a separate grateful dead thread but this is relevant. Hopefully fans of the Dead and other bands have noticed the Dead songs playing as they go to commercials during these sporting events. Here's a cool article from a couple years ago explaining why! Weir everywhere https://relix.com/articles/detail/deadicated-fox-sports-jacob-ullman-on-bringing-the-grateful-dead-to-the-world-series-and-nascar/
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