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  1. if we are the #1 seed, he will win MVP - plain and simple
  2. First two week worries, Are now gone with Josh being back, A lovely prom pose.
  3. Please don't share this outside of this chat... but my cousin did a deep dive on all of this and said Josh Allen will be just fine
  4. Josh Allen needs to be better... plain and simple the good news, is we've seen him do it before... so I am hopeful
  5. comes with the territory - look at Lamar Jackson last night
  6. great opportunity for him - I enjoy watching Minshew Mania
  7. I honestly think he knew it was be cut or get Vaxxed
  8. Sign Roberts, cut McKenzie (his antics have become a distraction to the team and it's obviously rubbing McD the wrong way)
  9. I agree 100% with this move, I would be FURIOUS if McD did the Andy Reid move and had him play the first half... if something happens to Mahomes he should be canned
  10. yup, once the season begins it works fine
  11. It would be really nice if Mac Jones, Tua and Zach Wilson were all busts but their teams believe in them and give them 3 years or so to prove it 😈
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