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Week 14, Bills v. Chefs - Predict the Score

Freddie's Dead

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Chiefs 30

Bills 29


I don't feel good about this prediction at all. On one hand I genuinely believe that we have a talent advantage over the Chiefs, especially with their recent injuries. I could see a scenario where we blow them out, seriously.


On the other hand, I have totally lost faith in McDermott. If we don't blow out the Chiefs it's going to be another close game that comes down to the final seconds. Why would I bet on McDermott in that situation? I have to base my prediction on past results.


So I believe for us to beat the Chiefs, it will have to be with us leading by 9+ points with 2 minutes or less remaining. I think that is possible. But I have also seen this team off the bye week in the McDermott era and even though the record is perfect, the play on the field historically has been sloppy for the first half or so. So I predict a slow and frustrating start for both offenses. Eventually they will both figure it out in the 2nd half and it will come down to some awful coaching decision in the final minutes that loses the game for us.

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As much as I'd love to believe the Bills can replicate their strong (offensive) effort in recent weeks, the only way they can win is blowing out the Chiefs and that's obviously not happening regardless of Mahomes and their offenses struggles.


In fact this is the week I predict that all these no name WR's that KC has magically starts catching everything thrown their way instead off all the drops and miscues because that's simply the Bills way so to speak. Watch this Pacheco guy go off too and KC racks up 200+ yards rushing because this defense is due to give up that type of performance. At least there won't be another last second, blown lead this time.


Chiefs 35

Bills 20

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Worried a bit about the travel fatigue for the Bills having to go west of the Mississppi-hoepfully they have that factored into their travel plans


Pacheco  runs wild between the 20s - Chiefs get 5 Fgs and 1 TD... the Bills get 3 TDs and 1 FG for a close fought 24-22 win. The Bills D actually prevents KC from driving the field in the last minute of the game - an extra bonus for the fans

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Keep in mind for everyone predicting Pacheco to run all over us... normally I'd agree but Isiah Pacheco missed practice Weds and Thurs with a bad shoulder. So his status is questionable.  But have no fear, I'm sure Edwards-Helaire and McKinnon will fill the void.


Somehow when opponents are missing key players, it doesn't affect them as much as Buffalo missing any players.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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