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  1. You can say either the Bengals or Bills control their own destiny should the Bengals beat the Chiefs. It is odd that you'd mention that they could control theirs but that the Bills doing the same is "unlikely". Some of these Bengals wins have been quite close which would be a negative for them if it were Bills wins. I mean in one post you lambasted the Bills for "barely" beating the Browns which the Dolphins defeated handily, but the Bengals could "control their own destiny" despite getting routed by the Browns on Halloween...but you just have a hard time seeing the Bills win out because...
  2. I always think about this. I definitely think they tanked their 3rd seed in week 18 on purpose to stay far away from the Chiefs at #2 and #4 seed. It turned out it was inevitable they that had to beat them but after we gave the Chiefs an emotional roller coaster one week earlier. If they don't tank against the Browns: AFC Playoff seeding 1) Tennessee Titans (12-5) 2) Kansas City Chiefs (12-5) 3) Cincinnati Bengals (11-6) 4) Buffalo Bills (11-6)) 5) Las Vegas Raiders (10-7) 6) New England Patriots (10-7) 7) Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1) Wild Card Steelers at Chiefs Patriots at Bengals Raiders at Bills Presumable Divisional Bills at Tennessee Bengals at Chiefs Now here we are again. If we don't get #1 seed, I want #2 seed for sure. Let us take the Chiefs on in the AFCCG and hope other teams either get lucky or wear them down. The silver lining is we got the glorious beatdown of the Pats though 😂
  3. And people wonder why we push back on stuff like this.
  4. I'm not making it personal or emotional, no idea where that is coming from, I am making it about the statistics. We are 2 games ahead of our competition for wild card. If it was reversed you'd be arguing we are all but eliminated. I know many people were arguing that way after the Bucs/Pats loss last year after losing the AFC East lead for a bit. We lose Von Miller for a few weeks hopefully, but we get Tre White back. Things change, crap happens, and its cool to discuss but the constant building up of opposing teams while discounting ours and our accomplishments gets old and yes is defeatist pessimism.
  5. Dominating you say? Steelers 10 - Dolphins 16 Lions 27 - Dolphins 31 (down 27-17 at the half) Bears 32 - Dolphins 35 (Bears had 32 with 11:38 left in the 4th quarter so not garbage time) Browns 17 - Dolphins 39 Texans 15 - Dolphins 30 So cool they dominated the Browns and Texans. Recency bias at its best.
  6. You are speculating the Bills will lose more than 3 of the next 6 which is a 66%+ lose rate that puts us at 10-7. I am speculating the Bills will win at the same rate they've won all year at 72% win rate. That puts us at 12-5. They could dip below 72% and drop 2 (66%) or 3 (50%) of remaining games but that is not likely. The problem I have with the pessimistic line of thinking is that we think these teams will suddenly do better than they have: Patriots 54% win rate will suddenly become 66% win rate Chargers with 54% win rate will suddenly become 66% win rate Jets with a 63% win rate will suddenly become 66% win rate Dolphins with a 72% win rate will suddenly become 83% win rate Bengals with a 63% win rate will suddenly become 66% win rate So you have everyone pegged to do better or equal to what they have been all season but the Bills you have doing worse. Its defeatist pessimism.
  7. I don't doubt we can lose a couple more games but there is zero indication we would lose more than 3 which is the same amount of losses in 6 games as we had in 11 games. Thats pessimistic at best. Assuming we win 3 more games, we beat 3 of the Jets, Pats, Bengals, Dolphins, Bears, 5 of which are our direct competition. Bills @ Pats Dolphins @ Bills Jets @ Bills Bills @ Bengals Pats @ Bills On top of that, our direct competition (assuming we don't win the division) is the Bengals, Jets, Pats, Chargers. Guess who they play? Jets @ Dolphins Bengals @ Pats Dolphins @ Pats Chiefs @ Bengals Dolphins @ Chargers That's at least 3 losses potentially dealt by us to our competition and a guaranteed 4-5 losses minimum dealt to our competition. That is also assuming they run the table on the other random teams they play? Give me a break. The chance is there sure, it always is. But it would take a very specific failure by the Bills, and very specific wins by everyone else for it to happen. To be speculating it on a Bills forum as a "real chance" is silly. See above.
  8. How can you possibly even say this with a straight face? Sheesh. We think the playoffs will be Chiefs/Dolphins/Titans/Ravens/Jets/Patriots/Chargers? 2 games ahead of both the Chargers and Patriots and we have 4 games against the AFC East left and the AFC East play each other 3 more times. Like come on. 🙄
  9. They almost lost to the titans anyway too. They have been playing a lot of close games. One of these days the balls gotta bounce our way. They almost lost to the Chargers/Raiders 3 times too.
  10. Think there needs to be a "be competitive in the playoffs" option. Obviously, the ultimate goal is the Super Bowl but so long as we are competitive in the playoffs, we will get one eventually. Last year wasn't an unsuccessful season, and neither was 2020. This is so silly. Dan Reeves made the Super Bowl 3 times with Elway. He gave the Broncos a chance to win it all and was not the reason they didn't. Besides Elway, how can you possibly say the Broncos team of 97/98 was the same as the one in 86/87/89? Does anyone think the Bills team of 10 years ago is at all the same as the current one? All things are not equal besides head coach in this comparison.
  11. But the conversation was about us getting to play the weak AFC East and KC getting to play the weak AFC West? Yes we all know the Titans and Jaguars games screwed us.
  12. Yeah, why do people think the injury wouldn't occur in the normal timeslot at the Superdome or Ford Field?
  13. But we did when referring to our division. We went 11-1, so what are you talking about?
  14. Disagree. Based on record, Dolphins and Patriots have been on par with Chargers and Raiders. Jets were weaker than Broncos, sure I guess. Not to mention we nearly swept the division 11-1 in those two years, so not sure how we didn't take advantage of the cake walk. I think 12-0 is a bit much to ask for....but mother nature is a son of a B I guess?
  15. Yeah the Vikings game 🤬 Curse has to end eventually though and Patriots stadium vs the Bills is her next stop. She is also a Chiefs fan.... All in good fun though.
  16. I think your version of constructive criticism is far different than what is actually happening. Literal polls on if we should hire Sean Payton 😂
  17. If you want Payton, be prepared to miss the playoffs 40% of the time at least with Drew Brees as his QB all of those years. With a much smaller sample size, McDermott misses the playoffs 20% of the time with the one and only time being Josh Allen's rookie year. You guys drool over Payton but if McDermott had his record, you'd kick him out the door.
  18. I don't know man. I saw Jackson on the back of a jersey way too many times after big plays. Some were his fault, some were just good plays, some weren't his fault but they were surely picking on him for a reason.
  19. Can this thread just be merged into the GameDay thread? These stupid random hot takes aren't any different than a game day thread comment and aren't deserving of their own thread. I actually believe OP thought we were going to lose and posted this to got the hot "fire everyone thread" for... I don't know... Emoji points? Edit: the person's handle is actually "behind enemy lines" too... I mean come on. It's a troll.
  20. Yeah I was thinking this as well. Given Dane Jackson getting burned every play, it was a big potential to be game winning drive for them. The missed xp made them slow down for a tie instead.
  21. Maybe its been mentioned in this thread but does Crowder come back from broken ankle at all? Eh its usually Kelce and usually because he engages a defender, then pushes the defender off of him and runs free. Either DPI or wide open every time.
  22. Its like all the bandwagon fans were like "Superbowl? I'm in!" and then we play against competitive teams in the competitive NFL and they are like "this ***** is lame, I'm out" and trash the team lmao. Gabe Davis has just as good of a stat line as the WR corp the OP is swooning over.... 29 catches 612 yards 5 tds - Davis 46 catches 615 yards 2 tds - Smith-Schuster 27 catches 459 yards 1 td - Valdez-Scantling He does need to stop dropping the ball but sheesh what a bad take.
  23. Toney is apparently injured again too. If it were sammy they'd be calling him glass. The defense did stop them. On the goal line right before regulation. Then Josh fumbled. The defense then stopped them on the goal line in OT to prevent the go ahead TD. Josh threw the game losing pick. Ideally they should have stopped them well short of the goal line for sure, but down 4 starters they did their job. Josh would be the first person to admit that the fumble and pick gave the game away.
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