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1/24/21 AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAMEDAY Thread Bills @ Chiefs 2nd Half

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1 minute ago, Buffalo Barbarian said:

We just arent quite good enough to beat the chiefs right now. We need a better TE and running game and better coverage of TEs.


With them running so much man to man , Allen needs to take off and run more.

Yeah, they’re getting pressure and Allen rolling right has not resulted in the sideline toe taps like it did earlier in the postseason.


Looks like the Bills should have activated Stills because Davis is hardly On the field. 

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Josh Allen makes me nervous for next year. Is this who he is? I really think this was our best shot for the next few years. 

Dude are you watching?   The bills are being sore losers. 

Really have to score a touchdown here. Or this is out of control.

Our receivers our blanketed within the first ten yards, our o line is not holding up as no one respects our running game and Josh is panicking. Kc d looks more intimidating than us at this point. 


On our D well we can’t even sniff touching  turf toe. Continue to let their best player get open and give up big plays on fun plays we use to run.


This is going to leave a sour taste in our mouth unless someone figures something out. 





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Just now, BadboyBills said:

Kelce is virtually uncoverable, by any team.

he excels against zone. Bills playing right into that. Have to try to take Kelsey away and if Hill beats you so be it. Don’t let Kelsey get the 3rd conversions and eat up the clock. Need possessions, to get back into it.

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Just now, Georgia Bill said:

I agree, we need to TRY to take Mahomes out of his game.  But he might burn us bad.  Has any team had success blitzing Mahomes?  I thought I saw a stat that he did really well when blitzed.


Id rather get burned bad and get our O back on the field then watch them complete 10 yard passes every play to wide open Kelce.

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