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  1. 'Here rest a friend, someone I would call a friend' RIP in peace Mr Unnecessary Redundancy.
  2. So if Diggs is ranked so low and Allen is ranked so low, how does PFF explain such a good season?
  3. So the Titans have 2 WRs ranked ahead of Diggs...
  4. Remember when Peterman threw 4 TDs in practice...
  5. And this is why you never pay the big bucks for a RB.
  6. It doesn't matter. B*tching about a player is not a good look. B*itching about an explayer is even worse.
  7. To be fair, the same thing happened here with Peterman
  8. Well as long as you put it that way, you must be right then... 😶
  9. I never understand why teams think that getting an OC from teams with the best QB in the NFL is a good idea. Nagy, McCarthy, Gase, etc.
  10. Because that is the case 90% of the time. No team 'trips over themselves' to draft a QB. Chiefs gave up a 1st-not exactly giving up tons as did the Texans and wasn't Russell Wilson a 3rd round pick. Their are more Ponders-Winstons-Vince Youngs-Trubiskys-Manuels then Mahomes- Watson. I'd wager that most good starting QBs were not traded for and instead fell to the teams.
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