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  1. greenyellowred

    Brandon Bean failed to provide Josh Allen a mentor

    Also: Bledsoe-Losman and Kelly-Collins.
  2. greenyellowred

    Has there ever been a more anticipated Bills preseason game?

    I posted this same topic back in July, and this board made fun of me. Just shows you the stupidity of many of the posters here:
  3. greenyellowred

    Anyone remember November 29. 1998?

    For reference, September 7, 2003 was the day Tom Brady became a superstar. Buffalo that day caused the Patriots to become a dynasty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlTQcHmIE6Y
  4. greenyellowred

    Interesting Astro Tweet re: Beane

    We need to pick for OL or WR more.
  5. This is a bizarre statement to make in response to the thread. Insecure about your masculinity?
  6. Video documentary mentioned in the article OP posted: I got in trouble at the Buffalo Bills message board back in the day for posting a pic of the dildo.
  7. greenyellowred

    Top 10 biggest traitors in Buffalo Bills history

    Thanks for your support and welcome aboard! I agree with the points you made. And, yeah, I hate Gary Anderson more than anyone else. He potentially set the Bills back big time.
  8. greenyellowred

    Bills trade with Browns for Corey Coleman

    Over at the NFL forums, they are saying Cleveland is making room for Dez Bryant or Terrell Owens to fill the number two spot, since Josh Gordon may not be ready. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000945164/comments/browns-trade-corey-coleman-to-bills-for-draft-pick
  9. Josh Allen has been compared a lot to Ben Roethlisberger, since they are both big, mobile QB's. Roethlisberger was drafted 11th overall, whereas Allen was drafted higher, at 7th. Roethlisberger also came from an inferior college compared to Allen (Miami of Ohio vs. Wyoming, respectively). This arguably makes Allen the better QB prospect. In 2004 in his rookie season, Roethlisberger started Week 3 for the injured Tommie Maddox, and won 13 consecutive games, to lead Pittsburgh to a 15-1 season (he didn't play in Week 17 at the Buffalo Bills since they had already clinched homefield in the AFC). He also won the divisional game, making it 14 straight wins for him, and then finally lost the AFC Championship game to New England. The year before, Pittsburgh finished 6-10. It was clear that Roethlisberger was the reason they became so good. They even beat 14-2 New England that year and 13-3 Philadelphia in the regular season. Let us take a lesson from Pittsburgh: Josh Allen needs to be starting sooner than later. (BTW, as an aside, as mentioned above, Pittsburgh beat Buffalo in a close game in Week 17, 29-24. The Bills finished 9-7 and were ranked by ESPN (was it 538?) a few years ago as the greatest NFL team ever not to make the playoffs. They used advanced statistical methods to come to this conclusion. That's how good of a team were were back then. Also, I was going bonkers in 2004 since the Bills didn't move up to draft Roethlisberger. I wanted him above Eli and Phillip. We were drafting 13th and couldn't manage to maneuver ahead of Pittsburgh at 11. Instead we moved up to draft JP Losman later in the 1st round. This has haunted the Bills ever since.)
  10. greenyellowred

    So pumped for our national TV game vs. Cincinnati on August 26

    I still have a loser mentality due to our performance in the mid-80's (1982-87) and during the drought And also losing 20 straight times to the Dullphins from 1970-79. It will take dominating the Patriots for 10-15 years to eliminate that. Or winning a SB. (Or a Sabres Stanley Cup.)
  11. greenyellowred

    Allen already a factor in QB race 😌

    Agreed. I have been waiting since Kelly retired in 1996 for this. 21 years without a franchise QB. Josh Allen is the real deal and the QB in this draft. He is the best QB the NFL has had since Peyton Manning. LOL. We weren't supposed to make the playoffs last year, but we did. This current OL is fine. Shady will have at least a 1,500 yard rushing season. Agreed. I have not seen the Bills this hyped for a player since Jim Kelly arrived in 1986. Agreed. Get on the Josh Allen bandwagon now, or don't bother later on. Go cheer for the Cheatriots or Dullphins.
  12. greenyellowred

    So how is josh Rosen doing.

    Don't forget we had a chance to draft Mahomes too last year.
  13. greenyellowred

    Question about 90's Bills

    The entire nation did not want Buffalo to return to the SB. In fact, Jay Leno of the Tonight Show joked at the beginning of the season this was the time where all of the other 29 teams get to battle it out to see who plays Buffalo in the SB. Also, we did not know who the NFC rep would be. SF and Dallas were good, but no one could have predicted them in the SB. The Bills, however, were the clear favorites in the AFC.
  14. greenyellowred

    So pumped for our national TV game vs. Cincinnati on August 26

    No. I do realize it is a pre-season game, but how can you not get stoked for national TV? The nation will be watching and is going to be judging us. We need to make an impression. And how often are the Bills on national TV? Enjoy it while you can.