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Super Bowl Game Thread: Kansas City at Tampa Bay 6:30 Eastern on CBS

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Just now, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

I doubt he is really basking in the glow. It’s nice to win and get a ring, but stars want to play. 

Check out his IG or Twitter feed in a few days. I bet you’ll think differently. Just a guess. 

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22 minutes ago, SirAndrew said:

I just think Mongo’s subtle shade is funny, because he’s a very average o linemen who’s overrated by fans. I didn’t see much run game with or without Mongo this year. He got crushed in the KC game. Just my 2 cents. 

He had a very bad game vs. KC


But he had a number of whiffed blocks that blew up a run play during the season.


PS where did the subtle part come in?

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Watching the Bucs on D tonight was everything I was thinking we were going to try and do.  Bracket Hill all night.  Have 2 guys on Kelce most every play.  Instead we try a soft zone the entire game and leave guys running free all over. 


There is no doubt we need better players up front, especially on the defense line.  But man, the scheme McDermott and Frazier put out there against the Chiefs was embarrassing.  I'm sure they watched tonight.  It's about being fast and physical on both sides of the ball.

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