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  1. We need a big WR who has YAC TD ability... Higgins aint the dude. Shenalt is the pick... but it's the Bills... so we will draft defense and then grab a WR in the second round that will have us scratching our heads, slow clapping, and then convince ourselves that he is awesome
  2. If Josh Allen doesn't get a roster spot in this game I have lost a lot of bets
  3. this debate got real ugly on twitter
  4. I think Duke revealed something to our management... Josh trusts big WR's. Not sure we can sign someone who is a big, fast, WR1 so perhaps we end up doing what Beane tends to do, and we move up in the draft to grab one. Should we draft one, then my guess is we sign a RB who is steady and can pound the rock - 100% we will not over pay though so probably won't be a Henry/Gordon type guy.
  5. Sarcasm people... this dude is ripping Josh not praising him
  6. WEEK 1: B- WEEK 2: B WEEK 3: C+ WEEK 4: F WEEK 5: B+ WEEK 7: B WEEK 8: D+ WEEK 9: B+ WEEK 10: B- WEEK 11: A WEEK 12: B WEEK 13: A WEEK 14: C WEEK 15: A WEEK 16: B WEEK 17: **early out pass GPA: 2.8 OVERALL GRADE SEASON GRADE: B- (rounded up because of making the playoffs) PLAYOFF ROUND ONE: C 24/46 - 264 yards, 92 yards rushing, 16 yards receiving, TD (receiving) First half Josh looked like our poised QB who has been progressing along this season. Second half Josh looked like our rookie from last year who played hero ball and played reckless. Yes he had some "wow" plays but his "what the heck are you doing" plays out weighed them all. Itʻs sad to come to grips with this, but he may have lost the game for us today. Is it the end of the world though? NO. He has a lot to work on, and a lot of time and resources to get that goal accomplished. We have draft picks and salary cap to get some key players for this team next year. GO BILLS!
  7. 1989: Tecmo Bowl was the game to play on our street. I was just a young kid then and everyone would run the ball with the Bears/Raiders. I instead would bring the K Gun and air it out with the Bills. Bruce Smith off the edge was insane. Fell in love with them in the game and started collecting all their cards. 2019: started collecting cards again and have an absolutely insane Josh Allen collection. LETS GO BILLS
  8. I donʻt think I can watch the game with others around... itʻs just too big of a game
  9. I would literally give Josh Allen the "Coming to America" jacuzzi special... but right now Watson is the better QB - and itʻs not even close
  10. I expect a similar offensive result as the Dallas game - Bills win and Josh looks great doing so
  11. Watt will play but is not 100%, in fact I think it may hurt them more than help. Fuller will be active but he is not healthy enough to make an impact. This is the playoffs and the shenanigans have begun regarding health/playing time of star players
  12. - Barkley couldn’t score on the goal line vs the Pats to win the game - Barkley couldn’t score a TD against the Jets in the season finale However... - Barkley is a great team mate and helps Josh Allen learn the position of QB - The Pats defense was on a crazy streak at the time of not allowing a TD - Darnold also struggled that day as the weather seemed to be an issue for offenses to move the ball in conclusion: - Keep Barkley - Draft a QB late and see if he can stick around
  13. Levi already worried me in this game, if his ankle is an issue... letʻs just let KJ have his revenge game at full strength
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