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  1. I don't know about the advanced analytics, but my eyes told me that they played great against those studs on the WFT D line. Josh didn't get sacked once. He got flushed to his right a few times, but that's usually a good thing. He's probably even more accurate running to his right than in the pocket. And when he's running, it means he might just tuck it and rumble for a (nearly) guaranteed first down. As long as they stay healthy, I think our O line is in good shape for the long haul.
  2. Agreed. The only reason he even showed up is because he's going to have a LOT of legal bills to pay in the next few years, and he can't afford the fines.
  3. The two top abilities in football are availability and reliability. Our current TE1 is missing the latter, and our current TE2 is missing the former. At the very least, Hollister had both. He was not injury prone, and he had consistent hands. I see that as an improvement over Knox and Sweeney. And his chemistry with Josh was just starting to return to their college day level. There's got to be a reason for this. Did Hollister steal a girlfriend from Josh back in college??
  4. Could it be that Beane & Co are checking out the new list of available TEs, like a certain one from eastern PA (if the Eagles choose to cut him loose)? And if they don't find one better than Hollister, they'll bring him back? Seems cold hearted, but we are talking about the NFL here.
  5. Our two rookie behemoths are going to be terrorizing edge rushers for years to come. Let's give them some time to show what they got.
  6. Bam may have started his Bills career as a 7th rounder, but he ended it as a major contributor to all 4 phases of special teams. I wish he could've been kept on the roster. But if he couldn't, it feels like he was worth more than a 6th rounder at this point. That's kinda where I'm at. It's just a feeling that we didn't get enough.
  7. Don't worry. The NFL will find a way to get your money, one way or the other.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. He could be a good replacement for Breida, should he get banged up. AND they'd be doing a solid for Motor, keeping his old college buddy around.
  9. I hate all this. Can we just get to REAL games, please?? I don't need stress seeping into my weekly 3-hour escape from life with my beloved Bills.
  10. But Josh already signed his new contract, right? Doesn't that mean Beane and Co. can unpucker for a while? Just kidding, of course. Whatever Josh wants, Josh gets. And I think Hollister is going to be pushing for TE1 by midseason.
  11. That's right!! And he and McKenzie were training together in the offseason. Maybe he was trying to pick up some speed tips from Haake!!
  12. He's got some good instincts, but I remember the Fins punter almost running him down during his house call in week 17. He had to add a few juke moves to get in.
  13. Yeah, I was thinking something closer to "dedicated", but this works, too.
  14. So that's why the Falcons were so desperate to trade him a few months ago. Now I get it.
  15. It sucks that he won't be on the sidelines for a while. But if you have to have a long recovery, that's the kind of chair to do it in! Get well soon, Jim!
  16. Agreed - Whoever wins the job in camp will get the job. But my guess is that it will still be RB by committee.
  17. Browny's hosting OBL now. It would be Maddy Glabb getting suspended for TMI...which could only help her image. Now the Bills need to go all out on a birthday present: a 20 year contract extension, so The Man retires as a Bill lifer.
  18. I gave you a point for having the resilience to locate this ancient thread. Now how do I take a point away for dredging it up again to begin with? Duke became a dying breed when Davis and Hodgins were drafted 15 months ago.
  19. Just wanted to confirm that @ColoradoBills is correct. All players on the roster at the start of the regular season (including those on IR, PUP and PS) count against the cap. The only ones who don't are those on the commissioner's exempt list. So, the Texans are about to get $35mil in Watson's salary removed from their cap.
  20. 100% - I'm thinking that it was Josh's personality traits that attracted Beane and Co. the most. Of course I'm sure the howitzer arm and overall strength of a bull didn't hurt, either. 😄
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