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  1. Imagine the alternative Lovie Smith timeline.. or Hue Jackson timeline 😆
  2. When your QB puts in work and GM gives weapons all in the same off-season Imagine being a a Jest fan during all of this 🤓
  3. "omg he was blocking how is it a flag" 😆 A lot of times people can't throw props - he definitely deserves it
  4. The only way is if he gets a ring in relif play and plays untill 45! Hall of Journeymen for sure
  5. The good thing is - it's still a 2 score game.. This game is as simple as slow the momentum and finish them however thats not a simple task
  6. Used all our red zone package for the game in one drive
  7. Feels like Lee Smith has been on this team for a century
  8. Thtat was such an insane catch.. big implications
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