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  1. if Allen does well this weekend, I hope people on this thread realize that they swing their opinions way too much based on one game
  2. just spent waaaaaay too much time cranking numbers on that ESPN machine... As long as we win our favored games, and beat the Steelers... we are in my $$ says we end up facing off first round against the Chiefs or Chargers
  3. Josh Allen will do one of two things this week: - 300 yards + passing - 3 TD's + passing FEARLESS = UNLEASH JOSHY
  4. totals so far: 755 coins - on Josh Allen being the future 145 coins - move on, he is a bum 50 coins - drugs 40 coins - booze 10 coins - throw in a fountain
  5. Josh Allen is progressing... just not as fast as some people expect. Has he digressed at all? NO. Letʻs move on to next week and see if he continues his progression slowly, hits a boost, plateaus or drops.
  6. what makes it definite that he is not the QB of the future?
  7. You are in a room with the owners, GM, and head coach. Each of you have 10 coins in your hand, and must place them in one of two places on the table. LEFT SIDE: We continue to put energy and resources towards Josh Allen. Win or lose this year, he is our starter this year and next. We are confident he can be the guy. RIGHT SIDE: It is time to start planning for another QB. It has been 20 games, and his perceived strengths (strong arm to cut through weather, long ball for the HR, can run the ball) are actually his weaknesses. How are you spreading out your 10 coins? **for me: 8 coins left, 2 coins right
  8. I would be upset with Allen if he played like this and we established the run... but we didnʻt. He doesnʻt call the plays, he does the best with what is called. Daboll needs to really think about his gameplan for Miami
  9. WEEK 1: B- WEEK 2: B WEEK 3: C+ WEEK 4: F WEEK 5: B+ WEEK 7: B WEEK 8: D+ WEEK 9: B+ WEEK 10: B- 22/41 - 54% - 266 yards, 28 yards rushing, 2 rushing TDʻs Today is a tough one to grade because of all of the bad things we saw across the board as a team. However this report card is about Josh Allen and not our kicker so here we go: The good: Stayed poised and never looked like the moment was too big for him. Continues to make the throws necessary to move the chains WITHIN THE PLAY THAT IS CALLED ON THE FIELD. I think that portion is crucial as we had a few third down plays where he didn't seem to have good options to extend the play. On his first rushing TD, he saw that the field was wide open in the middle and took what the defense gave. No INTʻs today. The last pick he threw was in week 4 against the Pats. The bad: The long ball is officially a concern for me. I almost want him to throw one next week that is close to the WR even if it gets picked off. It seems he is so worried about not throwing an INT that he lost the ability to make plays down the field with his arm. The ugly: With Josh Allen you can push stats like today aside if one thing happens... we win. When we donʻt win, you look at a QB (and offensive system) that has major things to work on. Yes, this is their first time playing together as a unit this season as almost everyone is brand new. However, in todayʻs NFL you have to be able to put more points on the board if you want to win games. 54% completion percentage just wonʻt cut it. Yes, there were some major drops which again is a sign that our offense needs some upgrades as Josh Allen improves as a QB. Also, I havenʻt begun to process the fumbling issues. Simply put: Josh Allen did not lose this game for us, but he didn't win it either. GO BILLS!
  10. We are down 17-14 in the 4th. Josh Allen leads us to a TD. 21-17. On Browns final drive kitchens makes some bone head call that forces them to be in a bad situation play call wise. Baker ends up throwing a pick to end the game. Josh Allen 22/30 - 225 yards - 2 TD’s, 60 yards rushing, INT *completes a deep shot but WR down at the 1. Gore runs it
  11. for me this game is more than the Browns vs the Bills but is also Baker vs Allen a good showing by Josh will definitely earn some respect in the major media as this team moves forward... then if he can do it again against the Ravens? pants explosions
  12. Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson at the top of the class with a B- grade so far... I agree
  13. If we win out, and us and the Pats have one loss each but split the season head to head, how would they decide the tie breaker?
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