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Bills sign Mitch Trubisky, QB.


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4 minutes ago, Logic said:

Three thoughts:

1.) I beat Yolo to the punch for once!
2.) Could THIS be what Cynthia Frelund was talking about? 😆
3.) This thread should be fun.

Didn’t see that coming. Will wait on the financials 

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1 minute ago, Rc2catch said:

This is a fantastic signing. He might have trade value later. He’s similar to Allen minus the arm strength. Nice job Beane. I really like this kid and blame Nagy for a lot of his downfall 

Yes. I think we can fix Mitchy.

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Excited about this, Trubisky gets a fresh start and should be a more talented/higher upside back up QB. Gives us a better chance to win if Allen is out.


That said, good luck to Matt Barkley and his family, I know McBeane credited them a lot for their influence on the team. Thanks for that beatdown of the Jets a couple seasons ago! 



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