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  1. Remember when Matt Cassels Patriots went 11-5. Wins are the stupidest thing to use when assessing any players value(even QB) Football is a team game and takes much more then 1 player. Wins should only be used to judge coaches.
  2. Yeah because you still aren't paying him 17 mil per season AND you have 4+ years locked up. Big difference.
  3. Baker is a yes for me everyone else on the Maybe list is a definite No for me. Murray is a maybe as well.
  4. Interesting. What QBs would you trade Allen for...?
  5. I will go on record saying he is Tim Tebow with the talent. Take it for what it is, good and bad.
  6. Unpopular opinion here but I see an 8-8/9-7 season here. Just too tough of a schedule.
  7. True, but not working out together in the 'strong culture' might create problems.
  8. Lol, knock yourself out but I dont think that is much of a guess Matt Patricia, BB, basically any current or ex Patriots coach
  9. ESPN did a recent article showing how some of the players on certain teams were staying in shape and that got me thinking... With players currently distancing themselves and having to train and workout at home I'm curious who shows up out of shape both within and out of the Bill's organization. If I had to guess I'd say Derick Henry and within the Bill's organization I'd say Star. So I'm not saying this is for sure going to happen but if you had to choose one player to show up out of shape who will it be.
  10. If cats weighed more than 5lbs they would. Bad owners create bad pets.
  11. Maybe on Murphy. His deadcap would be kind of high. Also what pick would trading him give us, anything between and 4th and 6th? Foster yes- worth a 6th-7th Yeldon yes- worth nothing, would get nothing for him Wallace- No, too cheap and good and reliable but if we did trade him I feel we could get a 3rd-5th.
  12. So Hughes is/was a freak. That's what I got from this. Wow, how did Indy use him poorly enough to trade him? Where would Hughes of ended up in this years draft?
  13. Yep but we don't pay overrated players 18 mil. Matter of fact we do the exact opposite, pay undervalued guys half that.
  14. Yep better to have a guy rather than not, especially LT
  15. I wouldn't touch Clowney. Signing him to a one year deal feels very Brownsish. He will have another Seahawk type year of 3 Sacks.
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