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  1. did you know that the year we took Sammy Watkins at #4 the packers took Devante Adams at #53 (and the two receivers after that was Allen Robinson and Jarvis Landry)
  2. Bills over Ravens Browns over Chiefs Packers over Rams Bucs over Saints Bills over Browns Bucs over Packers Bills face off against Brady and Josh Allen becomes a mega star and is the MVP of the game. After the game Brady gives him a hug and says "this is going to be your league" similar to the Tim Duncan post game speech to Lebron James back in 2007.
  3. Both teams are SOLID... however one team came off a reality check game with a team who played their best game of the season, and the other team just got into a brawl of a game where emotions and rivalries were at an all time high. It's gonna be tough for the Ravens to recover physically, and emotionally after a W like that, and with one less day of rest... it will show. Bills 28 - Ravens 17 It will be a close game the entire time however our defensive line finally shows why they are the highest paid in the league and make huge plays to seal the game for us.
  4. I think AJ Green comes here on a cheap deal
  5. Josh Allen has another statement game: 350+ yards 4 TD's Bills 38 - Colts 20
  6. Knox can become Travis Kelce - let's give him a playoff stretch and another off season before making the final call
  7. he can grow a way better mustache than Josh... that kind of stuff will slowly create a toxic room of jealousy... as someone who can't grow a good mustache: trust me
  8. if the Bills, Chiefs, Steelers all finish 13-3 we get the tie breaker and become the #1 seed
  9. If we beat the Steelers it will be the biggest win... but then... If we beat the Broncos on saturday and get to the #2 seeed it will be the biggest win... but then... If we beat the Pats on MNF to sweep them for the first time in forever it will be the biggest win... but then... If we beat Miami week 17 to get us to the #1 seed and/or knock them out and/or win the division it will be the biggest win... but then... Playoffs Basically every win here on out will be special and HUGE
  10. the legend of Kumerow may begin tonight... I know Rodgers was in love with him, so when we grabbed him I understood why
  11. Josh Allen 300+ yards, 4 TDs and 1 rushing TD MVP chatter picks up again after this win and when we are the first team to knock out the Steelers
  12. this is one of those moments where if the teacher asked me to stand up and go to the front of the class, I wouldn't be able to do it
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