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  1. Leave it to the NFLPA to unify the players......through PARANOIA!!
  2. Both of these guys need to spend an hour, sitting alone in a comfy arm chair in a quiet room, and contemplate this question: "Why does it matter?"
  3. I didn't mean to imply that I thought Beane was perfect. There's been misses here and there, although I can't agree with 3 of your 4 examples. Star and Trent may have been paid handsomely, but they've been starters/contributors on a Top 3 defense since they've been here. Gore was signed primarily as a locker room leader, and the ultimate mentor for a stud rookie RB. Over-using him in the 2nd half of last season was due to the inexplicably ultra-conservative philosophy and play-calling by the HC and OC. And Vontae Davis...well, you got me there. Somebody should have seen that he was a petulant child at some point before the Big Bail. Anyway, Beane's hit to miss ratio when it comes to finding the right players in FA and the draft has to be in the neighborhood of 10:1. And his overall cap management is among the effective in the league. I'll take the bad with the good with this guy, because there ain't a whole lot of the former.
  4. I trust Beane and his staff implicitly. How long has it been since I could say that? Polian?
  5. THIS!!!^^^^^^^ The owners, front office, coaches, players and fans of the Super Bowl winning team should get the "Intestinal Fortitude" Award!
  6. I'm fine with his decision either way, as long as he doesn't drag it out. We're all dealing with decisions to protect our kids. That makes you a father, not a humanitarian.
  7. Back in '89, I was the sports director of the campus TV station at SUNY Cortland. (Not much glam, but gave me something else to do besides drinking.) I sent letters to every sports team, pro or college, with any kind of national or state level juice, to see if we could interview some of their players for a show we were producing at the time. I heard back from 2 teams. The Syracuse University football coach, Dick MacPherson, assigned a grad student to arrange for a few interviews with some players with aspirations of going pro. (I think he wanted them to get some added interviewing experience, before it meant anything.) So that was nice. The only other call I got was from the Buffalo Bills, and it was from Marv Levy himself!! I almost swallowed the phone in my crappy Cortland apartment when I heard that gravelly voice I'd heard 100 times before on the other end. Of course he was calling to let me know he wouldn't be able to arrange any interviews with Bills players. But he did it in such a classy, appreciative way, along with the fact that it was coming from the man himself, I hung up the phone feeling like I'd just gotten an award, rather than a gentle brush off. Marv became a hero of mine that day, and that memory has mentored me ever since.
  8. "Their" money????? How do you think you get YOUR money??
  9. When he can't get open anymore, the NFL will agree with you.
  10. Agreed. If there's one thing football doesn't need more of is pontification! Riddick is great. He should be the next commish. The other two? We'll see...
  11. This is crushing. I mean, I'm not trying to point fingers, but are these guys not following the mask/distancing rules? Do they not know that a full year of salary is on the line for every one of them? Again, I don't know the details of what's going on there, but 5 positives in 4 days means the ball's being dropped somewhere.
  12. Game plan??? You mean the one where you did nothing for 8 months, assuming the pandemic would do as it's told and go away before August? I'm stunned at how unprepared the NFL is to combat this situation. They were handed a gift when Covid showed up as soon as the 2019-2020 season ended, giving them a full off-season to come up with a plan to keep their money train rolling, and it turns out they had their heads in the sand the whole time??? WOW!!
  13. Hard choice. I'd like to see the whole team be able to practice together, but I also don't want to see any of our guys jettisoned before they get a chance to prove themselves. I have faith in McBeane to do what needs to be done.
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