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  1. That was a typical offensive performance by the Tyrod Taylor led Bills in 2017.. The defense shut Cam and the Panthers Offense down real nicely. But the offense was garbage. Very similar to the playoff loss at Jacksonville. By his 3rd season with us Tyrod was terrible.
  2. I can't wait to see Cam play in the cold weather of the Northeast. I can see him shaking with his hands in the fanny pack trying to stay warm. And then throwing passes over his receivers heads, and skipping some into the ground, then jogging over to the sidelines looking totally lost w Belichik just glaring at him. The cold wind rain and snow of NE, NY and Buffalo are going to mess with Cam big time. It will be very interesting to see what Cam has left in the tank. A lot of people think he has a lot of game left. I am not one of them. But I was admittedly never a big fan of his. Thought he was all about Cam even when he was good. But not trying to dive on the fumble in the Super Bowl was as weak a football play this side of Kyle Orton checking up short of the first down against the Broncos to keep from getting hit. Barkley won't be our backup for long. Fromm is going right by him on the depth chart real quick Billly Boy.
  3. Last years offense was pretty lousy relative to the rest of the league. At least playing well on a consistent basis. The Flutie led Bills were a better overall team of 1998 and 1999 then last years Bills team. And the Kelly led Bills of 1995 and 1996 were better also. We went 10-6 against a pretty marginal schedule. And collapsed against a Texan team that was far from dominant. Yes we beat the Steelers and Cowboys on the road. But the offense was lousy in too many games. This year I expect to be a much better offensive team, with improved special teams, and hopefully a little more bite on defense w the new acquisitions. We should win our division. And win at least 1 if not more playoff games, and be a legitimate contender for the Super Bowl!!
  4. Yes the 8-8 team was a disappointment. But looking closer I remember the downfall of that team came in week 12 at Tampa Bay. We were 7-4 and playing a good Bucs team. We were playing well in that game and then got hit w a bunch of big injuries late in the game including a bad knee or achilles injury to Sam Cowart. (start of the end of his career) And ended up losing the game. And the season went downhill from there. And then the wheels came off after Donahoe was hired, and he brought in Greg Williams as head coach. The second half in that Tampa game sent us spiraling into the abys. From the mouth of Paup!
  5. Wade much better then Marrone. The 1998 and 1999 Bills teams were very good w excellent defenses. Flutie was awesome at QB. Those teams were much better then Marrone's teams. Rex was terrible and didn't care. McDermott has done a good job. But the offense has to bump its play up several notches to be a Super Bowl contender.
  6. I was never a big Nascar fan before this year. I knew who most of the drivers were, but never gave it much attention over the years. Usually would watch Daytona and then my interest would flame out by week 2. But I stuck w it this year, and have not missed a race. (With the virus there is not a lot else to do on the weekends) And I find it absolutely fascinating how intense and exciting each race is. The passion of everyone involved is off the charts. The fans just go bonkers for their drivers. It is really cool. And then when you watch specials on the history of drivers past like Davey Allison, the Dale Earnhardt vs Jeff Gordon rivalry in the early 90's, Michael Waltrip, etc it is really awesome. (I am a big fan of historical shows on Sports-The NHL Network has had some great shows on the Gretzky led Oilers, the Red Wings and Joe Louis Arena, the 94 Rangers, the 100 years of the NHL, etc over the past few months) You should give it a try and join Nascar nation. It is far more entertaining then any sport I have watched and followed beside NFL and College football.
  7. Nascar keeps rolling. They had 5,000 fans at Talladega on Monday for an amazing race. Hopefully by mid summer the tracks are at least allowed to be half full.
  8. Thanks 416. I spoke to him last nite and he is doing great. Says he feels good, getting his appetite back and is looking forward to getting out of quarantine.
  9. Wrong!! Football will be played. There will be lots of cases until there is a vaccine. The country is just going to have to live with it and manage. You just can't stop things because of a virus. My son plays college ball. He has the virus right now. Says it isn't nearly as bad as what the media wants you to believe. Said his worst day was like having the flu. Granted he is 20 and strong as an ox. But he did not have any respiratory symptoms. He told me he could work out right now, but has to quarantine for 6 more days. Lots of guys are going to get it. They need to quarantine, get well, and get out there and play ball. Clemson didn't lose a qtr of their roster. They are sick. They will all likely be well in about 2 weeks or less. Stop acting like a scared B word. Between the Covid and the protestors (and btw I drove by today where the Wendy's in Atlanta was burned down last Sat Nite. because I had to get my step son's car out of impound, and it is one of the worst neighborhood's you could ever imagine. The entire area should be burned to the ground) I just want to scream WTF is wrong w the United States of America??!!
  10. Good points Wide Left. I don't think the playcalling of going too conservative is the issue as much as the game day roster. Gore Dimarco Foster and Lee Smith gave us no production. Yeldon Sweeney and Duke Williams should have been playing the entire second half of the season. We were severely lacking in offensive firepower last year.
  11. That was an AWESOME video! Made my frikin day. The narration. Was that Jeff Kaye? And the music was great too. Wow I was 8 years old when the stadium opened. Did not move to Buffalo until 1976. But remember watching those early games as a kid living in Pa. That artificial turf looked so good on TV. I remember the Juice cutting back and making plenty of long shifty runs. The 70's were so much better then the world is today. My goodness.
  12. Why so much talk about Racism all of a sudden? And what the hell does it have to do with the football field and an NFL locker room? What racism is going on in the NFL? There should be talk about police brutality and better police training. I don't think its a racial thing as much as a power trip by police. They treat most *****. Get rid of the bad cops and things will be a whole lot better. And I don't care what race you are. Don't commit crimes, and you won't get in trouble to begin with. I have 3 kids 17 to 22. Two boys and a girl. All three are not afraid to scrap especially when partying. So when they act up they can suffer the consequences. They know it. And will have to deal with it if they get caught causing a ruckus. It should be the same with everyone. People need to hold themselves accountable for their actions. Black white yellow or brown. And so do cops when they step out of line or over the line. But that certainly doesn't mean racism is rampant in our society. That is just a ridiculous fallacy. If Kaepernick is good enuf to make an NFL roster he should be given the chance. Simple as that. He seems to come off as somewhat of a weirdo. But that is just one man's impression. If he has game still good. If not, bye bye and go get a job like the rest of society. I don't need him representing anything in our country. He aint no Abraham Lincoln. What the NFL needs to do is figure out why there are only 3 black head coaches in 2020. When the league is at least two thirds black players. That is where the problem is. Guys like Jason Garrett Matt Patricia Patt Shurmur and Jay Gruden are head coaches. Just a bunch of ineffectual white guys. Bring in some fiery ex black NFL players as head coaches. A guy like a Brian Dawkins, or someone of that ilk. That is what the league needs. That is where the racism exists in football. All the rest of the talk about the NFL leading change. Why? And who cares? Stick to football. Goodell can barely do that right. And why not bring in a black commissioner? Someone with some swag and clout. I vote for Primetime.
  13. Allen is an amazing athlete. He is every bit the athlete that all those guys you mentioned are. And I would say a better athlete then Cam (overrated) Newton. Not saying he is a better QB then Mahomes Jackson or Wilson. But he has more upside then Watson. And Murray we don't know yet. And Allen is a far better athlete then Tannehill Lock or Prescott IMHO. Allen is the ***** as an athlete. It just remains to be seen how good of a QB he becomes. There is a big difference to being a great athlete and being a great QB. If you can be both even better. Guys like Dan Marino and Ken Stabler were not great athletes. But HOF QB's.
  14. You obviously are a very big Tua fan. Which of course is your right. But the NFL and college games are totally different. And to gush that much about any prospect coming out of college and transitioning to the pro game is just way over the top. And that is at any position. To think he is just going to come in and tear it up like noone in recent memory is just very unlikely. If he can come in and play like Kyler Murray did last year, that would be a successful season.
  15. I watched a lot of Auburn football living in SEC country. And you all should know that I am way higher on Jake Fromm and Jarret Stidham then many of you based on my previous posts. On the whole Stidham was better then mediocre in college. He was good for the most part. And at times very good, and at times average. He has a good arm and is a gamer. He tends to panic against a big pass rush and drift backwards to his right ala Baker Mayfield. (See the game at Clemson in 2017 when he got sacked 10 times) But you have to understand that Auburn has not gotten nearly the offensive talent that Alabama LSU and Georgia have got the past 5-7 years since they played in the Nat Title game against FSU, which is ironic given that Gus Malzahn is an offensive minded coach. Their O line is mediocre as our most of their skill players. Their program rolls behind its defense. Which is always top notch. Whether Stidham is better then Tua remains to be seen. But Simms is correct about some of the throws Tua makes. He has guys wide open a whole bunch of the time. Stidham and Fromm for that matter did not have that luxury.
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