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  1. Ha, I relatively recently (prob around 2019) found a cache of a long exchange of Bills-related emails from around 2009 with one of the most negative fans I know (and a bunch of others mostly neutral to positive) and he's advocating for how the Bills should have Chad Henne as he's going to be one of the true greats. I was going to laugh condescendingly and re-send until I noticed that another friend and I were vigorously defending Trent Edwards as still a possible starter in the NFL. Henne at least lasted in the league. What a great post! It's not that you recognized they were on an upswing, but you pretty accurately and thoroughly identified the reasons--so many of which were very in doubt at the time. FWIW, McDermott was the first coach that I remembered truly being happy about when he was hired. I'm always positive about the Bills except for the coaching for some reason. Levy, I was in NYC and was 13 and didn't really even notice he was hired or who he was. Phillips: meh, just too much hype and it felt like fans were itching a bit too hard to push Marv out. Greggo: there was someone else I wanted (maybe Marvin Lewis) and the whole blowing them away with charts seemed the weakest of tea. Mularkey: just did not strike me as anything special. Jauron: what a phone-in of a pick. Gailey: two phone-ins in a row. hard to really hate him and wanted to see him succeed, but nothing exciting about the hire. Marrone: so-so coaching record at Syracuse and seemed a jerk from the start. Really hated this hire. Ryan: Well, I didn't think he would be good (lived in NYC throughout his Jets tenure), but knew he would at least be entertaining and this was so far into the drought that I didn't hate it even if I could not rationalize that it would help them win. McDermott seemed like a genuine head coaching prospect with great mentors.
  2. Three of the worst people in the world in one article... and I'm not even counting Goodell. I honestly have zero opinion about him.
  3. Wouldn't it be funny if a Tremaine Edmunds thread turned into a thread about everything else!
  4. This is not meant as a defense of Maybin by any means (I voted for Mike Williams b/c of higher pick but thought about choosing Maybin for a second); however, I'm not a fan of revisionist history for exaggeration. It's possible what you say is true, and of course reporters' mocks and front office opinions aren't always the same, but Maybin was a 1st round pick in pretty much every mock draft at that point. He had boom-or-bust potential, but had he dropped to the 3rd that would have been huge news.
  5. You might very well eat those words as I doubt he's as easily replaceable as you think given how the defense plays when he's out. We'll see. More importantly though, why does a joyous moment for the team have to turn into half the posts beating up on Edmunds.
  6. This does not have any impact on whether they sign Edmunds or not. We knew this was coming, and it's a very reasonable deal and with six years petty much has to have some malleability, and by the time its larger sums kick in (if Beane's past is prologue), the salary cap will be around 300m. I'm not going to vigorously defend Edmunds except to say he's been the MLB and captain/leader of a defense that's been top 3 3/4 of the time he's been here, and the defense looks significantly worse when he's out or playing hurt. There's a good chance he's much better than most people here think. We'll see what Beane and McDermott think as they're the ones who truly know his value to this system. If they don't extend and draft an LB later this month, that would be a sign he's on the way out. However, I would not be a bit surprised if they extend him and if it's a long contract but in the 10-12m range. I also would not be entirely stunned if they don't. As for Poyer, I don't buy that he could be odd man out b/c despite getting deserved All Pro status this year, he's still past 30 and at a position that does not get as many premium contracts. It might be up to him--at times he's been an ambassador for the team and at other times he's been quite chippy with fans on social media. However, it's likely they could still extend Poyer in a fashion that wouldn't kill the future cap, and it wouldn't be likely to be that long of an extension.
  7. Well, then, if Tre says he's now switching his jersey to 6, I'll really think Gilmore is coming back to Buffalo. Ok, not really, but I'd be fine with signing him (as long as we also draft a CB in the first 3 rounds.
  8. Personally, I love this. Was kind of ambivalent about it before watching a bunch of games from last year and Jones was just up at the return man so so fast and with such fury. I love running it back with the same ST and I've said it before here, having watched the 2000 Bills and their atrocious ST (last in all four cats) and hearing about what happened to the 2010 Chargers, I'm more than fine with them spending the money to make sure ST is tight.
  9. To throw to... Taiwan Jones. I did not even realize it was him in that game (by that point was pretty drunk and in shock) until about six months later when another fan friend said "did you realize that it was...?"
  10. In some ways it got easier to get the #1 seed as much of the action was in the West who will have to play 6 games against each other, while arguably the Bills improved in comparison to the rest of the East. The Jets had a good offseason, but they are way off and Z. Wilson is a shrug.
  11. Having lived through the Ronnie Jones 2000 debacle special teams unit, I'm fine with putting some of the cap on Special Teams. Also Neal does get on the field, maybe not that often, but he did hold down one of the best pass catchers in the NFL last year. Also, 10 years later, the San Diego Chargers had the number one offense and number one defense and missed the playoffs... with the worst ST in football. This Jon Bois video is an interesting watch.
  12. They already released Klein, so that gets it to 1.5m over. Beasley is 6.1m right there. So, that's 4.6 under. Feliciano is 3.3m, that's 7.9m under, Haack is 1.2, that's 9.1m, Star post-June is 4.1m, so that's 13.2m, Cody Ford 1.5m (honestly, I'd keep him and see if he has a good pre-season and maybe get something in trade), so that's 14.7m, Andre Smith is 1.1m, so that's 15.8... and those are all cuts that other than arguably Beasley, don't really hurt the core team. There's still a lot of restructures and extensions and salary payouts possible, many of them clearing 10m each. Based on OTC, I was pretty easily able to get down to over 70+ under. DWill gets you under 20m if he doesn't agree to restructure. Now, as many have mentioned, you don't want to do all of those b/c they will hamper you for any 2023 or 2024 moves. Also, some of them would require the player agreeing. And OTC doesn't know everything so it's not much better than Madden to a degree. Also, Beane has his own plans and may want to be prudent. This is a team that's a Super Bowl contender if not favorite to make it there even if we do nothing but just draft at our current spots, and have a lot of players who could make huge improvements next year. As for comp picks, as much as I'd like some players back, there's a scenario I'd love where they make a couple big signings, but let the rest walk and Trubisky and Wallace could conceivably bring back pretty decent comps.
  13. You make a lot of good points, and there is a limit of what you can do, but your numbers MIGHT be off (and that's not to mention the fact that we don't know what the cap will be next year and it's expected to rise by quite a bit), and while this year's signings, rookies, and restructures will move it up, you omit the fact some of the cuts THIS year will also bring it down. Star, Feliciano would be over 10m less against cap as I understand it and if we cut DWil, that's another 7m potential. OTC had 2022 at 6.6m over before Beane confirmed that as his numbers today. They have next year at 53m under and given the almost definite cuts, that's 64m. Yes, that will be eaten up by new contracts and restructures will also add to it. They're not going to be a ridiculous player, but they could make a few moves, even a "splash" move (whatever that means), and likely still be in shape to restructure and have enough to hold on to most if not all of the players you mention. Extending Oliver, since we just picked up his 2023 season, would in fact likely significantly LOWER our cap.
  14. Indeed... although other than the way he started it off, a lot of it is not that crazy... maybe the Metcalf parts. And I guess the trade up in draft, but as much I know many people would scoff at moving way up in the draft for a non-QB, if Davis is as advertised he could really be the key to unlock the elite defense in this team, even benefitting the play of Edmunds, Oliver, and maybe Milano.
  15. I'd usually be inclined to say this Ted Knight meme would be correct, but just a weird (could be wrong) feeling that this year Beane's plan is a bit different. Usually Beane has made a point to say don't expect any big signings. Has he done that this year? I did make a note of him not dismissing the Rams way of business (although I know he won't and hope he doesn't go full-Rams, even if it worked out for them).
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