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  1. RPbillsfan

    If you could change one draft pick

    The absolute best answer, my first thought and let's not forget John McCargo when we could have drafted Gronk
  2. RPbillsfan

    Should we look at Eddie Lacy

    I was reviewing free agent RB's in light of the allegations against Leshon McCoy and the possibility of some type of suspension. The name that caught my eye was Eddie Lacy who is only 27 and not to much use over the last couple of years. I realize he has had weight/conditioning issues and is primarily an inside, between the tackles type but may be able to play and give the Bills a decent one-two punch with Chris Ivory. Just a thought for the board to consider.
  3. RPbillsfan

    Jordan Poyer family drama

    Does this affect his ability to tackle, track passes in his area or in any way affect his on-field performance. I'm surmising no, therefore non-football related. If your interested in drama and soap opera's I'm sure there is plenty on TV to keep you amused
  4. RPbillsfan

    Bleacher Report has Allen with 12 starts

    Love the sarcasm
  5. I don't think the Bills even have the worst passing lineup in the AFC East. Let's compare Dolphins: Kenny Stills - meh kind of guy Danny Amandola - back side of his career Albert Wilson - he of about 20 catches per year in KC Devonte Parker - Could be good but slowly moving into bust category Mike Geseki - Rookie TE, great hands, not an in-line blocker Dylan Smythe - More blocker then receiver RB - Nothing to get very excited about Jets: Robbie Anderson - Good, speedy, major character issues Chad Hanson - May be best of the lot down the road Quincy Enwauwa - Has he lost speed since his injury Terrelle Pryor - What player are you getting, stud with Browns/bust with Redskins Who plays TE or RB for this team, thinking I might not stay up all night game planning for Bilal Powell and what lumbering stiff the Jets line up at TE Patriots: Julian Edelman - See you Game 5 Jordan Matthews - Could breakout as he is an excellent slot receiver, Edelman may not get his job back Chris Hogan - Sneaky deep speed, does get open, may be their best deep threat now Cordelle Patterson - KR and gimmick guy Phillip Dorsett - Can provide deep threat inconsistent routes and hands Best TE and RB combo in the NFL
  6. I am thinking now that the OTA's and mini-camp is over, when will we read about the signing of Josh Allen. Are the Bills considering adding any players before training camp?
  7. If the Bills beat the Ravens in week 1, I would love to do a throwback uniform to the 1980 Bills. Then at the gate hand out Talking Proud products such as foam fingers and buttons to each person. Then, get the crowd rocking by playing Talking Proud over the sound system. Can you imagine the DB level in the stadium as the whole game day roster is introduced. This would be before the game broadcast of course but I would love to see a throwback to the past and invite the remaining Bills players to the stadium to celebrate. Anyone think this is a fun idea
  8. RPbillsfan

    RIP Dwight Clark

    My heart goes out to the family, and glad he passed peacefully surrounded by the ones he loved and who loved him the most.
  9. RPbillsfan

    Eric Wood, 6/1 cut & Roster Addition

    Do you know how that impacts our salary cap?
  10. As I understand the Bills can formally release Eric Wood on Friday, split the dead cap between the 2018 and 2019 seasons which would result in an approximate addition of about 3.3 million dollars to this years cap availability. Plus this also adds a roster spot with about 22 million left in cap space and only the Josh Allen and Harrison Phillips contracts to complete. Based on slotting, those contracts will take about 4.5 million in 2018 cap space leaving the Bills around 17.5 million and one open roster spot. Intetested in your opinion on what the Bills might do.
  11. RPbillsfan

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    So much great feedback from everyone I appreciate your input.
  12. RPbillsfan

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    Thank you for your input, I just tried to put out a topic that would be fun and would have a lot of different thoughts and opinions. Just St trying to spice up the off-season
  13. RPbillsfan

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    It's something I was thinking about doing being born in 1957 and my memories of the Bills going back to 1963 and starting a scrap book from the Buffalo Evening News and the Courier Express newspapers. Such wonderful memories
  14. RPbillsfan

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    Fantastic feedback and thank you. What about Wray Carleton?
  15. RPbillsfan

    All Time Bills 53 man Roster

    Love the feedback I'm getting from this post. So many quality players can't fit onto the list. Its not the best 53, its position dependent causing a lot of possible different players from different eras. Thank you for your feedback