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John Brown to IR

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Brown makes that offense hum.   When he's not on the field, it never hits that next gear.

Bad news but right decision. I said it in the Arizona GTD.... he has been playing on one leg even before he got hurt in that game.

There will be multiple deciding factors. Yes, the defense has to continue getting back to what we expected. BUT, Brown affects everything else that happens on offense. The threat of his speed affects

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This SUCKS! Brown is probably the 4th most important guy on this team behind Allen diggs and white. 


Not surprising though. Not practicing at all after a bye and being declared out by Friday was not a good sign. 


Hopefully it's just three games and he comes back fully healed. 

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Everyone talks about Stefon Diggs, but John Brown is the player who frees up Diggs to perform. Without Brown, our offense struggles because we lose the favorable matchups. Losing Brown to injured reserve really throws this Buffalo season into questionable territory going forward. You saw what happened against the Titans and Chiefs without Brown. Will be interesting to see if the Bills can find a way to score points. Two key starters to IR this week coming out of the bye. Not what the Bills were expecting!

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Bills NEED to find a way to win against the Chargers and 49ers without Brown. I think Brown was super-key for hopes of an upset against Pittsburgh, so that's probably not happening now. Need to find a way to 9-4 before getting Brown back.


From "day to day" to IR. So mind-numbingly frustrating coming out of the bye when you're hoping to be at full strength.

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