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  1. I understand your point. But it seems there is limited actual news now. I was simply trying to get feedback on moves in the future. I have generated feedback on comparable posted topics. Each new topic I generated has nothing to do with what is currently posted. Speculation is one of the things that keeps media in business. How long have CNN and MSNBC run the Trump Russia and the 2016 topic going using some news, lots of speculation and looking to solicit viewers. These are not just random thoughts. It's speculation and solicits interest and feedback which is the objective of media in today's marketplace.
  2. The title is posed as a question. The body explains a potential trade giving clarity of: with whom why its possible how it could be done positions to target that fit BPA in position of need What is a "Facebook topic" I'm sure others would be interested in your logic
  3. I'm a bit confused, you write such a glowing response to "David Cully going to the Ravens" post, like if anyone cares about a guy no longer with the Bills. But you find fault with a Bills related topic that's getting interest. Guess maybe I should see where Crossman or Castillo end up and do a topic on that. Would that get positive probs from you?
  4. To go from 9 to 2 would probably cost next years 1st, and our 2nd this year, whatsleft to move back into the first round.
  5. With Gronk retiring, do you see Irv Smith getting past NE with the 32nd pick. It's assumed Hockenson and Fant are going in the first 20 picks
  6. Looking at teams who may be interested in getting additional picks I found Seattle who has only 4 picks in this draft. The Seahawks pick is at 21, the draft value chart has that pick valued at 800 points. The Bills could offer the 2nd, 3rd and 1st 4th, total value 800 points. Bills would have 2 firsts, nothing in day 2, but would have 6 picks, 4th, two 5th's, a 6th and two 7th's. My thought is a DT and TE in round 1, a RB in round 4, then BPA for the rest.
  7. Pats have 8 million in cap space with their 9 million draft allocation, they have 12 picks, one in the first, 2 in the 2nd and 3 in the 3rd. Yes, they will add to their roster, but the Bills have added strongly in FA and have 3 times the Patriots salary cap space with 10 picks. The Bills have their QB and the Patriots need to spend a high pick on a replacement for Brady. We also 3 picks in the first three rounds and the possibility of a trade down to pick up another 2nd day pick. I think the Bills have a very comparable roster to the Patriots better in some areas, even in a few, lesser in others, but very comparable.
  8. Draft I can see, FA not so much as after the draft allocation they have $8,000,000 in cap space
  9. Position by position bills vs patriots QB - Huge advantage Patriots RB - Close to even OL - Bills slight advantage WR - Bills TE - Bills slight advantage PK - Bills currently until Gostowski resigns P - Patriots ST - Patriots DL - Bills LB - Patriots CB - Patriots S. - Even Look at the current Patriots roster at TE and WR, is that a competent group
  10. Yes with Gronk doing amazing blocking, who's gonna do that now
  11. Any chance you could explain how. Looking at their roster vs that of the Bills, which do you think is better
  12. The key point in the topic is if the Bills were considering a TE in round 2, the three best will probably be drafted by pick 40. The FA TE market is now dried up. There is quality talent left at DT such as Suh and Wilkerson and the X factor of Gerald McCoy in Tampa possibly available in trade due to cap concerns. To me, it seems that the Bills may alter their plans in the balance of pre-draft FA and may affect their draft plans.
  13. I've been watching the team with Gronk, Walker, Hogan, Cooks, Amendola etc. How many of them are left. Thats my point
  14. With Gronk retiring and other major free agent loses the Patriots will be much weaker and vulnerable next year. I reviewed Sportac NFL link and looked at the current TE and WR on the roster and it's worse then what the Bills had last year. Of course the Patriots do have 6 picks in the first three rounds to rebuild, but also have serious holes to fill. One Bills point in this is that we can assume Hockenson, Fant and Irv Smith will all be drafted in Round 1. I believe this may alter the approach in the rest of free agency and in the draft. My feeling is that the Bills make a move at DT now in FA, maybe even offering a pick for TB 3 technique tackle Gerald McCoy. With the Bucs in dire cap status, they could move him to the Bills and pick up 13 million in cap space. That would free up the Bills to draft a TE in round 1, if a trade down is viable select Hockenson (all purpose) or Fant (major downfield threat) with their first round pick and then BPA thru the rest of the draft.
  15. I'd like to see them add Spann, then Teller could be moved to practice squad.
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