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  1. Father time in our minds usually relates to us Bills fans hoping Tom Brady fades away... however recently he seems to be slowly Thanos snapping other QBʻs around the league... - SNAP! - "Mr Stark, I donʻt feel so good..." - Andrew Luck - retires because his body was breaking down. - Big Ben - elbow. done for the year. - Drew Brees - hand. 6 weeks. - Cam Newton - foot. TBD but not looking good. - Joe Flacco - running on fumes in Denver. Letʻs say those 5 are on the way out... which are the next wave of FRANCHISE QBʻs to fall victim to Father Time?
  2. a 300 yard game this week and our home opener would be a nice touch to add to the progression
  3. 1) O line giving Josh time 2) Josh throwing accurate lasers because of it 3) Devin Singletary making me not miss Shady one bit
  4. We all come with a bias on these message boards of being Bills fans... some loved him when drafted, some hated, and most had their doubts... but out of curiosity - what would need to happen for you to finally sit back and be like "alright, Josh Allen is the franchise" My answer: eliminate head scratching turn overs, and at a minimum split the season series with the Pats but be relevant in both games
  5. I once thought TO was just a rumor... but then it happened Canʻt count anything out
  6. seems non biased and accurate... I hope more of these are available as the season rolls along (win or lose)
  7. rest Devin, let Josh throw for Tree Fiddy
  8. OBJ scored on the same route that Josh under threw Zay on... imagine if he was on target and scored
  9. Josh Allen is better than Baker... there I said it
  10. not trolling... IF singletary is hurt is the premise of this thread... and IF he is hurt, I am not comfortable with Gore and Yeldon as our feature backs. UPDATE: If the jags are cleaning house, I am down for a cheap Fournette deal also.. IF SINGLETARY IS HURT
  11. We went 2-0 on the road. Josh Allen is showing enough progress to prove he can win games for us as long as we have a steady O line and a run threat. Gore is a legend, but he is no longer a game breaker. Singletary was the perfect fit for us, but if he is going to be out, we make the move now... Call the Chargers and offer a 2nd round pick. Pay Gordon.
  12. WEEK ONE: B- WEEK TWO: B 19/30 - 253 yards - TD - 21 yards rushing - rushing TD - 63% completion rate A tale of two halves for me, and it could be play calling... but I think I liked what I saw today. His ability to assess the gambles better are beginning to show: throwing at guys feet when the screen isnʻt there vs throwing the ball out of bounds vs chucking the ball to someone open to complete the first down. 1st half: I loved that the Giants came down and scored right away. It allowed Josh to enter a game knowing that he needed to get momentum back, and that he did. He ended the half with 200+ yards passing and I was so excited to see them come out of the half and just deliver the knockout punch. Well... 2nd half: I blame the majority on play calling but jeez that was a let down. Still though, Allen did what needed to be done and made the throws necessary to seal the deal. It wasn't sexy, or the "fantasy football" QB1 game for the ages, but he did better than last week... and most importantly got us 2 road wins to start the season. FUN FACT OF THE WEEK: Josh Allen is now tied with Sam Darnold for wins at Metlife Stadium. GO BILLS
  13. there is Josh Allen reviews based on just looking at the stat line vs Josh Allen reviews where you actually watched the entire game that sums it up for me regarding how people view our team for example: WEEK ONE: Bills barely beat the Jets by 1 and Josh Allen had four turn overs in the first half. YIKES. Dumpster fire in the AFC East. vs WEEK ONE: Bills come back from a 16-0 deficit. Despite fluke turnovers in the first half, Josh Allen has an electric 4th quarter and throws game winning TD. Are the Bills catching up to the Pats this year?
  14. I wonder if the league will censor the broadcast booth from bringing the issue up during the game... the score will get out of hand QUICK, and lotʻs of dead air space to talk about things that arenʻt happening on the field
  15. If Josh Allen is "inaccurate" - then what the hell would you call Cam and Jameis?
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