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  1. Doesn't the 1:00pm game cut into the Early Bird specials? LOL
  2. Exactly. That's why we needed to get a 1T in the draft. Even a 5th or lower would've been something.
  3. The Packers are going to trade Rodgers, to the highest bidder in the AFC. They're just trying to make it look to their fanbase like they did everything they could to keep him. They were obviously ready to move on from him. Otherwise, why trade up in the 1st round for a high profile QB? You don't do that for a backup. Rodgers threw a wrench in their plans by winning the MVP. Now the Packers FO can't sell it to the fan base that Rodgers' skills are slipping. Once they complete the "we'll do whatever it takes to keep Rodgers" dog and pony show, and Rodgers bad mouths the o
  4. https://www.nfl.com/news/lions-agree-to-trade-matthew-stafford-to-rams-in-blockbuster-deal-involving-jare "Detroit will acquire Goff, a 2021 third-round pick and first-round picks in 2022 and 2023 in exchange for Stafford, per Pelissero." The Rams are screwed.
  5. That's one of the Rams picks that they traded to Detroit for Stafford. Apparently, tankathon thinks that that puts the Rams in the NFC Championship. I'm not buying it one bit!
  6. Until 20-25% of the salary cap goes to your QB. That's what closes the SB window, FAST!!
  7. http://www.tankathon.com/nfl/mock_draft is the same, only a different RB: Another Spiller???
  8. I'm fine with no startable CB or TE. But to completely ignore the 1 tech DL is baffling to me. Star is coming back. But A) what if he doesn't have it anymore, and B) what if he gets half way through camp and decides to hang it up for good? And if he is there this year, who else is in the 1 tech rotation? If they try to make Ed play it again, I'm going to lose my %&#$. He was drafted #9 overall to be our lightning bolt disruptor in the middle of the line. If that's how he's going to be used again this year, you might as well trade him for a true 1 tech, and let him
  9. I think they're going to give the young and cheap Dane every chance to win the CB2 job. If that doesn't work, one more year of the Levi project. I think he's become the veteran backup, in a cap reduced world.
  10. The 49ers can't send next year's 1st. They spent that to get to #3. And the year after that, too. How do you make that trade??
  11. You are correct, sir! My bad, @mannc! Too many prospects with similar names to keep track of. I'm sure Beane will get it right on Saturday. 🙏
  12. It's Avery Williamson. I'm thinking we better use one of the 5th rounders, because he may not last until our #213 in the 6th. But he could be our KR/PR for at least the next 4-5 years.
  13. Me, too. Take Creed, and let Mitch ride off into the sunset while his brain still functions.
  14. In the Wizard of One Bills Drive I trust!! He's not going to do something crazy. He never has. He's making calls. That's what GMs do.
  15. These NFL "insiders" have a pretty sweet gig. If they're right, they take all the credit. If they're wrong, then it was the source's fault. And if you want them to prove there was a source, they claim they're journalists and that they don't reveal their sources. If this story is true, then it's Beane trying to coax the Jets and Jags (and any other weak-minded franchise) into picking RBs in the 1st round, pushing the rest of the board down to #30.
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