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Giants unveil 100-year-old throwbacks they will wear for select games this season


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1 hour ago, Fleezoid said:


100 year throwbacks? Not a fan unless they go all in.....



Yup, and No forward pass during that game either, 

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1 hour ago, The Tomcat said:

The Montreal Giants?


I like em tho


Yeah, lol.  that's the first reaction I had.  The New York Montreal Habitantes Giants

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1 minute ago, JakeFrommStateFarm said:

Wait a minute.


The Giants have been playing for a 100 years ????



All the way back in 1925, the New York Giants played their first season in the NFL. Led by coach Bob Falwell, the Giants finished 8-4, the fourth-best record in the league.

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5 hours ago, EasternOHBillsFan said:


Dude, they are from a design from almost 100 years ago... just go find some hunting blind in the woods and chill... see 1933 before you get your deerskin undies in a wad





No sh!t.    There are a lot of goofyass things people don't wear anymore.   Maybe the refs should wear powdered wigs for that game.   Mind your own opinions loser.

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6 hours ago, MPL said:

Those helmets do not appear to be authentic to the era. 

they're not. they're from 1937... if you watch the video and read the article it basically says these throwbacks are a mish mash of diffrerent eras... I WANTED to like them, but I do not because of this. 

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They say "if you look good, you play good."


Having said that, these uniforms should coincide perfectly with the quality of play the G-men have been putting out on the field recently!🙂

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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