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  1. Yeah, I think we are really ceding the Chiefs the offensive talent a bit fast. I'd say Mahomes is ahead of Allen, but how Hill/Hardman/Robinson/whoever is 4 that much better than Diggs/Sanders/Beasley/Davis. As down as we are on Singletary, his first year numbers were close to Edwards-Helaire's and Singletary's YPC were actually way higher. Singletary's numbers this year weren't that far behind. The Chefs O-Line is better names-wise but it's a mostly new line, but we'll see how it goes and PFF (not exactly Bills-friendly territory) rated our line as above average in both run (barely), pass (by
  2. You might want to look at the rest of the Titans roster as it does not run deep. They have a solid o-line. There is practically zero at the skill positions behind those guys. Their secondary looks like it could be absolute trash save for Kevin Byard. Really! You really are going to act like there was NOTHING weird about that game, like it wasn't an anomaly. It's also weird that no one seems to get that they lost a ton of players on defense. The defense could turn out to be very good again. Autry is a solid pickup. It's hard to tell if Dupree was part of a system. Jeffrey Simmon
  3. Oh for crying out loud, how am I "completely writing them off." I've never said they were a bad team nor even not a contender, but by your same logic, you are completely writing off your own team. You are also completely discounting the idea that losing players means something. Julio Jones is a great signing (how many times can I say that?), but it does not mean they got better as a whole from the last season compared to the Bills. Think of it this way: one team gains one major player and loses, let's say, six, while another team adds no significant players but loses no one either. Which team
  4. You realize there's more to teams than QBs who can improve, right. Edmunds, Oliver, Epenesa, Knox, Singletary, Moss, Ford, even Allen, White, Milano, and Dawkins are 27 or under and many have likely come nowhere near their peak. Their defense was top 3 in 2018 and 2019, and there's many reasons to believe they'll bounce back. When you knock us for not replacing our right tackle b/c he had a bad game you kind of gloss over the fact that Darryl Williams is still well under 30 was an all-pro just a few years ago and was considered one of the best in the league last year by most sources, even PFF.
  5. He wasn't nearly as much of a pain in the rear when in Miami and his OC just left for Atlanta coaching job and he'll be 33. He could be a late bloomer, even better in 2021 and play at a high level until he's 40, but there's probably better odds that he regresses this year and the last couple years were fluky or part of a system.
  6. They also got worse before this during the off-season. They may have beat us, but you have to admit that it was absurd circumstances. It's not excuses, it's facts. Based on a whole season, the Titans were a lesser team to us. They also lost a lot in free agency and their top draft pick may not even play next year. It's a good pick up, but the Titans have way more question marks than we do. Tannehill has been meh most of his career and is now 32 and lost the only coach who has got the best out of him. Jones is a good pick-up, but we're still the much better, much more complete team
  7. Sorry, but that Bills-Titans game last year has a big ol' asterisk next to it, and I think you know that. The Titans had an astounding 16-day rest while the Bills had to practice for both Titans and Chiefs, not knowing which team they were playing. And if you're gonna say, well, the Titans had a lot of players out with COVID, we also had Tre White and Matt Milano out and Tremaine playing with one arm for all intents and purposes. Yes, they won, but it says nothing about whether they were better than us. Were the Jets better than the Browns last year--the Browns lost under normal circumstances
  8. Yes, and there was nothing weird about that game at all. It's not like the Titans had 16 days rest or anything while Bills didn't know who they were playing against until the last minute. Also, he never took the field at the same time as Tannehill or Mariota. A win is a win is a win, so you can't say a team has another team's number when you've won against them two out of three times and the third time was one of the most asterisky situations. I want the Bills to beat the Chefs, because they clearly have our number and are the team to get past to get to the Super Bowl. I want the
  9. Enjoy your season. I'm fine with the Packers winning any game they are not playing the Bills.
  10. Love choice 3 there going in a different direction, re-defining "drive."
  11. My real pick would be the Colts drive people have mentioned--that was just a "you can't script it" moment that absolutely changed the momentum of a playoff game. My second pick and I'm surprised no one mentioned it since it's the flip of the Arizona game--our guys get the win after the opposing team took the lead on a dramatic drive that usually would win the game. Although there was 4:30 or so left (just checked: exactly 4:30). I'm talking about the Rams game. One of the announcers: "For the Bills this is not the time you panic, this is the time you win" S
  12. You're not wrong, but we were Lorenzo Alexander's sixth team. In any case, he could just be good depth and someone who could play adequately or better should we have the same injury issues at the position as last year.
  13. I don't get this level of negativity about him. I love Edmunds and even I think this is the longest of shots, but he's the sort of player where if he takes another step, he could have at the very least have an insane breakout season. Man, I hope this is sarcasm, because whatever you think of his play, he was the point person on two top-ranked defenses. To call him mentally slow is just ridiculous and unnecessarily mean spirited. Physically slow is wrong too based on what I've watched, but I can get believing that as much as I disagree.
  14. Normally, I hate these sorts of things (even if i do them myself all the time). Both these posts made me laugh and smile!
  15. I could be wrong but I don't imagine they would do this for Allen or Edmunds' extensions b/c those would likely be structured to not change 2021 at all and even lower the 2022 hit (since the high caps will almost certainly be there in '23 and beyond). This might not be for any major moves (although none of Ertz, Nelson, or Sherman would surprise me) and might just be for maneuverablility and for the just-in-case (someone they can't pass on) becomes available today.
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