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  1. finally someone with a phD dropping knowledge in here 🤯
  2. did we just make the greatest weakness on our defense possibly our greatest strength? if so... LOOK OUT offense scores more than 17 a game and we win
  3. fills a need. not a flashy offensive pick like I wanted but tremendous value to get him at 54 when most mocks had us getting him at 21
  4. I get what you are saying, however if a round 1 edge rusher is available and we can get a RB and WR later, I could argue that the pressure from the edge could also help him more than a WR4
  5. Deny til you die - that is the motto for the next 24 hours
  6. I’m just gonna say it... Haters: Josh Allen keeps progressing and to assume he will plateau or regress has literally no statistical data behind it. You are just transferring past Bills trauma to him, and convincing yourself that we will never have a successful QB. Lovers: Josh Allen has SO MUCH more he needs to do to even enter the MVP conversation and also just be able to score more than 19 a game. Stop picking and choosing stats that make him God while ignoring the ones that make him a Bust. Play nicely dammit! (In a lockdown COVID19 Dad voice)
  7. Amazon: All or Nothing is waaaaaaaay better than Hard Knocks
  8. random thought: I wonder where Blake Bortles will end up?
  9. while we are at it, install some screen plays and we can finally hear the end of the "300 yard game" narrative
  10. just when I thought I couldn't love Josh more, he goes ahead and does something like this 🥵
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