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  1. RPbillsfan

    2018 PFF Final Mock Draft

    Absolutely Allen over Jackson. I think both Edmunds and Vander Esche are both going to be muitiple time pro bowlers. We ended up with Teller an Wallace. O'Neil could have alleviated our need for a RT. Chubb may have allowed the Bills to move off McCoy in this off-season, Dickson as punter, never would draft a punter. Miller could have been the WR needed in this draft. The actual draft produced a long-term slot corner in Johnson and Siran Neal could be that hybrid S/LB the Bills D wants and needs. But it is an interesting comparison.
  2. RPbillsfan

    2018 PFF Final Mock Draft

    Just for fun this is who Pro Football Focus selected for the Bills in the 2018 mock draft completed 10 days before the draft Round 1 Lamar Jackson Leighton Vander Esche Nick Chubb Anthony Miller Wyatt Teller Brian O'Neil Michael Dickson Levi Wallace Based on what we saw from our actual draft class vs the performance of the players listed above. Would you prefer the actual or what we did. Round 1 Jackson & Vander Esche Round 2 Chubb & Miller Round 3 Teller and O'Neil Round 4 Dickson Round 5 Wallace Picks in 6th and 7th traded
  3. We just signed Spencer Long, bye Vlad
  4. I believe Groy is a free agent
  5. I'm thinking Ducasse soon and Ivory after the draft. Bodine is a serviceable back-up, Murphy is an ok player, I'd give Murphy and Star another year and the s will be Shady's last year in Buffalo anyways
  6. RPbillsfan

    Charles Clay Released

    He's TJ Hockenson and I think he will measure out at 6'5", 255 and if he runs a 4.65 at the combine and shows explosive standing broad jump and vertical leap he will be a sure top 10 pick.
  7. With Charles Clay being released today who else do you think the Bills will release before 3/13/2019.
  8. This guy is total garbage and cutting him saves 2.2 million, but more importantly gets the stench of him off our roster.
  9. Done it in the NFL is important,but equally important is "how you do it", do u do it the context of a team production or do you do it for your own stats and Rep. OBJ, and Brown are selfish "me guys" with crazy cap numbers and are off the field train wrecks. No thank you to either. Nice for fantasy, not much for a successful team
  10. You post possibly in relation to numerical production. But in Hockenson the Bills are getting a Gronkowski play alike who is also a great blocker. He's not going to be a "me" guy Diva the OBJ is and is young and will grow with the young talent being put together.
  11. RPbillsfan

    Brandon Marshall (LB) to be released by the Broncos

    Older and injury prone. Think I'd prefer Thomas Davis for an experienced back-up
  12. I'd much rather draft Hockenson at 9, Hakeem Butler by trading 2nd and 3rd to move back-up in the 1st and draft a young RB to take over for McCoy in 2020. Add that to Foster, Jones, McKenzie, Croom and a veteran laden offensive line with a new RT, C and G and you have the building blocks of a great offense.
  13. Connection between new Bengal HC and Tannehill
  14. As the first domino in the QB market fell yesterday what is the implications to the Bills and potential trade down options. QB Possible destinations: NY Giants - have Eli, Haskins is best QB in this draft but Murray is very tempting. Jacksonville - Cap issues need to be cleared to allow Nick Foles to be brought on Dolphins - Tannehill to be cut, Bridgewater probable pick-up in "two win for Tua" season Bengals - Tannehill reunited with new HC, Dalton trade bait Redskins - Smith out for the year maybe Dalton Tyrod to Ravens to be Back-up for Jackson Looks as though there is no trade down for teams looking for a QB Haskins and Murray go in 1st round, Lock slips to late 1st, maybe Chargers or Patriots Bills stay at 9 and select BPA at position of highest need after free agency
  15. RPbillsfan

    Corey Liuget DT going to be cut

    Obvious typo, sorry did one mistyped world confuse you.