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  1. The point is the Bills will dominate next year. You can expect a wining record just like the Rams did in Goff's second year. You need to lighten up and enjoy the process.
  2. You're welcome. You are free to go to other posts if you don't like it.
  3. Following Week 16, we currently are tied for the seventh pick with Tampa Bay in the 2019 NFL Draft at 5-10. The Jets draft third at 4-11. We would have drafted fifth had the Jets managed not to blow at 15 point lead to the Packers last week. I cannot believe their level of incompetence. It takes "talent" to blow a lead of that magnitude. Not even the Bills could do that. Ugh. Here is the current draft order: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001004332/article/2019-nfl-draft-order-cardinals-no-1-broncos-close-in-on-top-10 1. Arizona - 3-12 (SOS .520) 2. San Francisco - 4-11 (.484) 3. NY Jets - 4-11 (.496) 4. Oakland - 4-11 (.533) 5. Detroit - 5-10 (.509) 6. NY Giants - 5-10 (.520) 7. (tie) Buffalo - 5-10 (.529) 7. (tie) Tampa Bay - 5-10 (.529) 9. Jacksonville - 5-10 (.536) 10. Carolina - 6-9 (.484) 11. Atlanta - 6-9 (.500) 12. Denver - 6-9 (.507) 13. Cincinnati - 6-9 (.531) 14. Green Bay (6-8-1) (.493) 15. Miami - 7-8 (.496) 16. Washington 7-8 (.482) 17. Cleveland - 7-7-1 (.507) 18. Philadelphia - 8-7 (.527) 19. Pittsburgh - 8-6-1 (.516) 20. Tennessee - 9-6 (.507) 21. Minnesota - 8-6-1 (.484) 22. Indianapolis - 9-6 (.462) 23. Oakland via Dallas - 9-6 (.498) 24. Baltimore - 9-6 (.500)
  4. greenyellowred

    2018 Head Coach Rankings

    On the Steeler forums, many posters have been calling for the firing of Mike Tomlin very vocally. So there is a good chance he will be available next week, assuming they don't make the playoffs. I doubt he would come to Buffalo though.
  5. Wrong! Shredding the dead weight = rebuild year 1. And if you are not on the bandwagon, feel free to defect and support another team. Thing are looking great for the future, but all you do in your posts is p*ss and moan.
  6. greenyellowred

    I don't believe in the 3 year plan happening in '19

    We replaced a veteran QB with a rookie, lost three offensive lineman, and our RB is a year older, in his 30's.
  7. Post fail. It is the second year of the rebuild.
  8. greenyellowred

    Colts v. Titans...Decides Buffalos Final Away Game In 2019

    No, the Bills still could finish in 4th and the Jets 3rd, meaning we would play at Jacksonville next year.
  9. greenyellowred

    Tonight is the Raiders last game in Oakland

    They may play in Oakland next year. They said nothing was off the table. They may also play in the SF Giants park, SF 49ers stadium, Reno, or Las Vegas at the UNLV stadium.
  10. greenyellowred

    Around the NFL Week 16

    A good QB would have kept up with Green Bay. Allen wold have. Would you trade Allen for Darnold, straight up? I didn't think so. He still sucks. He is a fumble machine and the Jets will pose no threat to the Bills in the future.
  11. greenyellowred

    December 31st & 2019

    Yeah Happy New Year for everyone but those two. I'd at least wait until the 2nd.
  12. greenyellowred

    Around the NFL Week 16

    The Bills could have passed the Jets today in draft order, but the Jets had to completely blow it. The only good news is that it is obvious with the Jets loss that the Bills made the better pick in drafting Allen. Darnold sucks.
  13. And the Sabres ranked 8 out of 123. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24367000/the-top-25-most-miserable-fan-bases-professional-sports This ESPN index took all 123 pro sports franchises in the four major sports, and concluded which were the most miserable. I am a little miffed. We are definitely no longer a miserable city since we had a dominant 2017 season and made the playoffs, almost beating the Jaguars, who alsmost beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. And there were many teams on the list who now have longer post-season droughts ranked below us. They also failed to give us credit for having Josh Allen, one of the top two or three players drafted this year, and who all agree will lead us to numerous playoff victories in the next 20 years. And they failed to give us credit for a dominant 2004 season, where we finished just out of the playoffs at 9-7, but were ranked as one of the greatest teams of all time not to have made the playoffs after extensive statistical analyses. They rip us apart for things that happened in the 90's, lol. ESPN is grasping for straws.
  14. Which player has a bust in Canton? That is your answer.