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  1. You forget many posters here are from the old BBMB and should be considered top dawgs too.
  2. greenyellowred

    Dont look now but word is Josh Allen is already there

  3. I haven't been here for a week. What's going on? Is there a link?
  4. greenyellowred

    The Bills have bragging rights over the Packers

    Are you that Green Bay from the old BBMB that always came on acting friendly towards the Bills?
  5. We weren't set at RB as we also traded Greg Bell to get Bennett.
  6. You can't be a murderer without a conviction. And OJ did not confess to anything. It was all hypothetical.
  7. Semantics aside, we don't know for a fact that he killed anyone. So it is not right to call him a murderer. He was not convicted of the crime of murder. Besides, he was and is a Buffalo Bill. Fans didn't stop supporting Kobe or Big Ben after they were charged with rape, so it should be no different with OJ.
  8. Apples and oranges. Urlacher was a middle linebacker. Sorry, OJ was never convicted of murder. Murder is a legal term. It is possible he may have killed someone without justification, but he did not murder anyone.
  9. greenyellowred

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    The legal doctrine is anyone who participates in a felony is equally as responsible. So if the perp accidentally killed her, it would be murder and both the perp and the person who authorized the burglary would be charged equally with all crimes.
  10. I have SiriusXM satellite radio right now and it expires July 19. I was going to renew, but recently there has been faulty Bills reporting. Over the weekend they had a news report every half hour or so that kept on saying there is a new NFL snow rule, inspired by the Indianapolis-Buffalo game last year. They said non-players helped clear snow so Adam Vinatieri could kick a game-tying field go to force OT, and that Indy went on to win it in OT. Now, the final score was Buffalo 13-7, so there was no field goal; and Buffalo won, not Indy. Since it was on auto play, it drove me insane each time it played. Can't they even get the basic facts correct?? Did anyone else hear this? And some guy reported here a few months ago that Brady Quinn on SiriusXM's "Moving the Chains" said the Chargers failed to beat a playoff team last season, except they did (they beat Buffalo). It's like they have no respect for the Bills, so I am tempted to stop my subscription, despite good coverage otherwise (way better than NFL Network). Oh, just as a stupid aside, James Lofton works one of the weekend shows on SiriusXM and he butchered California place names. He said "El Say-guhn-doh"" instead of "El Say-goon-doh" (El Segundo), and something else which was even worse, but I forgot what it was. I almost died when I heard it. Just like my father said "Luh Joe-luh" for "La Jolla" (Luh Hoy-uh") in the 1970's when I was a child.
  11. I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with his conclusions, but these are some excerpts of what Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported today: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/lesean-mccoy-buffalo-bills-allegations-philadelphia-eagles-marcus-hayes-20180711.html "[Shady] took that opportunity to remind me of something I’d written after his rookie season, in which I’d characterized him as something other than the world’s greatest young running back. As a rookie, McCoy, a second-round pick, shared the starting role with two other running backs. My characterization was accurate at the time, but I congratulated him on the progress he’d made in the year since. He replied with a loud string of expletives. He impugned my professionalism, my acumen, and my intelligence … and then he stuck his finger in my face and told me he should kick my “[bleeping] ass.” [...] About a year later, in the locker room while I was waiting to interview another player, McCoy called me over to his locker. Asante Samuel, his good friend, stood next to him. There, McCoy began to deride me again for a subsequent story. I told him I had no interest in having that conversation in that space. At that point, Samuel grabbed me by the arm to hold me in place. [...] But these incidents, combined with others in McCoy’s past, paint the picture of, at the very least, a man who struggles to resolve conflict with civility. He has been connected with a nightclub brawl, kicking a female guest off a party bus on the New Jersey Turnpike and, frivolously, tipping badly."
  12. greenyellowred

    Why oh why does this happen to us!

    I read this on another board: Scenarios of what could have happened: "1. Shady sent a one of his buds to get the jewelry. She wasn't expected to be there but was and things got out of hand. This would still be on Shady and he's done. 2. One of Shady's pals knew this has been stressing him out so he took it upon himself to go get the jewelry back thinking that would impress McCoy. Still bad for shady but he may be able to save his career. 3. Word had gotten around that shady was trying to get the jewelry back. Bad people found out it was in the house and went to rob her. Only way Shady walks away clear. 4. She was going to be evicted later that day (there was a hearing set for yesterday that is now postponed...hmmm) so she set-up a "robbery" to make it look like the jewelry that she was supposed to return (and was curiously enough wearing in bed at 3 AM) was stolen and blamed it all on Shady."
  13. greenyellowred

    Why oh why does this happen to us!

    This is way premature. There is no indication McCoy had anything to do with this. MyCoy is an honorable, good man. All indications point to a random attack or some guy thinking the house was empty.
  14. greenyellowred

    Top 16 All Time QB's According to Gil Brandt of NFL.com

    Not buying it. And the CFL is not "professional"; not even close. Kelly had a career record of 101-59. Moon's was 102-101. Kelly's career QB rating was 84.4; Moon's was 80.9. Kelly had a career TD/INT ratio of 1.35 vs. 1.24 for Moon. I'm not even going to get into how much Kelly was better vs. Moon in head-to-head games.