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  1. If Singletaryʻs hammy is an issue this week, we should trade for Devonte Freeman
  2. Rank em: 1) Mahomes 2) Josh Allen 3) Baker
  3. Mariota will absolutely shine in the right system... a mediocre team who trades for him will make the jump right away: Dolphins: get Mariota and give the Titans Rosen - at least he could be a good vet to buy next years rookie QB time - Hawaii connection with Tua? Same high school too Steelers: good Big Ben insurance should he not return to form Bengals: start the revamp with Mariota? Cowboys: put Dak on the hot seat Chargers: heir to Rivers Texans: Watson insurance for the playoff run Chiefs: Mahomes insurance for the playoff run
  4. Love him or hate him... he is our QB. Although his "hero ball" turnovers tend to upset some, and yet his 4th quarter comeback/grit/off field polish tend to make others believe, we still seem to have a LOVE or HATE towards Josh Allen on this thread. Here is are 1st round QBʻs in the last 10 years along with where they are at as of today... hopefully this puts things into perspective for those on both extreme sides of Allen thus far: 2018:1. Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma, Browns - MOST PICKS IN THE LEAGUE 3. Sam Darnold, USC, Jets - MONO BUT SHOWS PROMISE7. Josh Allen, Wyoming, Bills - WINS GAMES BUT THROWS PICKS10. Josh Rosen, UCLA, Cardinals - TANKING FOR TUA, BENCHED AGAIN32. Lamar Jackson, Louisville, Ravens - NOT BAD FOR A RUNNING BACK2017:2. Mitch Trubsiky, UNC, Bears - SHOULDER INJURY BUT FANS ARE SIMILAR WITH HIM AS WE ARE WITH JOSH10. Pat Mahomes, Texas Tech, Chiefs - MVP BUT LOSING GAMES LATELY 12. Desaun Watson, Clemson, Texans - UNREAL BUT JUMPS ON GRENADES AND RISKS INJURY2016:1. Jared Goff, California, Rams - FOLDING LIKE A LAWN CHAIR WEEK BY WEEK2. Carson Wentz, North Dakota State, Eagles - HAD A STREAK BUT GOT HURT AND NEVER QUITE GOT BACK TO THAT LEVEL26. Paxton Lynch, Memphis, Broncos - BUST___2015:1. Jameis Winston, Florida State, Buccaneers - PICK CITY MIGHT NOT LAST THIS SEASON2. Marcus Mariota, Oregon, Titans - BENCHED TODAY FOR TANNAHANZ___2014:3. Blake Bortles, Central Florida, Jaguars - BACK UP TO GOFF22. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M, Browns - OUT OF THE LEAGUE32. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville, Vikings - WINNING GAMES AS BACK UP BUT BREES WILL BE BACK___2013:16. EJ Manuel, Florida State, Bills - OUT OF THE LEAGUE___2012:1. Andrew Luck, Stanford, Colts - RETIRED2. Robert Griffin III, Baylor, Redskins - BACK UP 8. Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, Dolphins - BACK UP WHO STARTED TODAY22. Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State, Browns - BUST___2011:1. Cam Newton, Auburn, Panthers - INJURED AND MIGHT BE A BACK UP WHEN HE RETURNS8. Jake Locker, Washington, Titans - BUST10. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri, Jaguars - BUST12. Christian Ponder, Florida State, Vikings - BUST___2010:1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma, Rams - DONE25. Tim Tebow, Florida, Broncos - ANNOUNCING GAMES
  5. Give Atlanta our first round pick for Sanu and Freeman... ESKKETIT
  6. 3 more picks for Baker today... Josh Allen should have went #1 - there I said it
  7. when baby Gamora asks Beane after our Super Bowl if it was worth it... damn right it was worth it
  8. Mahomes would not do the things he is doing should he have been drafted here... sorry
  9. Falcons looking to move him, and we can get him for cheap... what say you?
  10. I love that they believe in him yet hold him accountable to his errors
  11. He also is the reason we win a lot of games - 4 fourth quarter comeback and 5 game winning drives
  12. if itʻs a steal deal... yes, make moves but we are not desperate... moves I would make if we are talking about dangling a first round pick: 1) Von Miller - would make our defense LIGHTS OUT 2) Stephon Diggs - a true WR1... brown goes to 2, beasley at slot, Duke at the 3 3) Melvin Gordon - yes we have Singletary but this dude would be the perfect compliment to Gore
  13. That is an amazing stat... if you were Daboll/McD, how do you shift our offense/playcalling for the rest of the season to keep his winners mentality and "gun slinging" attitude in the realm of getting us a W vs losses?
  14. My cousin told me that it was because of the weather/field conditions
  15. the way some people on here complain about Josh Allen I bet they would rather have Mariota as our QB
  16. 4-1 teams have a 77% chance to make the playoffs: 3 things we need to do to make it 100% 1) Continue to develop the mental aspect of Josh Allenʻs game and decision making 2) Let our guys heal over the next 2 weeks - OL, RB, and our key defensive pieces 3) Figure out how to eliminate the 3rd quarter blues - we seem to hit gaps where nothing goes right
  17. 4-1 teams have a 77% chance of making the playoffs
  18. WEEK 1: B- WEEK 2: B WEEK 3: C+ WEEK 4: F WEEK 5: B+ 23/32 - 219 yards - 2 TDʻs 1 INT - 27 yards rushing - 72% completion First and foremost Tennessee is a great defense. That does not excuse his INT which we all knew as he rolled out was about to be a really good play, or a really bad play, however it does need to be somewhat factored in. He managed the game and multiple times either slid, or threw the ball away. It showed mental growth and awareness of correcting last weeks mistakes. Most importantly though, he stayed poised and got us a TOUGH WIN on the ROAD. We are 4-1 heading into the bye week and we need Allen to continue to develop the mental side of his game, while the rest of the team heals physically. GO BILLS!
  19. make Josh Allen look like he did the opening drive vs the Jets - aka just take what the defense gives you
  20. he is playing in the game and McD is playing with the Titans prep plans
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