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  1. Now, THAT sounds like a BrownsBillsDay type of score. I'm gonna go with 35-11 Bills (but know that it could collapse). As with the Eagles game, this strikes me as a game likely to be lopsided one way or the other. Either the Browns' pent up energy comes to the surface and the Bills' flaws of the homestand become more profound or the Browns simply are the absolute mess they've looked like most weeks this season and the Bills play to the level of their potential (the run defense of the first five games and second half of last week returns, Allen and Singletary build on their rising stardom, etc.). If it is a close game, I'd give the Bills the huge advantage simply based on Allen being one of the best 4th qtr QBs, Mayfield being one of the worst.
  2. You don't see Bills going into Pittsburgh and getting much done offensively against "that defense" (ranked 11th in yds, 13th in pts) but you don't mention the possibility of their 28th ranked offense having trouble against our 3rd ranked defense? Winning in Pitt won't be easy, but they got back to 4-4 with a hard fought win against Dolphins (yes, i know) and beating Colts w/o Brissett when the only player older than I am missed a field goal at end of game. This is not the Steelers of a few years ago.
  3. But the Browns are about as far from a competent team as they come. Not saying we can't lose to them, but we should be favored in that game. Honestly, I can get the ignoring the Bills; I just don't get the continued adoration of the Browns. They clearly are a mess. (My having said that probably ensures they will go 10-6 now.) (also sorry if I was a bit over the top yesterday wrt to the endless positivity v. negativity wars. i don't question your fandom, just was playing off one of your comments)
  4. OK, this I mostly agree with, but we can at least enjoy the game for a few hours. There's a lot that is good about this team; the arrow is almost certainly pointed up on the team, so I'll forgive them a bit and hope it gets better (b/c I'm pretty sure no coaches are looking here to make decisions) and be happy they are racking up the wins and hopefully can go into Dallas 8-3 or 9-2 as they work out the kinks. However, there are things that concern me. Oliver is not one of them, fwiw. He's a rookie who most experts seem to be impressed by. However, there was some bizarre play calling on offense and the defense broke down containment more than a top defense should. Yes, it does seem silly to me to run to a comment board right after to dis a team after a win by 15 pts., but that's not what I was commenting about. It was the whole did-I-do-that comment that I found annoying. The OP was mostly negative, own it! It amazes me how much of this fanbase seems to get more excited about pointing out what's wrong than actually enjoying a win. I'm not saying don't point out the negative, but right after a win -- that's a choice. One he has a right to make, but if you're going to act like people are overreacting, that should warrant a response.
  5. It wasn't framed as a list of things "needed to improve" but thoughts about the game, that was a 24-9 win (against admittedly a terrible team). I honestly did not react to the original post. Fine. I've seen it all before. I have my issues with the game. It definitely had an agenda against players he does not like, but whatever. It was the smug, sarcastic why-do-I-even-bother to write an intro (that whole what-me-negative? attitude) when he knew exactly what he was doing. It was obnoxious.
  6. That's not the point. There's a difference between not "giving high fives" and going to a fan site and making a point to say almost everything is terrible after a win and you know it.
  7. You said "it doesn't seem to be getting any better." That is simply not true based on the second half. They did something hopeful against run and you didn't acknowledge it because it did not fit your narrative. And the logic "only referring to those plays where we got gashed" does not make sense b/c it does not count plays where we could have got gashed but did not. You could say the pass defense is terrible based only on the plays where the DB got beat. Yes, you say some positives, but the balance definitely seems a bit ridiculous for a team that is 6-2, no matter how they got there. There are more positives than you lock on to. Also, watching the Browns. Yes, they could beat us (any given sunday and billsbrowns days are nightmares), but the Browns really don't look "better than on paper."
  8. Oh for crying out loud. They didn't. Did you watch the same game. AP pounding up stopped working, so they had to change up. He had almost as many carries in the second half as the first (8 carries for 7 yards).
  9. Nor does it make them true. One example: did you happen to notice that the defense stopped the run almost completely in the second half (AP had 7 yards in the second half). That is very hard when the other team has that level of momentum. It wasn't a perfect game against the rush, but they did seem to improve when it counted . And don't say it was b/c they were behind and they stopped running, b/c it was a close game and if it had kept working, they would have kept doing it. Was it a satisfying win? No. However, to immediately feel the need to go to a board and say how bad this team is after a hard fought win. Why? There were a lot of positives too. Ultimately, they are 6-2, have some winnable games on the horizon and there's a lot to suggest the team's arrow is on the rise. And I really don't get your jeremiad against Oliver.
  10. Admitting something is overly negative in the opening statement does not make an overly negative commentary less overly negative.
  11. Soooooo, those rushing yards don't count, then? Also, the plural of one game is not season in the same way the plural of anecdote is not data. Anyway, you watched the games with your interpretation, I did mine (re-watched a few times on condensed and coaches). What I saw: Dawkins blocking mostly well and often exceptionally for both run and pass. Cody Ford boom-or-bust, Feliciano a beast in run game, Spain much better in run than pass, Nsheke good enough I rarely even noticed him, Morse caught out a couple times, but some brilliant blocks). Admittedly, I'm not a coach, but there does seem to be a lot of things to be hopeful for.
  12. We're 8th in the league in rushing with a 36-year-old featured back and our draft pick out most of the year. Let's get some perspective here.
  13. Eagles run defense is 7th, we're 10th -- the difference is less than 2 ypg. Meanwhile, Bills are 7th in rushing offense, Eagles 14th -- that difference is 24 ypg, so how exactly is this "disadvantage bills." Or were you joking?
  14. There is a definite snakebit quality to the Chargers. Was it 2009 or 2010 when they had the number 1 offense AND number 1 defense and missed the playoffs?
  15. No, they didn't -- I'd let it go, but I'm sick of this particular lazy analysis. They gave her a 71% chance of winning, said that she would win by 2-3 pts nationwide (which she did), and Nate Silver wrote an essay the day before the election noting there was not enough good polling in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania to be confident in her winning. So, he was right twice, yet caught flak from both sides. It's also simply a well-written and entertaining site that deserves better than this tired insult. Sorry if this is political, even if I tried to keep it non-partisan, but it does speak to the site's overall value. I'd hope not, because that would mean they likely went 4-6 or 5-5 against a very favorable schedule. Ah, I should have looked as OP apparently addressed this with almost exactly what I was thinking (and expressed much better than I did ).
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