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  1. I don't think Cam gets the start against us, they will turn to Stidham and try to boost his trade value for the house cleaning that is about to happen in Foxboro
  2. WEEK ONE: B+ WEEK TWO: A+ WEEK THREE: B+ WEEK FOUR: A- WEEK FIVE: B- WEEK SIX: D WEEK SEVEN: D+ 30/43 - 70% completion - 307 yards - 0 TD - 0 INT - 61 yards rushing - 1 fumble I will address the elephant in the room first - yes, he has a D+ despite throwing for 300 yards. First and foremost that 300 yard thing was mainly a "Bills" stat that we were all obsessed with and frankly in his 3rd year we have to move on from that glorified marker. Josh Allen gets a D+ today because he made way too many mistakes in the red zone and our offense relied on a rookie kicker to SCORE ALL OF OUR POINTS. The good: there were drives where Josh took what the defense gave us and drove us all the way down the field. He also had 3 potential TD passes that didn't end up happening: the first to Gabe Davis which got called back because he wasn't lined up correctly. The second one to Beasley, but he didn't establish position to get back in before the catch, and lastly, the one that hurt me the most, the beauty to Kroft which would have been such a cool moment for someone who just welcomed a new child into this world. The bad: I'm sure I was not alone in receiving text messages from friends that Josh had that "panic" look in his eyes again. It reminds me of when someone studies for a test, shows up in the classroom confident and ready, and then opens the page and realizes that the teacher switched the test questions. He simply refuses at times to take what the defense gives him and always tries for the hero ball play. Wide open receivers underneath only to be forcing it into windows that don't exist. He needs to be better. The ugly: Red zone decisions. The fumble was just terrible and sadly, was somewhat expected after he got away with that first fumble but luckily his knee was down. The 3rd and short where he decided to selfishly keep the ball rather than give it to Moss was way too obvious and has become an instant read for defenders. Glass half full: it's a road division win and they usually never come easy. Vegas set us up for disaster with such a huge point spread, and coming off 2 losses to face a 0-6 team had trap game written all over it but we did what was needed to get the W. The offense got Bass in FG position and he delivered. The defense made key stops and had essential turnovers to bring Darnold back down to reality. We are 5-2 getting ready to face the Pats. We are in good shape and I have confidence this team will continue to rally through these injury bugs (missing John Brown is huge for Josh) and win this division. GO BILLS!
  3. I would not trade for an injured Ertz and I would be very hesitant to make a move for Cox
  4. WEEK ONE: B+ WEEK TWO: A+ WEEK THREE: B+ WEEK FOUR: A- WEEK FIVE: B- WEEK SIX: D 14/27 - 52% completion - 122 yards 2 TD - 1 INT - 8 rushes for 42 yards Let's start with the good. Josh led a 6 play - 75 yard TD drive in the 4th quarter to put us within 6. That drive he was poised, confident, and accurate. It was one of those drives where Bills fans all probably stated out loud "why can't we just do that every drive?" - well... we didn't. Now to the bad. A few panic moments emerged out of Josh again that reminded me of his rookie/sophomore year. The 4th down attempted QB sneak where he tried to rush everyone to the line of scrimmage was one that stuck out to me, you could tell it was a rogue call and luckily we got bailed out with a penalty. A second one was the missed oppurtunity to a wide open Diggs for a TD. Plays like that would have put pressure on the defense to respect the deep pass and opened up more stuff underneath for others. Lastly, John Brown ended the game with 0 catches. Granted he drew tons of penalties, we have to find a way to involve him more. The ugly. The weather was bad, sure, but we are at home so not sure how much we want to weigh in something like that in regards to how inaccurate Josh was today. Against the Titans our first pass bounced off Roberts for a INT, and today it was just a blown pass to Beasley that seemed to set the tone for the entire half. Allen simply could not hit receivers in stride today and just overall had a really bad game. The last pass of the game was the icing on the cake to just a terrible day. Glass half full: He never gives up. Ran for tons of first downs and refuses to lose. Even in my early season predictions I had us at 4-2 at the point so really it's not the end of the world. We get the Jets next week and have a chance to get everything rolling again. GO BILLS!
  5. Pats play the niners next week and could easily become 2-4 Dolphins play the Rams next week and could easily become 3-4 We got the Chiefs tomorrow, and then the Jets - worst case we are 5-2 and best case we are 6-1 LETS GOOOOOO
  6. we just need more WAP than the Chiefs and we will be fine (weather athletic plays)
  7. take this for what it's worth but my cousin said Bell chose us and now it's just figuring out the contract situation
  8. I flexed my work schedule for this and I am legit bummed
  9. WEEK ONE: B+ WEEK TWO: A+ WEEK THREE: B+ WEEK FOUR: A- WEEK FIVE: B- 26-41 - 63% completion, 263 YDS, 2 TD, 2 INT, 18 yards rushing Ugly game on defense. Ugly game on special teams. A healthy mix of bad luck and bad decisions on offense. First and foremost the INT off Roberts hands/chest just can't happen. It turns a first down for us, into a touchdown for them. It started the snowball effect of our defense being exposed. I was absolutely furious when that happened especially since it was not on Josh at all. (bad luck) During the first half drops plagued us in a bad way as well. Drive killers and momentum stoppers. Again, I really felt for Josh on these because it seemed to suck the air out of drives when we are already nearly running on fumes. (bad luck) Forcing the ball to Diggs became an issue that even the announcers started to pick up on. There was a few passes that could have been picked off, but didn't, however the INT to Davis was a bad one. It reminded me of the "Old Josh" and was just an error that we can't have when we are playing from behind with a defense that is getting abused. (bad decisions) I originally was going to give Josh a C+ for today, however the rest of the team did so awful that it's tough to pin so much on him. In reality, he was the only reason we were even somewhat in this game. Overall this week had bad vibes all around it. The Titans were almost given the royal treatment by the league of being somewhat "rewarded" for not following protocols. Sure they didn't get to practice, but they got AJ Brown back (who we saw could NOT be guarded by anyone active on our roster) along with other players whom if protocols were not broken and a Sunday game occurred, would not have been playing. On our side? I am convinced that Tre made a family decision to not risk it and play in this game. I don't blame him at all and if you have negative feelings towards him because of that decision... shame on you. Glass half full: in a terrible, terrible, game - our young QB did not sh**t the bed and stayed poised minus one bad throw. He was spotted on the sideline trying to pick up the defense and rally the guys. A true class act. Glass half empty: without John Brown our offense has no deep threat and it shows. Our 3rd down safety valve is also gone although Josh still makes amazing plays happen. Most importantly though, our defense went from elite to dare I say... a liability. Our special teams has laces pointed in, fumbled kick returns, and just an overall "hold your breath" every time they are on the field approach. I don't care how good Josh Allen progresses this year, if our D and Special teams take huge steps back - we will not only lose the division, but we might not even get the 7 seed. What's the perfect way to rebound from this embarrassing loss? Beat the Chiefs on a Monday night. GO BILLS!
  10. On the field, Jim Kelly has a say... off the field? Josh has already done more positive things in 2 years to surpass the bad stuff from the Kelly era
  11. the Titans will have positive tests tomorrow... after that, I really don't know when they would move our game
  12. I don’t think we should trade for Watt but I do think with Milano hurt we should start thinking about trading one of picks next year for an impact defender for the playoff push
  13. WEEK ONE: B+ WEEK TWO: A+ WEEK THREE: B+ WEEK FOUR: A- 24/34 - 71% completion - 288 yards - 2 TDs passing - 1 TD rushing - 0 turnovers He had one bad play. That's it. So for those who want to harp on the late sack he took that got us out of field goal range, here is me recognizing that yes, it was a bad play. Now let's move on to the rest of the game... Unreal accuracy and poise shown today. The bad drops today didn't break him and cause the offense to unravel like it has done in the past. Just darts all over the field. The fastball and change up was working. Short passes. Deep passes. He had it all. The what should have been TD pass to John Brown as just amazing. The laser to Beasley was a throw not many in the league could make. There was no trickery, and broken plays needed. Josh Allen did it with his arm today. There was a moment after he got hurt where the season flashed before my eyes. If he would have broken his collarbone I honestly have no idea where we would be as a team. Perhaps that "Plan B" is something we should start thinking about as the W's pile up? This now marks 4 games in a row where we saw Josh Allen the passer. Josh Allen the franchise QB. Josh Allen the AFC offensive player of the month. Josh Allen... the potential MVP. GO BILLS!
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