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  1. When and where did you see them, it's too bad you had a bad experience, personally i am a huge fan
  2. I love that he has his Quintet lineup "Gov't Mule frontman Warren Haynes, Widespread Panic's Jimmy Herring, Dark Star Orchestra keyboardist Rob Barraco and drummer John Molo"
  3. Love silversun pickups, where are they playing? National?
  4. My '24 lineup so far, it's shaping up pretty nicely Thursday - Big Head Todd at Ardmore Music Hall March 4 - Phil Lesh 84th birthday show at the Capital with his "Q" lineup June 12 - Pixies, Modest Mouse & Cat Power at the Mann in Philly June 14 - Dead & Company at the Sphere September 27 - Ween at the Mann in Philly
  5. not only did i get Sphere tix, i also got Phil Lesh Q tix for his 84th birthday shows at the capital....this year is starting out pretty awesome
  6. I had a very 'pleasant' experience with the presale, got into the waiting room about 10 minutes prior, the queue while a bit slow only was about 45 minutes for me. Picked a couple seats and checked out. Decided to try and get back into the queue and it was less than a minute. tried picking a few choices but they disappeared, just kept trying and wound up with a second pair. I absolutely love the all in pricing aspect. $295 tickets were $295 not $295 plus fees. I saw the breakdown after the purchase but i love that all in price point(blissful ignorance i suppose) I got back half sec 109 and 302 if i recall correctly. I can't wait
  7. Clearly you weren't at shows where Jay Lane sat in for Billy K....he's pretty dreamy😁
  8. Got my tix for Dead & Company for the sphere. Can't wait
  9. About time. Should have never left the confines of Maryland. Virginia is a business friendly Commonwealth and the sports franchises will do well. Not too dissimilar to Philly teams going across the river to Camden NJ. Gotta go where the cost of doing business is more favorable to the risk takers
  10. Los Lobos is playing the scottish rite temple in collingswood nj, might get tix to that. Love the lobos
  11. wound up selling my jrad tix for tonight in bethlehem. just been on the go for well over the month and really not up to the hour drive there and back, sucks but i had to make that tough decision
  12. for anyone with kids who grew up in the 80's-90's, the new Wiggles documentary on Prime is a really fun watch. I loved watching the show with my kids and it was nice to see the back story and the ride they were on all those years
  13. Just saw My Morning Jacket at the Fox Theater in Atlanta Friday night. The Fox is a beautiful venue. MMJ was absolutely incredible. The Friday setlist was everything I could have hoped for. They're such an amazing band and they kill it live!
  14. I've lived in the philly area since 2010 and am in no way shape or form a Phillies fan, Yankee fan through and through and really don't care a lick about any NL Teams. That said, i was rooting for the Phillies fans, being among the hoopla is fun, and it's really nice to be embedded with a fanbase that has had considerable success. Can't imagine Fox Sports is thrilled with a Texas v Arizona world seried
  15. Jack, the study lead called me when i was on vacation a couple of weeks to let me know that all my results came back from the pre-screen and it showed I was "too healthy" and didn't qualify to move forward. I suppose that is good news, but my SA is pretty severe, or at least it was 11 years ago. Oh well. I guess i will have to wait for it to hit the market. Thanks for asking
  16. My Morning Jacket at the Fox Theater in Atlanta in a couple of weeks. Should be awesome
  17. Just saw Bobby Weir and Wolf Bros last night at the Met in Philly. Might be one of the best shows I've ever seen. The energy was off the charts. The setlist was awesome. Horns and strings really enhanced the classic Dead tunes. If you are a deadhead and haven't seen them, I highly suggest you go see them. So freaking good. And for 77, Bobby was as good as I've seen and heard him in years!!!
  18. i have used a cpap for years, best thing i ever did. My sleep doctor is getting me in to a phase 3 double blind trial for a new medication that has potentially positive results. I start the trial next week, really looking forward to seeing how it plays out, but with my luck, i'll probably get the placebo
  19. we meet at a place called CJ&Ecks in Manayunk, it's a smaller, but more fun and better looking group than the other group, plus you don't have to deal with Philly https://www.facebook.com/groups/billsbackersphillyburbs/
  20. Rock and Roll Heaven just paired up Sinead and Dolores as vocalists 💖💓
  21. I know very little about soccer/football and I'm not too ignorant to know about the social/political issues surrounding the sport and the women's team. That said, I'm watching as much of this tournament as I possibly can and am going to root for the US women's team until the bitter end. GO US WOMEN!!!! let's win this once again!
  22. My good friend is at cake tonight. I want a girl with a short skirt and a long, jacket😂
  23. I just bought tix for Weir at the Met in Philly, Oteil and Friends at Stone Pony in Asbury Park, Billy & The Kids in Baltimore and JRAD in Bethlehem.
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