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  1. Agree with the OP. I'll be skipping the draft this year. This team is such a well run machine.
  2. The OP asked for a negative... What did you expect?
  3. Ditka is that you? Put down the Madden controller.
  4. DISAGREE. Do you even remember Chris Kelsay? The man just stayed on the Bills roster forever and never could get over 5 sacks in a season. Schobel never got under 5 sacks except for his injured season. Matter of fact Schobel had over 10 sacks for 4 seasons.
  5. Yep 1 AD. Is it too early or just wrong to claim Aaron Donald is the best D- lineman EVER? I'd say no.
  6. Another option is to trade back for 2022 picks. This would give better quality picks as well.
  7. As a woman, I find your remarks condescending. Women are just as capable as men and we don't need you 'white knighting'. If you truly want to be an ally, then you shouldn't be castagating a whole group for the actions of a few.
  8. This is not a man vs woman thing. This is a dirtbag vs person thing.
  9. Paul Pozluzny. The dude was garbage. He would constantly jump in a pile to' make a tackle'.
  10. By less good you mean more good then yes... wait I'm confused now.
  11. Ads are ridiculous and serve zero purpose other than to line the pockets of the already wealthy. Also we the contributors are the ones that keep this site active a running. I advocate for ads to remain but the profits be split amongst the contributors(us)
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