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  1. He doesn't want to play for Gase. Does anybody blame him? Does anyone want to play for that clown? Wow, what were the Jets thinking hiring a coach from a division rival that was fired for doing a lousy job? There had to be a whole lot better to hire from the NFL and College coaching ranks. Glad their management is a joke!
  2. I live in the Atl area. Have lived here since getting out of college in 1987. However, I have not missed a Bills game since the meaningless season finale in 1994. Hale to the NFL Sunday Ticket. Since Atlanta is such a transient city, there are fans here for every team in the NFL. That is pretty cool. (And of course many Bills fans!!) And to be honest the Southeast and Atlanta Metro is a much bigger college football area then NFL. A college football Saturday in the deep South is something to be hold.
  3. Wow most of you are just so cynical and brutal with your responses. The original poster has a legitimate question. We are not the Patriots Saints Steelers Chargers, Rams etc. Meaning we have not been one of the elite teams in the league since the late 90's. Any mojo we can get to start the season with seems like a positive to me. We have upgraded the talent considerably on the offensive side of the ball. However, these players need to mesh with each other, the coaches, and especially Josh Allen. And as far as the defense is concerned, sure we are an experienced group having played together. But we were far from dominant, especially against the run in many games. So I believe a good showing in the preseason is most important to getting the team in the right frame of mind to attack the first month of the season. Especially after the garbage effort we put forth in the Baltimore, LA Charger and Green Bay games last year.
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