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  1. Anyone start Tulsa King yet? I went in with very cautious optimism. 2 episodes in I'm not in the least bit disappointed. Great cast, Stallone is really good!!!! Hopefully this show has legs
  2. Can't wait!!! https://youtu.be/6aoeg2rHGNw
  3. Just got home from the Lemonheads. Walked out after 6 songs. Evan Dando was absolutely stoned out of his mind. Didn't know the lyrics or what was next. So disappointed, was so looking forward to this show. Oh well, can't all be winners
  4. Just got back from JRAD. What an incredible night of music. The Met Philly is a beautiful venue. JRAD is a group of incredibly talented musicians and they absolutely killed it tonight. If you are a Dead fan, you have to check them out
  5. I use that line all the time. 😂
  6. Joe Russo's Almost Dead (JRAD) tomorrow night at the Met Philly, Lemonheads next week in lititz pa, on the campus of Rock Lititz (look it up, it's super cool)
  7. Just got Billy Strings (BMFS) in Atlantic City in February. Should be killer. He just played Rochester last night, the setlist looked amazing
  8. There's already a separate grateful dead thread but this is relevant. Hopefully fans of the Dead and other bands have noticed the Dead songs playing as they go to commercials during these sporting events. Here's a cool article from a couple years ago explaining why! Weir everywhere https://relix.com/articles/detail/deadicated-fox-sports-jacob-ullman-on-bringing-the-grateful-dead-to-the-world-series-and-nascar/
  9. The crowd was decent but not packed, Phillies were playing so understandable. It was fun. There was clapping between songs just like a concert. The movie itself was not the full show, but that was fine. The Tivoli show was definitely a fun show, so seeing most of it on the screen was awesome. The camera shots and audio were stellar. It was very much like back in the day when there were simulcast events in theaters. Well worth the night out
  10. I like the 76ers, they are the old syracuse nationals, so i have that connection, but i will NEVER jump on a teams bandwagon just because i happen to live there. I see too many people who have no issue acting as if they are life long fans just because they are in post season.
  11. I admit, I'm an absolute homer and am very jealous when my team isn't part of the current hype. How do y'all watch games when your team isn't involved? Do you root for the local team?
  12. What a great evening. They were brilliant in their decision to record everything and let the fans also record everything. It lets fans enjoy things 50+ years later
  13. I'm going on Tuesday in King of Prussia https://youtu.be/fSOr513CHDE
  14. Hal Steinbrenner is indicating Boone is staying . Not sure how I feel about that
  15. Interesting strategy by boeheim, using the entire bench in the first half then a more traditional lineup in the second. Hulu has it for me
  16. I mean, boeheim went 12 deep in the first half. And IUP is ranked 2nd in D2. Not your typical exhibition game
  17. there is zero reason for the Yankees to not have these types of players every year. Sucks for other teams, but like you said, there is really no salary cap, and the yankees have never been shy about spending money to build a dynasty. recently that money spent has been in the wrong spots. Let's not forget though that not having DJ and Bennetendi really hurt this team down the stretch, and as f***ed up as it may sound, losing Aaron Hicks actually hurt in terms of depth and positioning of players, not necessarily in terms of production. Not knowing who is playing SS or who is leading off is a Boone thing, not sure he can be the future, despite his winning %age. Things need to happen
  18. Frigging Donaldson looking at 3+ strikes, it's so damned frustrating
  19. They accomplished their goals, they got 15 minutes of fame
  20. Bob and John Mayer share a birthday as do Jeff Chimenti and Brent Mydland. Cosmic karma
  21. I got the final night at Oracle, also grabbed the Sunday boulder show and 2 Philly Tix. Tried to get gorge but got timed out of lawn seats. Now I've got a few months to figure out how I'm gonna get to the west coast shows
  22. My son played a festival in KC that deadmau5 headlined a couple weeks ago. He said a he was very good.
  23. And he pulled into the batting average lead by .001 point
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