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  1. I think he has some ability. Once he got comfortable in the playoff game against the Steelers, he made some plays. He had a nice pick. Hopefully Rasul can take him under his wing, and teach him the nuances of being a CB in the NFL.
  2. Bryce Paup was pretty sweet, especially in 1995 when he won the Defensive Player of the year award. Him and Bruce coming off the edge were quite the force. I have been to Blacksburg twice to see games several years back. Quite an experience when the team comes onto the field to Enter Sandman, and the crowd is going nuts. They used to have a real strong team. I saw them when Wyatt Teller was playing there. He was dam good and the leader of their O line.
  3. Good point 78. We will have to see what happens come draft night. (I love your user name. Never really thought about it. Until I just read your response. Very sweet. Bruce was a special player. And a real good guy also.)
  4. TJ Watt is a dam good edge rusher also. Much respect for his game. I like Highsmith on the other side as well. Not one of the top 5 in the league. But a very good player. Speaking of good defensive players, I was on my phone sitting by a fountain in downtown Fort Lauderdale early last Friday evening and Aaron Donald just comes strolling by. The dude was not overly tall. I am 6'1 and he was no taller then me. His arms are a little bigger though. LOL
  5. When Michigan has a good college basketball team I follow the tournament. Otherwise, I barely pay any attention to it. Its not a bad sport. But can only focus on so much. I am all in on the Bills and the NFL every week. And I love College Football just as much. My other sport is Nascar. I can record the race on Sunday, and watch it during the week late at night after work.
  6. Cosell is a smart guy. But most fans who watch the team week in and week out could easily see that Diggs wasn’t making many big plays any longer in the second half of the season. And on top of that his body language looked very apathetic about the entire thing. Some guys just fall off pretty hard at a certain point. Beane is no dummy. He gets paid a lot of money to be one of 32 NFL GM’s. And he is one of the best of that small group. He watched all the games. He watched the film after the season. I am sure he talked with McDermott and Brady and whomever else he needed to talk to about Diggs. And he came to the conclusion it was time to get rid of him. His play wasn’t worth the aggravation or the money. And to get a 2nd round pick for him before he looks like he doesn’t belong on an NFL field any longer was brilliant. I liked Diggs a lot. But he certainly isn’t great anymore. Or very good for that matter. Whether he is even good any longer should be the question that Houston and their fans should be asking. I am excited about the Bills and their reset of the roster. The roster was getting stale w veterans who were no longer in their prime-Diggs included. Beane will have us a strong solid roster come August once again.
  7. I will take a healthy Matt Milano over him...And certainly a healthy Nick Bosa. And Chris Jones...remember him. I am sure there are several others too. If he is coming at Josh Allen one on one, he doesn't get a hand on Josh.
  8. Do you think they told him when he signed, " We like you. But we don't want to have to play you?"
  9. Yup that was sad. But he was a stand up guy and really tried to help his wife in every way he could. He is one of my all time favorite football players. And seemed to be a really good person too.
  10. He was awesome both in college at Ohio State (had 26 tackles in the 1986 Michigan-Ohio State game) and for us. Too bad about his neck injury. And as a TV football analyst he was a riot both college and pro. That was one tough football player. They just don't play like that anymore. And my namesake Bryce Paup had a dam good run w us too until he tore up his groin.
  11. Tre Whites $10 mill comes off the books on June 1st.
  12. I think we fleeced Houston for a second. Diggs was terrible at the end of last season. Has no juice left. Couple that w his persona and we came out real nice.
  13. The best game day experience is going to almost any big time college football game around America. The stadiums are nothing special. But the atmosphere at the games is amazing. Most sports are better watching on TV. Except for hockey. The TV time outs when you are sitting at a football game are beyond ridiculous. You want a big time live event. Go see a Metallica concert. That is the big time *****!!
  14. Exactly. South Florida is packed. I wish it was not so crowded in Fort Lauderdale. You have to know where and when to drive to keep your sanity. But other then that, I love it down there. I have my political views. But try to avoid going there on a football site.
  15. What are you talking about? South Florida is beautiful. Come down to Fort Lauderdale and check out the beaches and the weather bro. You sound like a moron. What oppression and nonsense do you speak of? I guess Eastern Ohio is something special?
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