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  1. Who is Beasley hating on? Why should he be cut? The guy is a great football player... He doesn't have to love his teammates and they don't have to love him. Its all about winning football games when they get on the field between the lines. These guys are all professionals. They will get down to business once training camp starts. The offseason is so Dam long in football, leaves too much time for players to say stupid things. But my God don't most of you have lives including having to work, run companies and businesses, raise families, go to the gym, church, etc
  2. We are a better offense when Josh is running off of scrambles. He has been super dynamic with those kinds of runs over his 3 year career. He is a big boy and can take a hit, and give one out as well. I don't like him running out of the read option, unless its near the goal line where he is almost unstoppable. The pre planned runs by Josh against the Colts did not work very well except down near the goal line late in the 1st half on what I thought was the best drive of the 2020 season. 96 yards in about a minute and a half. Tremendous.
  3. Teams barely seem to practice hard in training camp anymore. At least not full contact. And no more two a days. Most joint practice sessions turn into all out brawls anyways. Who needs that?? We have 3 preseason games to get in the groove and work out the kinks. I am sure will be ready to steamroll the Steelers and their overrated coach, QB and entire roster for that matter come September.
  4. Meh. He has been decent at best. That defensive effort last year on Thanksgiving or Christmas against the Saints was about as bad of a defensive performance I saw last year. Right up there w the Lions against Tampa late in the season. Doesn't seem like much of a motivator. (Seemed a lot more passionate years ago as DC with the Cowboys) With Kirk Cousins as your starter you really don't know what you are going to get from week to week. Same with the Vikings, and many teams for that matter. I like McDermott a whole lot better then Zim. For what its worth the best Zimmer was
  5. I thought they wrote well and brought great perspective covering Buffalo sports teams for many years. Everyone can't be Mitch Albom, Dick Schaap or Dr Z.
  6. Agree 100 Boxcar. I read the article yesterday and was dumfounded. Beasley has had two great years for us. The guy is almost uncoverable in the slot. He is not going anywhere. Skurski comes off as an amateur marginal reporter. I long for the days of Allen Wilson (RIP) Bucky, Sully and Gaughn (when he was the lead reporter).
  7. What team doesn't put their hopes on a great QB to carry it all? Teams just aren't built around dominating defense like the 85 Bears, the 2000 Ravens or the 2002 Buccaneers. (maybe the WFT/Redskins are trying to be that. But their defense was overrated last year. Their schedule was garbage, because their division was pretty much garbage. And they still only finished 7-9) We will be just fine with a great offense and a solid defense, and very good special teams.
  8. Agreed. He was a poor man's Richard Sherman at best. Guy could not tackle to save his life. Someone will overpay him, and he will done within 2 years.
  9. Great points DCofNC. I hate handing off when Josh Allen is in shotgun. The RB is standing still and has no momentum heading towards the line of scrimmage. And it just seems to take a long time for the play to develop to the point where there are just too many big bodies in front of our RB's clogging all the running lanes. I like the idea of having our guards and center pull leading the way for a sweep or pitch out. Regardless the scheme will need to be tweaked some to get a more consistent running game.
  10. Those were great hilites. Miller looked real fast that day. I wish Singletary and Moss had that type of burst. Maybe Breida will bring that for us this year. Brookshier and Summerall were quite the TV announcing pair. I used to watch them on the weekly hilite show called This week in Pro Football starting in the mid 70's. Loved the hilites w the 70's music. Awesome.
  11. Drafting Doyle on top of Spencer Brown was just stupid. He isn't making the final roster. I hope we can find room for Stevenson and Zimmer. Tyrell A may push Tryel D off the roster as well.
  12. Cam would not make many NFL rosters, even as a back up at this point. The guy has fallen off a cliff.
  13. Belichik will trade him to the Jaguars. That should soot that overrated turd. Just like they did with Jamie Collins some years back. Shipped him to Cleveland right around the time they went winless. Patriots don't play w that holdout stuff. During the Belichik era, team means everything unless your name is Brady or Gronkowski. The rest are just pieces on a chessboard. Well paid pieces. But noone is going to lose sleep in Foxboro if Gilmore holds out.
  14. Lets start by getting rid of Addison, who was lousy last year. And maybe Hughes as well. (For whatever reason people on this message board think any Buffalo Bill who has started for us for more then one season should be on the wall or being given consideration for the HOF) Hughes has had a nice career. But he has not been Bruce Smith 2.0 like so many people on here seem to think. So sure I would love to have Danielle Hunter. But unless we get rid of Hughes and Addison's contracts, don't see it happening.
  15. Do TE's even block much anymore? Guys like Lee Smith are dinosaurs in today's game. TE's are about getting down the seam and making big chunk plays. At least they are on most teams not named the Buffalo Bills.
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