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  1. What explains ranking a cornerback 18th who allowed zero touchdowns and led the league in interceptions and was second in QBR-against while playing on the third best pass defense in football? And it's weird, because they loved Tre his rookie year, and I've watched the tape -- it's not like he's declined. The only thing I can see is that he sometimes plays a sort of prevent d where he'll let a receiver get a quick catch on the sideline when nowhere near the end zone. But even that doesn't happen all that often. Are they suggesting that quarterbacks and OCs are just not noticing that he's blowing coverages and a mass hysteria has them avoiding throwing in Tre's direction? You mentioned it's subjective and it's hard not to argue that when it comes to the Bills, for whatever reason, they seem to let their subjectivity all fall in one direction. And there's a very good reason they would do that -- we have a very volatile fanbase who will get angry and respond when we feel hurt. This makes for drama and that's good for their business. I get that I may be wrong, but it's become hard to dismiss that they are always off in one direction when it comes to the Bills over the last few years. It annoys me more b/c I actually love PFF in theory, and for some positions where there are no stats, like offensive linemen, it's a chance to get a feel for how the player is progressing. However, when it's presenting Tre's season last year as mediocre-to-good and Allen's outstanding game yesterday as so-so and well below Darnold's losing effort, they lose credibility and it renders all their possibly useful info tainted -- at least to me.
  2. It's def too early to talk about it, but if they are going to talk about it (and they are), he should be in that conversation with Russell Wilson and maybe a couple others.
  3. Yeah, I've seen balls called drops when there's been a small movement of the ball when the player hits the ground
  4. And now they're having tech difficulties and I'm stuck with Pit-Den game
  5. Don't you have to hold onto the pass when you hit the ground?
  6. I'm not so sure that is a winning argument. Have we forgotten that quickly that this is Allen's start #2 where he won a game on the road in a game against one of the highest point spreads of the last decade.
  7. I'm not sure that he was HoF-worthy either, just that the fact that he does not get any consideration seems weird to me, but what is your argument against him? This comment seems to diminish him to just being a solid Bills player when he was arguably one of the best linebackers in football for a 5-6 year stretch -- all-pro three times, pro bowl five (but yes, there are many players who have those counts who aren't close to HoF material). He's fourth all time in fumble recoveries. He was a two-time UPI AFC DPOY. Is that HoF? Borderline, probably, and that may be generous. However, to dismiss him as simply a Bills star and not one of the top linebackers in the league in his era seems a bit of an overcorrection.
  8. I've always been surprised how little consideration Cornelius Bennett gets. I'd wonder if it's maybe because of his incident. I'm not saying he should be in the HoF, but many of his numbers are better than other LBs already in, he was a dominant force for at least a five year period, yet he's never been a finalist and rarely seems to get mentioned.
  9. Also, Biscuit and Talley on the list. Troy Vincent was a Bill for a few years.
  10. I agree that some criticism is justified, but not the level of criticism he's getting from much of the league. Some (not you) are acting like he almost cost the team the game or like he wasn't mostly responsible for this win is absurd. He was inside the 20 on both drives on which he fumbled, and led them craftily down the field for touchdowns the other three drives of the first half. Yes, they should have been 31 or 35 to nothing at half, but they were still 21-3 and the 21 were due to Josh Allen. Is there room for improvement -- yes, and that should be scary for the rest of the league. Could he still implode -- of course. Has he improved from game-to-game and year-to-year -- imo, clearly. Those who focus on Allen's mistakes as if they define him, and are the lone definition of Josh Allen, look silly and petty to me.
  11. While I'm not in that picture (although body-size-wise, I would have fit right in), I was at home on that draft night and screamed the loudest profanity you've ever heard when they said "Allen" after "Josh." However, he was our QB and I was now determined to give him a chance. He genuinely won me over very quickly, and there were a few tidbits I'd missed about him that helped me form a different picture than my initial view -- essentially, I started to realize he was more than just a shiny, strong arm, but he seemed clearly a born leader and a quick learner. Since then, he's been exciting to watch and his growth seems pretty obvious. It's not that there still aren't glaring holes in his game and he could still slide back, but his promise to be a top QB in the league is still on track.
  12. My first live game ever was the 51-3 shellacking of the Raiders to get to the first Super Bowl, so my answer to the first question is pretty obvious. I was a freshman at UB and home in NYC (family from Buffalo) for the holidays. My uncle surprised me with tickets to the championship game, and me, my aunt, and my uncle -- all huge Bills fans, uncle and aunt since 1960 -- all went to Orchard Park to watch the game. As we walked in, Ralph Wilson was walking behind us. It was a balmy 33, but even so, by the end of the game, every inch of my body felt chilled. The next day, it was 11 degrees and windy, so thankfully that weather held off a day. I can see Jim Kelly drop the ball, pick it up, and hit James Lofton in the end zone to start the rout. A few years later brought my worst experience. The same uncle and aunt came up to watch the game and bought tickets. It was against Miami and one of the other SB years, and we were 4-0 going in. I had a brutal cold, a test monday, two papers due Tuesday, and there was a persistant rain. When Miami got off to an insurmountable lead, one obnoxious Fins fan kept taunting our whole section, yet surprisingly he remained upright the rest of the game. We lost 37-10 and was thrust back into dumb college reality of papers, etc. Once, after a night game against the Broncos, my friend's ne'er-do-well boyfriend's RV broke down in the middle of a one-lane section of Abbott Road. It was mortifying to stand outside as police directed a long line of cars around us. I don't even remember how we wound up getting home. However, the Bills won that game, so who cares -- everything was bliss. I've only been to one Buffalo game since I moved back to NYC, when we beat Houston in 2016. It was 62 degrees and it was my first chance to tailgate at a Bills game (RV got there late of course and my family are not drinkers) and for all the talk from some corners about needing a new stadium, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way -- maybe more bathrooms :). It's just such a college (and collegial) atmosphere. Buffalo is one for a few hours.
  13. I don't know that this is true. I am in the 212 (well, tech 201, but for media purposes) and hearing a ton of respect on WFAN (and not just from Bills fan Maggie Gray -- she may even be the most negative). I've seen a lot of national press praise for the Bills. Most people seem to group them in the Titans/Steelers/(maybe) Colts area of teams that should be contenders, but are just below Baltimore/KC. Personally, talent-wise, I put them with KC/SF/TB as teams that have an abundance of talent and the chance to really turn it on. They could very well start 5-0 (Jets are terrible, I don't buy the Dolphins at all -- at least a year away, Rams could be a tire fire, Raiders are baffling and Gruden is pinballing between genius and breakdown, and can't help but feel the Titans run was a one-off and it's very possible Tannehill and Henry could regress). That said, it's a weird season and so many things could go wrong even in a normal season that while I love the Bills' depth, they could fall apart. Gugny may have it right. Who knows. I feel confident and excited about this team, but often good teams can fall apart and it can steamroll. Quick doubleback to the Dolphins: I love that people are overrating them, because it rarely fails that when the Dolphins are expected to do well they fall apart and when they look like a trainwreck they make a run at the playoffs.
  14. If Beane & McDermott think it's a good idea, then I'm fine with it as they must have some insight. I'm intrigued, but it's likely just that I love a good redemption story, and he never seemed like a bad guy, merely less than fully motivated at times (at least off the field). I'd have some excitement if even Karlos Williams came back and there seems like something very dark might be going on there. Chances are it's a moot point. He probably just likes Buffalo more than we think he did. One of our criticisms was how he took to the night life.
  15. Taron has been mostly solid as the nickel. I could see Siran Neal stepping up his game. If Josh Norman is healthy and reverts to anywhere near McDermott form (big ask, i know), this could be a very deep unit.
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