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  1. It is a huge need. No way any team should be going into an NFL conference championship game w Levi Wallace as one of your two starting boundary CB's. His athletic ability to cover in what is now a very heavy passing league is simply not good enuf, and probably will never be. He can't play press man coverage because he doesn't have the fast twitchiness needed. We improve our starting CB2, we improve our defense considerably.
  2. Agree CnC11. Go to a Nascar event in the South. Or a Sun Belt or SEC football game. Once you are inside you don't even need to wear a mask. Your Avatar rocks btw. LOL
  3. Dam straight its a team game. And everyone needs to play at a relatively high level in the NFL for their team to play well. Oliver has underperformed to a degree. He hasn't sucked. But he has shown little to make anyone think he should have been drafted w the 9th pick. As for Morse and Edmunds, one is getting paid big bucks to play like a top 5 Center. The other was drafted w the 16th pick and looks like he belongs on a basketball court. Again, yes its a team game. But you don't need to be an apologist and make excuses for guys who are not playing up to the level of their contracts or
  4. Great post Rc2. If it wasn't for football most of these guys aren't going to college. That's just how it is. And the problem is that most of them are not smart enuf to realize the value of a free college education. The ones who do good for them. But along those lines, read the hype about college players in the draft articles. Every single one of them is absolutely diefied. They are all supposedly great prospects. Every pro workout is amazing. Every player should be a first round pick. The players are constantly fed how great they all are. Why is noone critical anymore? Give young p
  5. Alabama is planning on full capacity at Bryant-Denny Stadium this coming season. As is probably the rest of the SEC and Sun Belt Conferences teams. Maybe science is different down South. LOL
  6. Hopefully he is a lot better then Winters who I thought was garbage. Long showed some game but his contract was too rich to stay around too long. Resigning Darryl Williams and Feliciano, and now signing Lamp Douglas and Hart as veteran competition, I don't see the need to draft any O lineman. Lets go defense and possibly RB TE and WR in the draft. Beane loves his veteran O lineman. He is an awesome GM.
  7. Watching Teddy Bridgewater dink and dunk his way thru an NFL season is unbelievably painful. I thought he had some game with the Vikings until the terrible knee injury. But he is Trent Edwards w a tan.
  8. I would trade Edmunds for a 3rd round pick at this point. Start by asking for a 2nd and settle on a 3rd, hopefully a high 3rd. Get rid of his mediocre play and his potentially high 5th year option. Don't sleep on Tyrell Adams. Edmunds needs competition for the starting position. Adams will hopefully give him that and then some.
  9. That was AWESOME!! Brought me back to my childhood in the 1970's watching the NFL and This week in Pro Football w Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshier. John Facenda did a lot of the narrating of the hilites. Him and Harry Kalas were tremendous. And the music is so classic. Football was almost mythical back then with the evil empire of the Raiders. The 70's was just raw brutality on the gridiron. The game is much different in the modern era. But for brutality violence and toughness that era can not be beat. (That music makes me think of all those big Raider victories with the Snake at QB.
  10. You make some good points especially the one arm thing... However, I just have not seen him dominate a whole lot over his 3 seasons. I was hoping w all the hype on him being this young phenom being drafted at age 20, that he would turn into a Bobby Wagner type player who just knocks the stuffing out of guys. I love the Bills and want every player to play lights out. I hope Edmunds can become that this season.
  11. I just looked that up. Good call on that. I don't really remember much about the game. I was at the Bills-Redskins game in Washington in 2007 when we came back late on a great pass from Trent Edwards to Josh Reed, and Lindell hit the winning FG on the greyest day imaginable. Joe Gibbs was back coaching them and got a personal foul for calling two timeouts in a row for trying to ice Lindell. Moved the kick much closer. The Skins' fans were pissed after that game. What can I say. Old traditions and names die hard.
  12. Gonna disagree with you on both. Pennington was no Hall Of Famer. Maybe on the Marshall Wall of Fame with Byron Leftwich and Randy Moss. But he never had a cannon. And Tua's arm is nothing special. Did you not watch him play last year for the Fish? Maybe its the offense Brian Flores has installed. But he sure reminded a lot of Trent Edwards with his dinking and dunking.
  13. Would love some back up no name to come into training camp and challenge Edmunds for playing time and maybe even a starting spot. He is a weak link and must up his game this coming season. Everyone likes to say he is young. Well he is going into his 4th season. Time to man up or go play another sport.
  14. I don't think we have lost to the Skins (and yes I still call them the Redskins) since the 1992 Super Bowl Debacle. I can see them coming in later in the year, on a cold grey windy day, and we knock the snot out of Fitz and the Redskins. And their defense was good but not as great as everyone was saying. Tyler Heinecke had a pretty good day against them last year at Fed Ex field. I put this one in the win column. We will be tough for anyone to beat us next season. And for many seasons to come.
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