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  1. Josh Allen didn't finish his career at Wyoming as statistically the best quarterback to have played there. But in terms of leadership, will to win, and dedication to his team, he's the greatest to have played for the Cowboys ever, IMHO.
  2. They all received their lettermen jackets at the halftime ceremony. The apology was a long time coming.
  3. I wasn't just referring to this day, but the negativity that has been swirling on this forum since day one. I predict that JA will be the QB that finally brings the Lobardi Trophy to Buffalo. On that day the negativity should cease, hopefully.
  4. I'm perplexed by the negativity directed at Josh Allen by some so-called Buffalo fans. What don't you like about being 9-3? Back when he was drafted, several members of Poke Nation, me included, came on here to assure you that you were getting a guy that would be totally dedicated to the team, the city, and it's fans. Stats, schmatz. He's the face of the franchise and a winner. What more do you need?
  5. Really cool. Did you notice the young man next to him was wearing a Wyoming hoodie with No. 17. Go Pokes!! Go Bills.
  6. The Frontier flight from Denver to Cheyenne, WY was nicknamed "The Vomit Comet". You could tell who the rookies were if they took a drink or coffee. Usually, they ended up wearing it.
  7. Allen and Gentry have a mind meld. Did you not watch the video? Those two together are a force multiplier. Tanner is not the biggest nor the fastest, but he catches everything Allen threw at him. You really had to experience it to appreciate it. I’d like to see if the magic is still there. Like a lot of so called experts that have no clue about Allen, a lot of people have poo-pooed Tanner. If he could get back with Allen I think that would be the difference.
  8. He really gave it his all to win a spot on the roster. Of course, I'm bias, the more University of Wyoming players the better. Speaking of former Wyoming players, If Chicago drops WR Tanner Gentry, the Bills ought to pick him up. Allen and him were money when they played in Laramie together.
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