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  1. RPbillsfan

    2018 Schedule Weeks 5-8

    It's my belief that this offense will get better as the season moves forward. McCarron is better in my opinion that what people think and the offensive line and skill positions will be better then advertised. Plus in three of the 4 games the Bills are playing the bottom half defensive teams in the league (minus a healthy Texans D)
  2. RPbillsfan

    2018 Schedule Weeks 5-8

    Part 2 of the Season Preview from my perspective Week 5 At home vs Tennessee Bills coming home after a pair of tough NFC North matchups. Tennessee wants to play run orientated smash mouth football but finds the Bills defense a tough nut to crack. Bills back 7 shuts down Titans subpar passing game and then takes the lead forcing the Titans into catch-up mode. Late turnovers seal the game as the passing game begins to click and make plays. One score lead going into the 4th quarter extends to a 13 point victory. Bills 27 Titans 14 Week 6 @ Houston Bills take their road show for the 4th time in 6 outings and head down to Houston to take on the Texans. Bills defensive line dominates this game stuffing the running game and putting pressure on Deshon Watson and his receivers. Bills struggle against Texans front 7 and game moves into 4th quarter tied at 13. Bills running game comes to the rescue and generates a long TD drive and the secondary comes down with a late interception to seal the victory. Final score Bills 20 Texans 13 Week 7 at Indianapolis The road show moves to Indy as they take on the rebuilding Colts. Andrew Luck makes Indy better and additions on the offensive line help his protection and running game, but the Bills are the better squad and maintain an edge throughout. Running the ball well, controlling the clock and special teams winning the field position battle. Three Haushka fg's and three TD's are enough to handle late Luck led comeback, final score Bills 30 Colts 24 Week 8 Home for Monday Night football vs New England Crazy atmosphere right before Halloween 👻 and the added incentive of Thurman's jersey Retirement make for a loud wild Monday night with the division leading Patriots. Wild back and forth game with Brady having some success but not as much as usual. Bills also moving the ball well with Shady and Ivory. As usual Bills dominating the special teams. But a late Brady TD pass fuels the comeback so the final score Patriots 27 Bills 24 So, midpoint of the season the Bills are 5-3, 2nd place in the AFC EAST, 5th seed in the AFC with 5-1 conference record.
  3. RPbillsfan

    2018 Schedule Review Games 1-4

    Well, your damming of the opposition is faint praise for the Bills. Minnesota was in the NFC Championship game and has added Talent on the defensive line, improved at QB and gets back Delvin Cook. The Chargers had a great draft, improved their offensive line and added a quality place kicker. The Packers get Aaron Rogers back and has improved their secondary in the draft. Even Baltimore has improved their receiving with the free agents and their draft choices. So as much as I appreciate your optimism I think factually you have to look at the other teams in more detail. Thanks for your serious response to a legitimate post. Go back to alcohol consumption and don't bother to provide us anymore of your quality feedback
  4. RPbillsfan

    2018 Schedule Review Games 1-4

    What is your thoughts on the Baltimore and LA Chargers games
  5. RPbillsfan

    2018 Schedule Review Games 1-4

    Just looking at the games and the matchups, it seems to me that the Vikings defensive line is a major mismatch for the Bills offensive line. I don't see Buffalo being able to establish a running game and being put into a position to have to throw, I see sacks and turnovers being the difference.
  6. RPbillsfan

    2018 Schedule Review Games 1-4

    I was thinking the very same thing. But honestly I think the only way the Ravens do that is if a major injury with a starting QB happens and the Ravens can trade him and move his contract. They can't cut him because of the cap ramifications and if they bench him, that will create a cancer in the Ravens locker room and kill their season
  7. Breaking down my thoughts for the 2018 Buffalo Bills, this is for weeks 1-4 Week 1 @ Baltimore Ravens This will be a good opening test for the Bills. Defense is historically ahead of the offense early in the season and this suits both teams. In my opinion we are fortunate to get the Ravens early as they won't have much opportunity to integrate Lamar Jackson into their offense. A Joe Flacco led offense with pedestrian running backs and average WR's and rookie tight ends dosent put fear into me. This will be a low scoring affair, a key turnover and good special teams play will give the Bills the edge in this one. Just don't let Justin Tucker beat us with a late long distance FG. Lets say Bills 16 Ravens 10 Week 2 Home vs Los Angeles Chargers This is a tough home opener. Chargers may have best team in the AFC this year. The experience of Philip Rivers is the kryptonite to a defense such as the Bills. He makes the plays that are open and he has a talented, deep and scary set of offensive weapons. The Chargers are equally loaded on defense especially on the defensive line and the secondary. Their weaknesses are a weak run defense, untimely turnovers and poor special teams. To win the Bills must control the clock, win the field position battle and limit the possessions Rivers gets. I see a close game coming down to a late interception of Rivers allowing the final to be Bills 24 Chargers 20 Week 3 @ Minnesota This is a tough one for the Bills. The matchups strongly favor the Vikings as their front 7 has the potential to dominate. I see Buffalo struggling on offense, giving up a couple of big pass plays and not playing well on the road. Bills hang tough thru three quarters, but fade in the 4th. My feeling is Vikings 23 Bills 13 Week 4 @ Green Bay 2nd road game in back to back travel, physical game against the Vikings will take its toll in this game but unlike the Vikings game, the matchups are much better for the Bills. Thinking we can run on the Packers front 7, can get some pressure on Aaron Rogers and shut down the Packers running game. This will be more of a shootout for which the Bills offense is not quite ready to win. My prediction is Packers 30 Bills 24 So, for the 1st quarter of the season I predict the Bills to be 2 and 2. The best part is that they are 2-0 in the AFC and have 3 of their 8 road games out of the way. Love to read your thoughts on my Q1 predictions.
  8. RPbillsfan

    Roster Review/Special Teams

    Here is part 3 of my roster assessment. The Special Teams. The other 1/3 of a game is in the area of special teams. Win the battle of field position, maximize your ability to score points when the offense gets bogged down from the 40 yard line on in. The Bills have an outstanding place kicker with a big time leg who has proven to be a clutch performer. Punting is a strength, and the Bills have assembled a roster filled with smart, fast and versitale players very capable of winning the punt coverage and kickoff coverage aspects of any game. The return game will have some new faces who have yet to perform in the bright lights of the NFL and their talents will soon be seen. My thoughts are that the team is poised to have a top 10 overall special teams unit this season
  9. RPbillsfan

    Roster Review/Offense

    It's so hard to estimate 2018 offensive production based on so many changes in personnel, change of offensive coordinators and the implemention of a new scheme. Have to think the offensive line will be more to the strengths of the current players on hand and adding youth and better athletic talent should mostly offset the losses of Wood and Incognito. I don't even factor Cordy Glenn into the line losses as he was already replaced by Dawkins. Lets see what a health Kelvin Benjamin and Zay Jones bring to the WR group and hope that we can find in Streeter, Holmes, McDonald, Prohel, Kelley, and Foster, two more useful pieces. Thinking the TE group will be better with more experience and we should be better at RB. Hoping for more time of possession and keeping turnovers low, I expect we will have more passes intercepted but less sacks and a higher completion rate and yards per attempt. This team can win 10 games if it plays complimentary football regardless of the challenges of the schedule.
  10. RPbillsfan

    I like the look of this roster/Defense

    Completely agree, I think the issues the D had last year were so many three and out type of possessions. If the offense can make a few more first downs the new additions on defense will really take effect. My concern is will the greater three down efficiency on offense be offset by more turnovers. Tyrod's greatest strength was lack of giveaways, if that total goes up any gains made by the more efficient offense will be neutralized
  11. RPbillsfan

    Roster Review/Offense

    I think the offense is much better then what people are thinking. Really depends on how well the play is at QB position
  12. RPbillsfan

    Roster Review/Offense

    This is the 2nd roster review, special teams will be the 3rd Installment. The Bills have drafted the QB of the future in Josh Allen, the question we all have is how soon that future will be. If training camp is a truly open competition then Josh stands a good chance of starting opening day in Baltimore. His physical skills are beyond reproach and he has the mental aptitude to learn the offensive quickly. Whether he can translate the skill set to the NFL level is the question we will only get answers too in the upcoming months before the opening game. if AJ is the clear cut winner then I feel we are in capable hands. He has solid targets in Benjamin and Clay, a developing talent in Zay Jones, and potential with Streeter and Holmes and rookies McDonald (special teams), Prohel (slot) and Foster as a potential deep threat plus others fighting to make the team. AJ in college showed the ability to both manage a game and throw the deep out patterns needed to open up defenses. O'Leary adds playmaking ability and solid blocking at back-up TE, Logan Thomas has another year to develop and Lee adds goalline blocking ability. The running back situation is outstanding, McCoy is still pro bowl caliber and is an outstanding receiver out of the backfield, Ivory greatly improves the running back depth and will get quality touches, lover Caderet as a 3rd down back and DiMarco is an outstanding blocker. That leaves us with the big question mark, the offensive line. Like Dawkins at LT, Mills grades are better then he looks, Newhouse and McDermott add depth. We do need a long term answer at C, Groy and Bodine will be serviceable this season, actually like where we are at with the G position, Miller should reemerge in a new scheme, Teller may displace Duchasse and if injuries occur, Groy can slide over to G and Bodine can play at C The 2018 offense will be a developing work in progress, not good enough to win games but I think can function to maybe 21 points a game and control the clock with far fewer three and outs. Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome
  13. As I look at the roster I see a lot of potential for this season and the seasons to follow. I can see the Bills playing a 4-2-5 type of defensive scheme with a player like Siran Neal being an in-the-box safety/hybrid linebacker similar to Dion Buchannon of the Cardinals. Looking at the defensive line, I see excellent depth at the tackle and end positions with a renewed ability to stop the run and generate more pressure then last year. Edmunds has the potential to be an amazing game changer in the middle, long, fast and a sideline to sideline presence and his length and athletiscm should create havoc in teams passing games. Milano was solid last year and will get better with more experience. The secondary is outstanding in both scheme and personnel. Our safety pairing of Hyde and Poyer are in the top 3 in the league, T White and Vontae may be top 5 and they are all playmakers. I foresee 35 to 40 sacks, 20 interceptions and 12 to 15 fumble recoveries on D. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated
  14. I believe that the Bills offense will be far better then what most believe. AJ will be a better pocket QB, will make on-time throws and has enough movement skills to buy time and make a few plays with his legs. The offensive line is going to be better with a new style of play and better coaching. The wide receivers are going to improve with a healthy Benjamin and Zay Jones and the new additions. My expectations for AJ are 3500 yards passing with 22 TD's and 10 Ints, 61% completion rate.
  15. RPbillsfan

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    Is there a reason for this stupid post. Two reasons, either you are in severe need or attention or you are going for sarcasm. To let you know, you failed on the latter and as for the former, well, get a pen pal, go on a chat line or simply write letters to incarcerated prisoners before you decide to spew any additional nonsense.