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  1. McD. You all act as if we wouldn't have a thousand fire Daboll threads after he almost had consecutive blowouts, least of all to the Cardinals. If it was any other team, the Giants aren't winning that game.
  2. Ok well in the spirit and context of the discussion, and in that case are they really ok? 2-14 2019 (did start 0-2) 4-11 2020 (did start 0-2) 10-7 2021 (did not start 0-2) 12-4 2022 (did start 0-2) 0-2 2023
  3. I really don't think the rest of the jets team played that game any better than they would have with Rodgers. I dont think they "responded" at all. They just took advantage of what Allen gave them.
  4. Josh should have made a different choice, but no one can say Davis ran a good route that play. The guy telegraphed his route and allowed Whitehead to jump the route.
  5. Such a respected reporter that he didnt report it. He just named it in a lawsuit 3 years later.
  6. Can I ask why you think there is over representation of minorities (edit to add playing) in the NFL? I feel like that would go a long way towards realizing why there is a mismatch here.
  7. A sworn statement that someone else (for all we know is anonymous) told him Pegula said something? Yeah lots of weight 🙄. 132. Thus, in response to an allegation by an employee (the reporter) and complaint by another employee (Mr. Trotter) that an NFL owner (an employer) made racist remarks that ridiculed Black players (also employees) for their social activism, the NFL did absolutely nothing https://www.wigdorlaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Trotter-Complaint.pdf
  8. He could say nothing. He could say that his comments were not attributed appropriately. He could say he said it. In the end he categorically denies he ever said it. Why don't you put the same inquisition into the accusers remarks? The guy is suing the league for discrimination, what else would he say besides the owners are saying racist stuff?
  9. Are all the overreactors going to reel themselves back in now? Or are we going with "why would someone in a lawsuit ever make ***** up" lol.
  10. Off topic but sometimes it is so hard to see because they zoom the damn camera in on the line, and you hardly ever get to see the wrs running their routes and the dbs behind them unless they are super short routes.
  11. Ok agree. If Josh doesn't have 4 turnovers a game, then we won't have a broncos type year.
  12. Really wish we wouldve grabbed another top WR. I think there is something to be said for defensive players saying Davis doesnt have a great route tree.
  13. Nice moving the goal posts. Are we losing in the playoffs, or having a broncos type year? Get your story straight.
  14. Bills lost to Zach Wilson last year and went 13-3..... The Jets built a defense to stop Allen and imagine that, they did. 🙄
  15. Man some of you are so lame. The guy dates an actress and suddenly he is too into hollywood and not into football. such a stupid line of thought.
  16. Thats fine and he should have saw that, but it doesn't change the fact that Davis can run a better route and prevent an INT and have a sizable gain.
  17. He almost got Allen killed early in the game. Just got blown up. His job is to block and he looked like a running back picking up a defensive lineman.
  18. Which point do you disagree with? Yes, he had a bad game, but it is a good defense too. Josh was taking what was given to him in the 1st half and got antsy in the 2nd half. Especially that 3rd and 2 where we threw for like 12 yards incompletion. Either way, the turnovers were bad but there are certainly explanations on why a DB was able to get the jump on a route for instance. If Davis makes any type of move to freeze the DB, that DB is not going to jump the route. Instead he just runs straight then cuts for the pass.
  19. Mahomes final drive against the lions was 4 plays -15 yards and all they needed was a field goal also.
  20. You are in the wrong thread. The overreaction thread is over there. Allen had a bad game against a good defense, that's clear. The 1st INT was basically a punt. Wish it was a completion, but down it at the 3 yard line, fine. 2nd INT is like wtf are you thinking. 3rd INT is all davis not running good routes and telegraphed his route easily. Fumble, no excuse. Catch the damn snap.
  21. I think its rather the negative fans exist in every fanbase. This one's fans are just emboldened because of our lack of a super bowl and they think they are some accurate predictor of the teams chances when in reality they aren't unique or foretellers. There are thousands just like them on every other forum. Just take a look at the chiefs forums. Tons of negative fans prior to winning the super bowl and after tonights loss, i guarantee there are tons lamenting the decisions of the org. Every fan processes in their own way, and its fair to be annoyed at the negativity the same as they can be annoyed at the excessive positivity. But when push comes to shove, I'd rather be positive and root for my team than pretend I'm the Nostradamus of football and play "told you so" all year long.
  22. You are the reason Josh started limping after Burrow got hurt. Karma is real. Just stop wishing bad on people. Its that simple.
  23. So do they still donate to charity for these or did they drop the charity part now? Also are every other team's little people generic non specific players? They all have double 00 as their numbers except the Bills who have Allen, Knox, and Von Miller.
  24. There have only been 35 Super Bowl winning head coaches in 56 years. You are telling me every other head coach is inept?
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