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  1. DRAFT DAY: "Holy crap we just got our new Alvin Kamara!" NOW THAT WE ARE SOBER: "Nice, we got a Geo Bernard" Which is still great news! With our offense that's all we really need. Also, be real people - he is pick 63 for a reason! I am pumped about the pick and can't wait to watch him and our offense develop. GO BILLS
  2. we haven't met with Breece yet people have him mocked to us? have we ever drafted someone that we didn't meet with?
  3. @ Rams for season opener @ KC SNF Monday Night vs Pats Thanksgiving @ Detroit *FLEXED GAME prime time as the season comes to an end to lock up the #1 seed @ Ravens or Bengals
  4. Bills 34 Chiefs 31 We win our first one possession game and Josh gets a 4th quarter comeback
  5. Wild Card: Bengals vs Raiders: Raiders Bills vs Pats: Bills Chiefs vs Steelers: Chiefs Bucs vs Eagles: Bucs Cowboys vs Niners: Cowboys Rams vs Cardinals: Cardinals Divisional: Titans vs Raiders: Raiders Bills vs Chiefs: Bills Bucs vs Cowboys: Cowboys Cardinals vs Packers: Cardinals Conference Championship Bills vs Raiders: Bills Cardinals vs Cowboys: Cowboys Super Bowl LVI Cowboys vs Bills: BILLS
  6. proof that the "well I did my research" and "the news said" tactics do not often work out well 🥺
  7. if we beat the Pats, and the Steelers upset the Chiefs... wouldn't we face the winner of the Raiders/Bengals since the 1 seed gets the lowest seed remaining?
  8. Colts win there is a strong path where the Bills/Pats game would end up being winner gets the 2 seed and loser gets the 7 seed - basically home field for the first round game against each other again
  9. Colts up 14-0 and flying around... so let me see if I got this correct: Colts win tonight and we go 4-0 = Division champs and a 2-4 seed. Home playoff game round one. Colts win tonight and we go 3-1 (losing to Pats) = potentially the 7 seed but we would need help Colts win tonight and we go 3-1 (losing to someone else but beating Pats) = would depend on Pats record Colts win tonight and we go 2-2 = no playoffs
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